Tips and selection of the most beautiful garden deco fences

A beautiful wooden garden fence - From karamysh - Shutterstock

The installation of a garden fence offers many advantages. In addition to improving the aesthetics of a home, this device can delimit the terrain and reduce the vis-à-vis. Flexible or rigid, wood or metal, the materials are diverse. Some criteria are to be taken into consideration to choose well.

Define the destination and use of the fence

Before choosing a garden fence , homeowners need to dwell on their expectations. To demarcate a property , a fence would be perfect. On the other hand, to protect yourself from prying eyes, the installation of an opaque fence is recommended. To provide aesthetic value to the home, it is best to choose a fence with design materials such as wrought iron and composite. The choice of a garden fence also depends on the time allocated for maintenance. Indeed, for those who do not have enough time, wrought iron or wooden fences needing to be repainted or re-surfaced regularly are to be avoided.

The different types of fences

The garden fences are divided into different categories with their possible strengths and weaknesses.

  • Rigid mesh

In panel, this type of fence is distinguished by its particularly aesthetic appearance . This grid is easily installed on slopes with sinuous contours, slightly rugged or corners . Whether fixed on a wall or directly in the ground, the installation of this fence requires a lot of precision. Despite its strength, the rigid panel grid is relatively easy to cut. Moreover, it does not meet a need for discretion.

  • The flexible mesh

Perfect for rough terrain or rugged terrain , this type of fence is easy and quick to install. Thanks to its small mesh, it prevents the penetration of animals on the property. To limit the vis-à-vis, this fence can be covered with a hedge or a screen.

  • The traditional fence

To beautify a home, the traditional fence is an interesting solution. Available in various shapes and colors, this type of fence is made of different materials. In horizontal or vertical rails, and of diversified height, the traditional fence meets all the preferences.

  • The blackout panel

Also called claustra, the blackout panel is usually made of wood or composite . This type of fence makes it possible to separate spaces and to protect oneself from prying eyes. Whether on a wall or on posts sealed in the ground, the installation of the blackout panel is relatively easy. In addition to putting the land in value, this type of fence effectively protects against the intrusion of animals.

Blackout fence to hide - Castorama

Blackout fence to hide – Castorama

The different materials for garden fence

The material is among the criteria for choosing a garden fence. Robustness, durability and maintenance are some of the parameters to take into account when choosing.

  • Aluminum fence

Lightweight, this type of fence requires no maintenance. It is distinguished by its resistance to climatic aggressions and UV rays. The aluminum fence stands out for its clean and contemporary lines.

  • PVC fence

Easy to install, the PVC fence is relatively affordable. In addition, it requires little maintenance. This type of fence is usually light in color.

  • Wrought iron fence

For an elegant fence with a timeless charm, wrought iron is recommended. This type of fence comes in different forms. To optimize its durability, regular maintenance against rust is necessary.

  • Wooden fence

To give a property a warm and authentic appearance, natural wood is another alternative. Ecological solution, the wood is generally treated to withstand the weather. On the other hand, a seasonal maintenance is necessary to ensure its durability.

  • Composite wood fence

This type of fence is particularly resistant and requires no maintenance. It is perfect for a design and trend barrier. Although its cost is relatively high, its strength and durability are well worth it.

  • Plant fence

Easily blending into the garden style, plant fencing is recommended for natural rendering. Different varieties of plants can create this type of barrier such as laurel, cedar or ivy.

Pretty wooden fence - Leroy Merlin

Pretty wooden fence – Leroy Merlin

Laws and regulations concerning the laying of a fence

According to the principle of any permanent external development, the installation of a garden fence must be done after the consultation of the Local Urban Plan of the municipality . Indeed, certain colors and materials can be proscribed by the texts in force. In the case where the fence is visible from the road or installed on the property line, a preliminary declaration of work may be required.

How to install a garden fence?

The installation of a garden fence varies according to the material used.

  • Palisade fence made of wood or PVC

For an installation in the ground, the first step is to delimit the ground with stakes. Once the required number of panels is known, the mounting brackets must be fixed. The posts can then be installed and the panels fixed. For installation on a wall, calculate the number of panels required, then install the corner posts on the wall. The installation and fixing of the wood panels and the intermediate posts is then carried out. For installation directly on the ground or on a terrace, the wooden fence fence is also suitable.

  • Laying a metal fence

Masonry knowledge is required for the installation of this type of fence. After preparing the wall, the installation of supports (plates or sealing brackets) must be carried out. The next step is to fix the barrier.

  • Laying a wire fence

For this type of fence, the installation begins with the delimitation of the ground and the preparation of the soil (cleaning and flattening). It is then necessary to define the location of the holes in the ground and to successively install the grid panels. Tensioning the tension wires, then unrolling and fixing the mesh is also possible. The installation of a wire fence can also be done on a low wall.

Semi Concealed Joint Fence - Leroy Merlin
Semi Concealed Joint Fence – Leroy Merlin