Tips for converting your mini-garden into a green paradise

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The inhabited zone, where are the garden furniture, occupies in a small garden a determining position. Communicating with the house through a door or French window, it is at once a nerve center and point of convergence of various accesses, as well as looks.

To choose the best location and delimit the perimeter, point the morning, noon and evening sun, ideally in spring, summer, autumn and winter. If it is easy enough with a blind or umbrella to limit the sunshine, it is impossible to make the sun appear where there is none. A broad-leaved deciduous tree will stop the sun’s rays in the summer and let them pass after fall leaves in the fall and until the following spring.

This step is fundamental: the pleasure that will give you your garden and, later, the good growth of the plants are largely conditioned by the control of these games of shade and light.

Small outdoor furniture in wood – V33

The aesthetics of a garden is one thing, its ease of maintenance another thing.

To avoid a restrictive follow-up, adopt all the solutions that will limit your interventions, from the choice of the coating to that of the plants, to the installation of a geotextile felt. This technical object which, once the garden is completed, will be totally invisible will limit and even eliminate the appearance of unwanted weeds.




  • A dedicated space will discreetly accommodate garbage cans, compost bins and water collectors. To hide them from view, banish the unsightly bamboo or reed canes – which also age very poorly – and prefer wood trellises, slatted slats or a simple assembly boards.
  • Dressed in a clematis, this small functional enclosure will blend in the garden to become a decorative element.
  • Conversely, a beautiful accessory that is useless in a garden is static and, eventually, boring and dull.
  • Even reduced to the essential, the large tools needed to maintain a small garden take up space. A shed or a small reticule can combine the useful and the pleasant, functional and aesthetic.
  • A simple trunk can discreetly store small hand tools commonly used such as the shovel to transplant, the surface claw and the small rake.

Ideal outdoor storage: bench-chest – IKEA


Everything has its place

A small garden is a bit like a boat: every object must find its place to avoid unnecessary accumulation.


  • Opt for versatile furniture, an extendable table and stackable or foldable chairs.
  • A retractable table frees the place after use.
  • A bench-chest serves both as a seat and storage place for bulky objects, such as children’s toys or the cushioning of chairs and garden chairs.
  • Storage spaces under the plant bins placed high also allow them to play on both tables. Finally, bins mounted on wheels – or placed on a tray that is provided – move easily to free the place as needed.



Perfect retractable table for small garden – IKEA


Small garden will look great

A few small landscaping tips will help you make your garden look bigger than it actually is.


  • If you are a follower of the straight line, establish your garden not in alignment with the property line but at an angle of plus or minus 45 °: this simple rotation will give your garden an illusion of volume.
  • Curved and circular shapes, blurring the boundaries of the ground, spontaneously give an impression of space. It is best not to break up a small garden in too limited areas, so that a single look captures at first glance the entire space, making it look bigger.
  • However, if you need to compart mentalise your garden, prefer to use fences – trellises, barriers with openwork structures of low height, logs stuck in the ground and spaced from one or more decimetres – with solid fences that block the gaze.
  • The use of light colors, both for the infrastructure (paths, stairs, pavement) and for the furniture and plants, lighten the garden, while the dark colors give a feeling of confinement.
  • By concentrating the lighting on the surrounding plants, you will give your garden an unsuspected depth after dark.

Give an impression of space to his little garden – IKEA




  • To “shorten” a garden that is much longer than it is wide, avoid walking it along a straight path and prefer a meandering path.
  • By giving relief to a garden-corridor, an arch, even a succession of arches, diminish the impression of length.
  • Conceal the side walls, which accentuate the feeling of stretching, with traditional shrubby plants climbing on wire supports or trellises, and highlight the curves of the path with silhouette plants. prostrate.

Rhythmizing the perspective of a garden-corridor – Truffaut


Optical illusion


  • By modifying the vision of space, mirrored doors and windows made up of mirrors or trompe-l’oeil murals give a small garden surrounded by walls an illusion of opening to the outside.
  • Similarly, an arch dressed with climbing plants allows, like a window or a door, to open a visual giving an illusion of depth.
  • Use without abusing these little cheats because, too systematized, they would pass at first glance for what they are: artifices.