Tips and tricks for laying out a terrace

Want to enjoy the beautiful days? When you have the chance to have a terrace , this pleasure is appreciated to the envy. Can also accommodate a brunch or a portion of grills , the terrace is a real living space. For although the convert , some tips and advice are to adopt.

Create a bubble away from prying eyes and the sun

A terrace pleasant to live is a terrace sheltered from prying eyes or unsightly elements of the neighborhood. Several options can be considered to protect it vis-à-vis. In addition to preserving privacy, the following facilities create a shaded area protected from the elements:

Stone terrace with heathered furniture - Photo credit: De Paul Saini - Shutterstock

Stone terrace with heathered furniture – Photo credit: De Paul Saini – Shutterstock

  • The shade sail

Both decorative and economical, the shade sail is an excellent solution to bring shade and freshness to a terrace . Serving both protection against the sun and the wind, this canvas most often triangular shape is a trendy accessory. For optimum use, it is advisable to choose waterproof sails that also protect against rain.

A shade sail protects this rattan garden furniture from the sun's rays © IKEA

A shade sail protects this rattan garden furniture © IKEA

  • The parasol

The umbrella is a simple and effective solution. It comes in a multitude of versions to meet all needs: round, rectangular, straight, deportee, etc. And lends itself to various decorations like here with a light garland tone on tone:

Lighted parasol - IKEA

Luminous umbrella to extend head to head at night – IKEA

  • The pergola

Usually used as a support for climbing plants, the pergola can also isolate a terrace . Bioclimatic versions are the best alternative for creating a real living space. Indeed, their adjustable blades allow to control the solar luminous flux and to preserve the freshness as well as the amount of shadow wished at any time of the day.

  • The cloisters

The trellises allow to delimit a terrace while preserving outside looks. In addition to serving as a screen, they can be used as supports for climbing plants. Both practical and decorative, the perforated wooden panels are also a good alternative to arrange a terrace .

Betting on outdoor furniture

The garden furniture is a must on a terrace . It is mainly chosen according to the space available and the desired style:

Deco garden furniture for comfortable terrace © Jardiland

Deco garden furniture made of metal and canvas for a comfortable terrace © Jardiland

  • The garden furniture

Associated with sharing and conviviality, the garden furniture is a must. Today, it is made in materials recognized for their strength and durability. Wooden , resin wicker, rattan or aluminum, there is something for everyone.

  • The garden table

Whether low or high, the garden table is indispensable on a terrace. Indeed, it allows to enjoy an outdoor lunch with family or friends. It is necessary to think to choose the chairs matched with this furniture of outside.

Lunch alone on the terrace © Lafuma - Pierrick Verny

Lunch face to face on the terrace with design furniture with recognized resistance © Lafuma – Pierrick Verny

  • The seat

Nothing better than a bench to create an outdoor area conducive to relaxation. Plaids and cushions are welcome on this furniture to optimize comfort and create a cozy atmosphere.

Add a touch of greenery

Planting a terrace is the best way to beautify it. There are several ways to turn it into a charming corner of greenery:

A touch of greenery to brighten a terrace © Jardiland

A touch of greenery to brighten a terrace: think about changing the containers for green plants © Jardiland

  • Planters and original pots

To green a terrace, nothing is easier than planting some plants in pots or planters to pose on the ground or hanging on the walls. To have original containers, we put aside the traditional plastic and opted instead for recycled objects such as jars of jam, cans, an old teapot cast iron, etc.

  • A vegetal curtain

Climbers are ideal for creating an intimate corner of the neighborhood. Growing quickly and offering a bloom of amazing beauty, ivy, bougainvillea , volubilis, star jasmine or clematis bring colors and a real natural touch to a terrace . It is also possible to plant a bamboo hedge for a touch more tropical.

  • A kitchen area

If we have the green thumb and the terrace is spacious, we do not hesitate to create a small kitchen area. Tomatoes, salads, spinach, chard or strawberries are planted quite easily and can benefit from a beautiful green space. The combination of crops is recommended to keep insects and parasites away and to avoid the use of pesticides.

Treat the lighting

To enjoy a terrace during summer evenings, it is necessary to highlight it. Candles, garlands of light, phosphorescent balls, etc., ideas abound to effectively illuminate this place .

  • Wall and outdoor lights

Providing basic lighting, sconces and suspensions are essential to well arrange a terrace. In addition, these lights come to dress the exterior walls with style.

  • Candles and lanterns

For a romantic atmosphere wish, we do not hesitate to multiply candles and lanterns. A very original way of lighting the outside .

Solar garden lanterns © Carrefour Jardin

Solar energy garden lanterns: green and pretty © Carrefour Jardin

  • Garden lanterns

The garden lantern is a must for lighting a terrace . Whether on the floor or suspended and used alone or multiplied, this simple accessory is a miracle in terms of decoration.

Graphic bamboo lantern for the garden © Carrefour Jardin

Elegant and graphic bamboo lantern for the garden © Carrefour Jardin

  • Light string

Once night falls, the terrace will glow with a thousand lights thanks to the light garlands. Bucolic atmosphere guaranteed!

Lighting lighting with solar energy - Hide the vis-à-vis a terrace © Carrefour Jardin
The light garlands with solar bulbs for terraces and gardens bring a little festive atmosphere to the tavern © Carrefour Jardin