Closing your garden: our advice to make the right choice.

© Leroy Merlin

Closing your garden meets a basic need for privacy. To be able to enjoy our exterior, as well as our interior, out of sight. But there are also other very good reasons to hoist a fence: protect yourself from the cold, limit noise, secure access … In each case, here are some tips.

To delimit


  • if it is simply a matter of separating spaces, grids or woven wood panels signal the boundary of your property and preserve a minimum of privacy.

© Leroy Merlin


To hide


  • To preserve your eyes, we install a fence panels pre-assembled or dial.
  • Another solution for gardeners: hedges
  • Bamboo canes make excellent screens as well.

© Leroy Merlin


To secure


  • Do animals enter your home? Or do you want your pet to not escape? It is better to fence your garden with panels with a height between 1.80 to 2 m.
  • For a deterrent effect, we install screens with defensive pins.


Against the wind or noise


  • The louvers soften the breath and offer less wind resistance.
  • Even better against the wind, special glass or aluminum panels.
  • If you suffer from noise from a busy street, a nearby highway, or passing trains, provide noise barriers. They contain phonic insulation.