Tips and selection of garden furniture

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Installed in the garden or on the terrace, the garden furniture is a precious ally to enjoy the rays of the sun. To enjoy it for a long time, this equipment must be chosen with care. Resistance, dimensions or price, different parameters are to be taken into account when choosing it.

The different garden furniture materials

Whether for installation in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, choosing garden furniture is not done lightly. Indeed, different parameters are to be studied to be sure to opt for a furniture adapted to its needs and tastes. At present, the supply of garden furniture is particularly varied. This diversity concerns in particular the materials used. The latter each have their particularities.

  • Metal garden furniture

Whether to create a romantic or modern outdoor atmosphere , the metal garden furniture is perfectly suited. Timeless material, the metal stands out for its robustness and resistance . Thanks to an effective treatment against corrosion, this type of furniture benefits from a long service life. Depending on taste, different metals are used:

  • The aluminum  : for garden furniture in modern and sleek design , aluminum is suitable. This material has a high resistance against bad weather. On the other hand, its lightness makes it unsuitable for areas exposed to squalls.
  • The wrought iron  : for installation in a windy area, wrought iron furniture is perfect. This material is usually rustproofed . It is perfect for creating a romantic or retro atmosphere .
  • Epoxy steel  : steel coated with a layer of resin, epoxy steel has an optimal protection against the effects of rust .Painted iron garden furniture © Habitat
  • Wooden garden furniture

To create a warm outdoor relaxation area , nothing beats wood . This type of garden furniture is made with different species , among others:

  • The pine  : This type of wood is known for its light weight and light colored . Autoclave treatment is required to protect the pine furniture from atmospheric agents and pests.
  • The acacia  : Class 4, this type of wood is particularly resistant and rot-proof.
  • The teak  : exotic wood, teak offers optimal resistance and is naturally rot. Recognized for its elegance , this essence is quite expensive.
  • The locust  : affordable, this type of wood is valued for its
  • The rattan  : belonging to the palm family, this type of wood is both resistant and rot-proof. Flexible and light , the rattan can be dyed according to the desires.

Teak garden furniture - Credit: De Pefkos - Shutterstock
Teak garden furniture – Credit: De Pefkos – Shutterstock

  • Resin garden furniture

For an outdoor space combining elegance and modernity , the resin is just right. Light and strong, this material comes in different versions.

  • The braided resin  : synthetic fiber made of polyethylene, this material combines UV resistance, lightness and impermeability. The braided resin garden furniture is perfect for a contemporary and modern relaxation area.
  • The textilene  : based on PVC, this material is often used for the seat and back of garden furniture. Combined with other materials, textilene is highly resistant to UV and moisture.
  • The molded resin  : This material is an imitation of the braided resin, except that it is molded.

Wooden furniture for the terrace and design lighting © Nothern

  • PVC garden furniture

Relatively widespread, PVC garden furniture is particularly affordable. This material offers the advantage of being available in a wide range of colors. Light, this type of garden furniture does not rust. In contrast, its weather resistance is low.

Large garden corner sofa © Truffaut

Choose your garden furniture according to the use

To choose a garden furniture , it is necessary to define the available space (large garden, small terrace …), but also the desired use. To create an outdoor relaxation area , a garden room with sofa , ottoman, armchair and coffee table is ideal. To satisfy the desires of idlenesschiliennes, sunbathing and other deckchairs are to be adopted. Some garden furniture is perfect for the development of a dining area . Depending on the number of guests, garden tables with matching chairs are available in different sizes. For nomadic garden furniture, benches, folding chairs or picnic tables are in order.

Chaisses and technical garden chairs © Lafuma Pierric Verny furniture

Choose according to the constraints

Before obtaining garden furniture, it must be determined whether or not there is storage space for storing the furniture (garden shed or garage). For those who do not have ample storage space, foldable and / or removable furniture is recommended to reduce clutter. Indeed, some materials require regular special care to optimize their longevity. For example, pine requires an annual application of protective oil. Once a year, teak furniture should be impregnated with teak oil to retain their color and strengthen their strength.

On the other hand, other materials are easy to maintain, like PVC, which requires only a simple sponge. For steel and aluminum furniture, some products can strengthen their anticorrosive treatment or revive their brilliance.

Choose garden furniture according to the budget

The price is among the criteria to consider when investing in garden furniture . Different parameters determine the cost of this equipment, including the type, the brand or the material used:

  • As an indication, a garden furniture consisting of a table and six chairs costs between $150 and $1,800 depending on the material.
  • In PVC, a budget of $150  to $500  is necessary.
  • For wrought iron furniture, the average cost is $250 to $800.
  • For teak and other rotting wood furniture, a budget of $250 to $1,500 is to be prepared.
  • For braided resin furniture, the cost is between $400 and $1,800.


Ultra-design garden furniture © Royal Botania