Tips and selection of heated parasols to enjoy the garden in all seasons

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Enjoying the outdoors, even when the weather is not very lenient, is quite possible thanks to the heated parasol. This very practical device allows evenings with friends or family on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden without fearing the cold, and all year long.

Know the usefulness of the heating parasol

The heating parasol is an auxiliary heater used outdoors. It is perfect for aperitif evenings in the garden or on the terrace until late at night. Very practical device, it can be electric or gas. The heating parasol is made of aluminum, stainless steel and steel. To choose the ideal equipment, it is necessary to dwell on the characteristics of the different offers on the market: material, heating surface, future location …

Before using a heating parasol, it is also recommended to know the safety standards . The resistance of the device must be at least 2 meters above the ground. A safety distance of 60 cm must also be maintained in order to minimize the risk of accidents.

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Define your patio heating needs

To buy the right model of heated parasol, the first thing to do is to clearly define your needs. The location that will host the facility is the first essential point to consider. Indeed, for an electrical device, a power supply must be near or at least an extension cord. Thus, if the barbecue parties are generally held at the bottom of the garden, away from the main house, the use of an electric heating parasol will not be very practical. If the place of use is away from a power source, the gas-heated sunshade is best. Operating with a gas cylinder, the latter is autonomous and can be used anywhere.

Another criterion to take into account, the heating surface . Indeed, the radiation varies considerably from one device to another. Depending on its capacity, the umbrella can heat just around a round table for two people or cover an entire terrace. For a couple who likes to hang out on the balcony to admire the stars, a short-range umbrella will do the trick. In such cases, it is not necessary to be equipped with an ultra powerful device. On the other hand, if the device is frequently used to heat a spacious terrace during parties with friends, the best is to get a more efficient device that can handle a large area. 

It should also be remembered that heated gas-powered parasols are more energy efficient than electric appliances . However, the gas must be used in a clear space due to the emission of CO2.

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Model Heated Parasols (from left to right): PGP 113 / PGF 1211 / PGU 2013 – (price from 249 to 399 euros) QLIMA

Choose between an electric heating parasol and a gas heating parasol

An electric heater must be connected to an electrical outlet to operate. Its location must be far from the places of passage to avoid getting caught in the wire dragging on the ground. The Electric Heated Parasol is more environmentally friendly than gas, but it is less economical . It is odorless and can be used both outdoors and indoors. In addition, the electric heating parasol is lighter than that operating on gas.

For its part, the gas heating parasol is more autonomous , because it can be moved to the bottom of the garden without fear. Its heating power is also greater than that of an electrical device and provides greater comfort. The gas sunshade is heavier because of the gas cylinder at its foot, but this feature gives it greater stability.

Know the characteristics of a heated parasol

In addition to the power supply mode of the heating device, attention must be paid to its technical characteristics. These influence the comfort of use and must be taken into account at the time of purchase.

The heating surface is related to the power of the device. The stronger the sunshade, the greater its ability to heat. Thus, it is necessary to define its needs in m² to choose the adequate external heating.

The mode of heat emission is also important. Indeed, the horizontal heat emission can be disturbed by the wind. On the other hand, with the heat emission vertically, the heat loss is less.

The material used to design the heating parasol is also to be taken into account. If the device is used in a wet environment such as the seaside, stainless steel is the right choice. Indeed, the steel does not support moisture and is more suitable for a dry environment.

You should also know that a large reflector will provide more comfort to a whole table. In addition, in its reclining version, this equipment allows to concentrate the radiation in a specific area.

The power variator option is important because it reduces or increases the radiation as needed.

On the aesthetic side, the heated parasol comes in extremely varied shapes and colors. The choice varies according to everyone’s tastes! Some models are adjustable in height and also have a lighting function .