How to create your own spa in your garden?

© Leroy Merlin

It is no longer a luxury to have a bathing and relaxing area in your garden. If you prefer to stroll through the bubbles instead of lapping in the pool, the spa spirit in the garden is for you.

The layout of this space depends on the budget but the possibilities are many, you will necessarily find your happiness.

Some planning ideas:


  • Surround the hot tub with a floor covering and furniture that delineates the space. Indulge yourself with outdoor lighting adapted to the atmosphere of the place!
  • Create a natural boundary thanks to the plants grown in the garden. A fashionable English garden, your spa area will turn into a secret haven. Romanticism assured.
  • if the budget is tighter, and the place in the garden too, we can still create a relaxation area. Backed by the hot tub, a piece of garden furniture can accommodate cleaning products or useful objects. But it can also be used to put many small candles and decorative elements. It is thought to match the textures and colors of the jacuzzi and adjoining furniture. We adorn everything with large potted plants that will also delineate the space very well.For a complete spa area: Jacuzzi, armchair, deckchair and bar table. © Leroy Merlin



Different styles

We always think of the usual jacuzzi but there are other ways to enjoy a hot bath in your garden.


  • If you are more like a sauna, there are some for the outside, heated by wood or electric stove. Unlike traditional saunas, which can go up to 70-80 ° C, the outdoor one does not usually exceed 50 ° C. We remember all the benefits of the sauna: it promotes blood circulation, cleanses our skin and prevents certain heart problems.
  • Another possibility is the Nordic bath. In a simple wooden tank heated by a wood stove, relax. Be careful though: as the tank has no real support, it must be ensured that the soil is flat and control the weight of the tank once filled with water.
  • Finally, the traditional Jacuzzi, which massages us thanks to the pressurized water. As for swimming pools, there are inflatable models at very affordable prices.


Where to install my relaxation area?


  • On a flat and compact ground preferably.
  • The concrete slab is not mandatory but recommended. It will then be smooth, scraped and a minimum thickness of 15 cm. Otherwise we install at least one protective mat.
  • away from falling leaves or objects that could quickly deteriorate your spa area and that would cause extra maintenance.
  • if you have children: it is also valid for swimming pools, the bathing area must be visible from the house to react quickly in case of problems.