Makeover your terrace in town at the best price

A nice terrace surrounded by green plants - De Sukpaiboonwat, shutterstock

Having a terrace in town is a real luxury. However, the layout of small urban terraces may seem complicated. Thanks to some effective tips, it is easy to succeed in this type of work. It only takes a bit of method to revamp the terrace and create a haven of peace.

Tips to build a terrace in town

It is always good to have a small area for relaxation after a hard day’s work. Whether you live in the heart of the city or in the countryside, it is possible to create a beautiful custom terrace . Here’s how to proceed:

  • Arrange separate spaces

The rule is simple: think of the different spaces that must be created and their function (laziness on deck chairs, lunch on the terrace, enjoy a drink with friends …). It is indeed possible to customize the terrace according to its future use since the possibilities are limitless. A garden corner or a painting corner, everything is workable.

  • Delimit spaces with wood and lawn

It is advisable to use plants and wood as separators to distinguish the spaces of the terrace. Indeed, the wood and the lawn are practical to limit the different zones.

  • To protect oneself from curious eyes

In town, prying eyes are commonplace. To protect yourself, the ideal is to install outdoor screens or screens.

  • Create a dining area

The dining area is the must have of an urban or rural terrace. To create a space where breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time, you have to start by defining the dimensions. It will then be easier to find the appropriate furniture for the size of the dining area.

This folding furniture fits a small terrace and allows to create a dining area - © Carrefour

This foldaway furniture fits a micro-terrace and allows to create a dining area – © Carrefour

  • Set up a relaxation area to laze

Besides the dining area, there’s nothing like one or two corners to relax after a busy day. With a simple recliner, creating a place to rest, read or simply enjoy a quiet evening is a breeze. You must also have an umbrella or shade cloth to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays.

Create a relaxation area quickly: a rug, some cushions, plants as a breeze and you're done - © Leroy Merlin

Set up a relaxation area quickly with a carpet, some cushions, plants as a breeze and you’re done – © Leroy Merlin

Deco tips to decorate its terrace in town at the best price

To personalize your terrace in town for cheap , it is important to choose a practical furniture , comfortable and design. Just adopt clever tips such as:

  • Use a sheet instead of a shade sail

As a shade sail, the sheet will protect from the sun while bringing a bohemian touch to the terrace. The ideal is to opt for a fabric already used or color according to the style. This option costs almost nothing!

  • Make an umbrella

It is now possible to have a nice colorful umbrella at only 10 euros. Essential to offer shade to the terrace, this accessory also embellishes the space when it sports bright colors or is adorned with a light garland for the evening.

  • Hanging different decorative objects

Pompons, garlands, pennants or tea lights, these decorative accessories are affordable. Often made of paper or natural fibers, they bring cheerfulness to the terrace. The garlands of light will also be appropriate in this place of relaxation. Just take out those used at Christmas!

  • Use old oriental rugs

Nothing is more practical than old carpets to create a patchwork on the floor. This layout will add a personal touch to the terrace without costing a fortune.

  • Decorate old mattresses with fabrics or sheets

By installing old mattresses relooked on the terrace, it will have a lounge and relaxing style. Just complete it with candles and some music.

  • Playing with cushions

In addition to comfort, cushions brighten the terrace. They are practical and adapted to all budgets.

  • Install lanterns

Affordable, the lanterns are perfect to liven up the summer evenings. They plunge the terrace in a cozy and intimate light atmosphere.

  • Use sand, shells and pebbles as decorative elements

Without paying anything, it is possible to give a holiday spirit to the terrace by dotting pebbles, white sand or seashells brought from a stay at the beach (be careful: pick up the pebbles on the beach is still not Authorized from anywhere! Inquire.).

  • Place vases and flower pots

Whether it’s a pot, a planter or a vase, the accessories accentuate the charm of the terrace. The best is to choose them bright and colorful and especially easy to clean.

Plants refresh the atmosphere, hide neighbors and make up a mini garden - © Truffaut

Plants refresh the atmosphere protect the eyes of neighbors – © Truffaut

  • Install a garden room

From 50 euros, it is possible to obtain a design and practical garden furniture. The terrace will be equipped with a table and two chairs for cheap .

The canopy makes it possible to arrange a living room of garden in all serenity because it protects the furniture of the bad weather - © Ikéa

The pergola makes it possible to arrange a living room of garden in all serenity because it protects the furniture of bad weather – © Ikéa

  • To arrange canisses in natural material

The canisses option is perfect for protecting yourself from prying eyes. The models in natural matter bring a soothing natural touch.

  • Opt for recovery

Make the recovery is ideal to build a terrace in town at the lowest price . The pallet construction, for example, possible to manufacture different types of furniture.
Create a bench yourself with recycled materials: a wooden board, bricks and cushions - © Leroy Merlin
Create a bench yourself with recycled materials: a wooden board, bricks and cushions – © Leroy Merlin

  • Place hammocks, sunbaths, chiliennes …

The companies specialized in outdoor offer different models of affordable chairs. The big brands market some relaxing chairs at 12 euros against 20 euros for chiliennes and 30 euros for sunbathing.
Enjoy the sun in a hammock or a rocking bench if the space of the terrace is big enough - © Habitat

Enjoy the sun in a hammock or a rocking bench if the space of the terrace is big enough – © Habitat

  • Use gratings

The grating is the most affordable floor covering on the market. Easy to install, these wooden slabs bring a touch of deco to the terrace.

  • Recycle tiling

Nothing like a floor with cement tiles to build a custom terrace. The trick is to recover the tiling that remains of previous work.