How to build a playground for children?

Treehouse © B. & P. ​​Perdereau

When one is lucky to have a garden, it is fashionable to indulge in the pleasures of gardening, but also to offer the youngest a playground just for them. A good opportunity to encourage them to detach from video games and TV shows! But again, it is not always easy to convince them …

Start by putting the odds on your side by involving them in the realization of amenities and outdoor games. Starting the construction of a sandbox or hut is, in fact, the best way to motivate your offspring …

For the less skilful of their hands, the DIY signs propose structuring in kit to be assembled oneself. As for DIY enthusiasts, a few planks and a lot of courage make it possible to create personalized creative ideas, perfectly adapted to the configuration of the garden.

Build a hut of foliage

With its walls and double-pitched roof, which outline the contours of a house, a foliage refuge makes it possible to play Robinsons in the garden!

Cabin © B. & P. ​​Perdereau

Cabin © B. & P. ​​Perdereau

Make a swing

A pole and two tree trunks make up a discreet and original portico that will take children safely away from their shelves!

Swings © B. & P. ​​Perdereau

Swings © B. & P. ​​Perdereau

Plant a plant tipi

This hut of leaves is a work of extreme simplicity to manufacture and maintain. It turns out, in addition, very economical to achieve.

Vegetable tipi © B. & P. Perdereau

Vegetable tipi © B. & P. Perdereau

Fit a sandbox

To escape the hulls of commerce in synthetic resin and gaudy color, here is a more original model and, above all, 100% natural!

sandbox © Philippe Perdereau

sandbox © Philippe Perdereau

A playground according to the ages

First, adapt the equipment to the age of the children who will use them, and know how to please them before you enjoy! Building a perched hut to illustrate his skill in carpentry is not always suitable for young children, who are more attracted to swings or sand games!

Do not take steps, according to age groups, by doing simple works on the ground for 2 to 6 years. For 6 to 10 year olds, the equipment will gain height and will be able to display more complexity, both to realize and to use.

In a second step, take particular care of the location of your equipment. The more the playground is intended for children, the closer it will be to the house, so that children do not feel isolated. In any case, place it prominently from the main rooms (kitchen or living room) to operate a discreet surveillance …

A minimum of security

Equipment purchased in specialized stores must comply with CE standards and ensure the safety of children, provided that their use respects the use of equipment.

The games and the works that one carries out oneself do not answer the standards of safety … So make sense and make sure to respect some points:


  • at the foot of the elevated facilities, and to cushion the falls, opt for soft ground like lawn, sand or wood chips.
  • give large railing structures at least 90 cm high
  • space the equipment to avoid shocks, as children love to run from one to the other!