Long live outdoor life with Sostrene Grene Spring 2019 Collection

Sostrene Grene

Springtime decoration arrived at Sostrene Grene at the same time as the first rays of sunshine! This time, the Danish sisters urge us to put their noses out by naming their “Outdoor Life” collection. Garden furniture, hanging flowerpots, gardening accessories or small stylized lamps for improvised evening evenings in shades of gray and natural green; all these decorative accessories we like to write Hdeco. The franchise, which has been based in France since 2014, continues to attract more thanks to its Scandinavian lifestyle (like the hygge) and its trendy colors.

A coffee table and comfortable chairs

This year, we take the time to land on his terrace or in his garden to read quietly while drinking an herbal tea. Two gray metal chairs (56.40 USD each), a mat like a beach mat for an ever more pleasant feeling underfoot, a small table (39 USD) and voila! And if you want to improve the comfort of sitting in these geometric-style armchairs, add soft cushions in the Scandinavian style.

Gardening without worry

If space allows, you can add several hot pots. Olive, lavender, thyme or rosemary will embalm and embellish your terrace or garden. For the occasion, Sostrene Grene offers many pots from 2.79  USD, a large watering can 17.46 USD and even gloves to garden without injury to 1.39 euros.

A quiet evening in the light of candles

When night falls, we install its small LED lights transportable (16.58 euros per unit) and we light his light garland. To add a charm and more, we put on the wooden strips of the terrace some lanterns in which we slide candles and we take the opportunity to nibble a few appetizers. The dream night! If the cold starts to haul your arms, run for a quilted plaid and continue to enjoy under the stars …

Hdéco’s selection in Sostrene Grene’s “Outdoor Life” collection

At the writing of Hdéco, we fall for the hanging flowerpots. They bring a freshness and more in a space already very calm and cute. We obviously love the metal planters with bands that hang on a railing. And what’s more adorable than the little two-tone spray to spray water on her thirsty plants ?! Sostrene Grene also offers a nice little dinner service consisting of bowls of different sizes, glasses and a carafe.

Porcelain bowl, available in two diameters, 1, 38 to 4.98 USD