Tips and selection of barbecues for the garden

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As soon as the sun comes out, the barbecue leaves the garage and returns to its favorite place in the garden: the summer kitchen. Each occasion becomes an excuse to meet around beautiful grilled meats and vegetables. To ensure the success of the various preparations, the quality of the equipment is important.

Barbecue: ask the right questions

Meeting around a barbecue is one of the pleasures associated with summer and sunny days . Some cooks stay true to the charcoal model while others opt for gas or electric barbecues for many reasons. For neophytes in the field, it is not always easy to choose between the different models marketed. In addition, a barbecue suitable for some may not be suitable for others. To make the right decision, you have to ask the right questions about the use, the dishes, the kitchen space in the garden, the number of people to serve, the frequency of use, etc. Each of these points influences the choice of the ideal barbecue.

Fun and practical: the barbecue trolley takes you on a picnic everywhere and all summer - Carrefour Jardin

Fun and practical: the barbecue trolley takes you on a picnic everywhere and all summer – Carrefour Jardin

  • Use : Will the barbecue be used on site, at a picnic or both?
  • The dishes : vegetables, meats and seafood do not cook in the same way.
  • The space in the garden , take a small portable barbecue or a fixed pattern depends on the available space in the garden.
  • The number of people to serve : a small model suits if there are few people to serve. For a large family that is used to meeting over the weekend around good food, better bet on a large barbecue to ensure the fluidity of service.

Before choosing a barbecue, think about its use and available space - © Castorama

Before choosing a barbecue, think about its use and available space – © Castorama

The different types of barbecue

There are three types of barbecue: the charcoal barbecue, the electric barbecue and the gas barbecue. Each has its advantages and disadvantages!

  • The charcoal barbecue : it is the traditional model and the cheapest of the three. It also brings authentic taste to food thanks to the smoke that emanates from it. The charcoal grill is easier to clean and maintain. On the other hand, coal takes longer to light up. Reaching the ideal temperature may also require a small waiting time. A novice will also have trouble cooking properly meat, usually burned on the outside and raw inside. In short, the main disadvantage of the charcoal barbecue is fire control!
  • The gas barbecue : a simple push of a button is enough to turn it on. In addition, no need to wait to get the right temperature, it remains stable. The cooking is perfect. All this has a cost, the price of the gas barbecue is quite high compared to the coal. The food is well cooked but does not have that smoky taste so popular with the charcoal grill. The gas barbecue is also quite bulky.

Very easy to use: the gas barbecue - Camping GazVery easy to use: the gas barbecue – Camping Gaz

  • The electric barbecue: easy to use, it must be placed near a power source, which is not always practical. Just like the gas grill, the electric model does not give the particular taste brought by the smoke of the coal.

This gas grill heats up quickly but is quite bulky - © Castorama This gas grill heats up quickly. More bulky, it is dedicated to large terraces and gardens.- © Castorama

Barbecue: the material

After choosing the type of barbecue, pay attention to the material. Indeed, developed in different materials, barbecues do not show the same performance.

Choosing the right BBQ material according to your budget - Barbecue and Co

Choosing the right BBQ material according to your budget – Barbecue and Co

  • The stainless steel model has great strength and shock resistance. Light enough, it can be transported from one place to another without too much difficulty. Enamelled steel does not withstand thermal shock and is sensitive to scratches.
  • The cast iron model supports heat very well and is available in portable and fixed models. The cast must be handled with care as it is relatively fragile.
  • The stone model is very resistant to heat. Very heavy, this stone barbecue is fixed and can not be transported.
  • The cellular concrete model has a high resistance to heat. It is very heavy and can adopt different forms.

This barbecue is made of steel: a fairly light material with great resistance and shock resistance - © Castorama

This barbecue with wheels is made of steel: light material with great resistance. – © Castorama

Barbecue: the declensions

Charcoal, gas or electric , barbecues are available in a wide range to meet all requests. The charcoal barbecue is no longer as rustic as the models of yesteryear. It is now available in elaborate versions: large size for a large table, mini format to be transported anywhere, with casters to be moved easily, with a chimney of ignition to facilitate the start of the fire …

The gas barbecue is not left out and has different options: cooking with heat, grill function and plancha for a single model, grid to keep warm so that diners eat all at the same time … Some models are also equipped with infrared burners that cook large pieces of meat without charring fat.

The electric barbecue is recommended for those who have no garden, but a balcony or a small terrace . Some models are suitable even for the interior.

Whatever the type of barbecue chosen, it is better to opt for a model with lid that protects against sudden outbreaks. This accessory also ensures more tender meat.

The barbecue built into the summer kitchen - Barbecue and Co
The barbecue can fit perfectly into the summer kitchen – Barbecue and Co