Garden planning tips around a pool

Small above ground pool - Leroy Merlin

Thanks to the diversity of pool models, those with a small garden can enjoy long bathing hours. Whether it is an in-ground or semi-buried pool, the possibilities are many. To create a relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor area, the layout around the pool must be perfectly successful.

Which pool to choose for a small garden?

On beautiful sunny days, nothing like a pool to cool off. If previously those who had a small garden could not enjoy it, today it is quite possible to install a pond even when the square meters are missing . The fastest and most economical solution is to choose an above-ground pool, settling in just two or three days. However, this type of pond often requires a little more space. An in-ground or semi-buried pool is thus more recommended. Owners can freely choose the shape of the pool and integrate it into their space. Although such a project represents a certain cost, the result is well worth it.

  • A square or round pool

Although its shape is unconventional, the square pool is ideal for small gardens, but also for terraces. The round shaped pools are also suitable for installation in a small space.

  • A small pool

To benefit from a place dedicated to relaxation and to cool off, the construction of a pool of less than 10 m² to 20 m² is possible.

  • A pool with unstructured lines

This type of pond is to be created according to the constraints of the ground. Trees, space reduced or difficult to access, just draw the pool following the available space.

Installation of a pool in a small garden: side regulation

The installation of a swimming pool usually goes through certain administrative procedures. However, for a pond in a small garden , no authorization is necessary . Thus, for a swimming pool of a size less than 10 m², the owners do not need to apply for a building permit or to take steps with the town hall. Note, however, that prior to installation, it is essential to consider the neighborhood. Indeed, the law stipulates that a certain distance with the neighborhood must be respected to avoid prying eyes, but also to limit nuisance. The Town Planning Code provides for a distance of 3 m between the pool and the neighbor’s fence. A distance of 40 m must also be respected between the basin and the road.

Wooden pool terrace and stackable plastic furniture - Carrefour jardin

Wooden pool terrace and stackable plastic furniture – Carrefour jardin

Succeed the development of a small garden with swimming pool

So that the small garden with pool is a real haven of peace, despite its small size, it should choose the elements that make it up.

  • The pool terrace

When designing a garden around the swimming pool, the choice of materials for the surroundings of the pool is essential. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, the terrace must be perfectly secure for users. Thus, anti-slip coatings are recommended . In addition, it is preferable that the deck is made of a material designed to not store heat to reduce the risk of burns.

In the list of the most used materials, we find tiling (not smooth), wood in the form of gratings, natural stone or concrete.

  • Plants to choose from around the pond

To brighten up the pool area, the placement of various plants and plants all around is recommended. For a pleasant visual rendering and a perfect development of the basin, these plants must be carefully selected.

  • Note that the plants surrounding the pool must be strong, sun-resistant and easy to maintain.
  • To avoid polluting the pond water and not creating a shadow zone, a certain distance must be respected between the plants and the pool.
  • To beautify this space, have flower pots around the pool is possible.
  • In addition, creating a flower garden or planting flower beds around the pool is a good alternative.

Another important point is the choice of the color of the flowers. The yellow flowers illuminate the pool while the white ones give the space an elegant look. For a sweet and warm atmosphere, pink flowers are in order. It should be noted that some plants are recommended while others are to avoid around a pool .

To protect bathers from prevailing winds, while avoiding prying eyes , evergreen shrubs such as oleanders, escallonia with pink or red flowers or the orange tree of Mexico are recommended. The flowering shrubs bloom in summer as abelias, blue sky or céanothes Buddleias are also suitable. Other plants may surround the pool, such as lavender, yellow-tailed santoline, grasses and large miscanthus, or rosebushes.

Choosing the right plants for a flowering pool beach - Truffaut

Choosing the right plants for a flowering pool beach – Truffaut

  • The accessories around the pool

Even if it is a small garden , the installation of various accessories is not to neglect to create a small comfortable and functional relaxation area.

  • For this, the installation of outdoor furniture is required.
  • The terrace of the pool can be equipped with deckchairs to meet the desires of idleness.
  • To avoid sunburn , an umbrella is also expected.
  • For those who like to dine in a warm and peaceful atmosphere, a table with matching chairs , sized to fit the small garden, is practical.
  • To maximize the pool’s potential, the lighting must also be worked.
  • For a successful development, we must add lighting that will light both the garden and the pool.

Small garden with pool and terrace © De Bart Sadowski - Shutterstock

Small garden with pool and terrace © De Bart Sadowski – Shutterstock