Quirky garden and small outside: to each its potential deco

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Like children, there are no difficult gardens, there are only gardens misunderstood … You would like to enjoy your outdoor space although it is small, sloping or partitioned? It is enough to have some keys to optimize this space at best and thus create a small haven of peace.

Optimize the space of a courtyard or courtyard

Difficulties: the courses have the particularity to be closed places: it is ideal for the calm, less for the brightness … One does not profit from clear view towards the outside and these spaces are sometimes too dark to be vegetated because the light. The heat can also accumulate in summer and make space unbearable.



  • paint the walls in a light shade makes it possible to illuminate a courtyard very easily using the reverberation of natural light
  • for the evening, small lanterns scattered here and there will create a pleasant and comforting atmosphere
  • install special plants shaded areas, the undergrowth plants include: hostas, ferns, ivies and other ground covers such as helxine that will quickly cover a mossy and charming greenery
  • Like Moroccan ryads, create a water point that will refresh all the space in the hot summer hours
  • add a mirror that reflects the vegetation and visually enlarges the yard


How to landscape a sloping garden

Design a sloping garden - F. Marre - Rustica

Difficulty: small or large, the slope garden can put off because we do not know how to optimize it or even enjoy it. It seems impossible to install a real outdoor space. What homogeneity in this type of garden?



  • it is quite possible to afford a garden in successive terraces each connected by two-three steps
  • plessis, stone walls or log curbs: what styles are available to you!
  • obviously in this case, some adjustments are not enough and it is often necessary to turn to professionals to carry out the work or at least for the delivery of support stones
  • these blocks of stone can be delivered and arranged by a company of public works whose gear will be useful to you to the installation of spaces to be revegetated
  • again, the lights are important but we take uniform to accentuate the uniqueness of the garden slope
  • provide a slight slope on each terrace to allow the flow of rainwater
  • On the planting side, use rip rap and foaming plants to avoid the construction of embankments between the terraces. Your Eden will be much more beautiful than a sad garden raplaplat!


Fit a small balcony in length

Difficulties: this type of balcony, which is found in the city generally, does not allow to have a real outdoor space where you can create a dining area, or a lounge area for the summer. It is therefore difficult to optimize its assets and it is tempting to leave it abandoned. A green and properly landscaped outdoor area is nevertheless pleasant to look at and contributes to the inner well-being. Do not neglect it.



  • obviously the small balcony will never be a space of life strictly speaking but it can become a key element of decoration for the neighboring rooms
  • install plants in beautiful containers exclusively: exit the brown plastic pot without a pot cover
  • choose the varieties of your taste but do not lose preference leaves
  • arranged your plants in rows of planters or in pots hung along the entire length of the balcony
  • take plants of different sizes to create dynamism like a mini English garden
  • do not forget the bamboo that grows faster than its shadow for a feeling of escape, far from greyness and macadam
  • a simple palette of veneered wood against one of the edges of your balcony will allow you to cultivate a vertical kitchen garden
  • unwind the synthetic green carpet in front of the children’s room for a pop effect and wouahou!



HomeByMe is a free online 3D design software for conceptualizing the craziest decorating projects … Test the tool with your crooked garden, or your “impossible” pieces. So flat, you will see the difficulties from another angle and planning solutions will then impose themselves to you with more evidence.