Awning, pergola or gazebo: the shade in the garden

Pergola "Hossegor", Jardideco.

It is always nice to be in the garden to enjoy the sun and greenery. However, some shade is needed to savor sunny days without suffering heat. The solution: a pergola, a gazebo, an awning or a garden tent!

The practicality of the garden tent

The garden is an extension of the house . It is good to relax and have sunny lunches with family or friends. However, although the sun is highly anticipated to brighten these days, a little shading can only do good. If there are no trees big enough to shade the garden, the use of a garden tent, a pergola or an arbor is necessary! While providing shade, these solutions can also decorate the garden.

Very practical, the garden tent makes shading easy and fast . She settles on a flat surface with ease for an improvised lunch. Composed of a wooden structure and a washable fabric, the garden tent moves easily from one place to another. Moreover, when it’s time to put it away, the canvas rolls up effortlessly thanks to a crank.

The installation of a garden tent does not require any particular work. Just unroll it and place it on a flat surface.

The parasol is oriented according to the position of the sun, it allows to enjoy the garden at any time of the day - Maisons du Monde

Unavoidable, the parasol is denial with a deported foot that frees the protected space of the sun – Maisons du Monde

The indrostable pergola

The pergola remains the solution of choice for shading permanently in the garden. The structure backed by the wall is the most common, but those installed in the middle of the garden are not lacking in charm either. The pergola is usually made of wood, forged steel and aluminum. Wood and wrought iron are used when the pergola is intended to support climbing plants. These can be replaced by curtains or a real roof. In this case, an aluminum structure does the trick!

Installing a pergola requires real work. Indeed, the footprint and the walls must be properly studied to ensure the robustness of the structure.

The pergola which shelters the sofa makes it possible to enjoy the lunches in full damself without taking the risk of catching sunburn - Leroy Merlin

The pergola which shelters the sofa makes it possible to enjoy the sun with envy with its foldable cover like a boat awning – Leroy Merlin

The charm of the shade sail

The shade sail is another solution to have a shady garden. It consists of a sail stretched and fixed with a rope. It adapts to its environment and can be installed anywhere as long as the rope can be fixed. Thanks to its marine sail look, the shade sail brings a touch of elegance and refinement to the garden. This is an economical and practical solution to bring some shade to a certain area. To install it, it is enough to hang the rope to hooks fixed on the walls or on poles. It must be ensured that the veil is correctly stretched. Also to know that it does not move according to desires as an umbrella as an example.

This camouflage tarpaulin of the army lets some rays of the sun pass while protecting - Maisons du Monde

This army camouflage tarpaulin lets some sun rays pass while protecting – Maisons du Monde

The functionality of the terrace awning

To enjoy the garden at any time, nothing like a terrace awning . The latter provides shade while effectively protecting small drizzles if the rain is invited to the party. The transparent roof of the terrace awning lets light through while protecting the occupants from the sun’s rays. In addition, the terrace awning gives the view perfectly clear, allowing to admire the outside. Garden furniture is also protected from sunlight and rain. It is not necessary to return them when it rains. Unlike a shade sail, it is best if the patio awning is installed by a professional.

The wooden pergola fits with all the gardens and creates a warm atmosphere - V33

The wooden pergola: an irresistible gardening madness (station maintenance) – V33

The subtlety of the gazebo

The gazebo has some points in common with the pergola, but it differs in its circular or polygonal shape and its closed space. It is often made of metal, but is just as good in wood. The construction of a gazebo is more delicate and must be entrusted to professionals. It is a permanent structure in the garden. It is a place of relaxation and shade away from prying eyes. The other advantage of the gazebo is that it is a real shelter in the garden. It also brings a decorative touch to the outside of the house. Like the pergola, the gazebo can accommodate climbing plants, but in some cases, it is better to leave it as it is. Indeed, most of the time,

The gazebo must be perfectly anchored to the ground to prevent a gust of wind overthrow.

The tree remains the best protection of the sun - Monoprix

The tree remains the best protection of the sun – Monoprix

The practicality of the arbor

The arbor is another practical shelter in the garden. Elegant and practical, it consists of a wrought iron structure, steel or wood and a canvas or climbing plants. It effectively protects from sunlight and rain. With a mosquito net, it can even spend pleasant evenings without being disturbed by mosquitoes.

By adding a trellis to the structure, the arbor becomes a shelter of charm where the flowers create a romantic atmosphere. Vine, wisteria, jasmine or clematis easily hang there and delight the eyes during flowering.

Sofa in the shade of a parasol - Gifi

This large umbrella gives shade to the terrace so you can rest in the sun – Gifi

Selection of 3 pergolas:

  1. Friendly.

Self-supporting, epoxy-treated aluminum. Sliding cover in 180g / m2 polyester treated with UV protection and water repellent, anthracite gray. Sun: W. 390 x D. 290 x H.240 cm. Warranty 5 years. $399 . “Niagara,” Leroy Merlin.

  1. Delightful.

To lean, steel treated epoxy imitation wrought iron insensitive to rust. Polyester cover

400 g / m2 water-repellent and anti-UV treated. Slate or ecru color. Dim .: L. 400 x P. 310 x H. 270 cm (entry height: 200 cm). 2 years warranty. $ 299. “Hossegor”, Jardideco.

  1. “Bioclimatic”.

Self-supporting, epoxy-treated aluminum. Blades manually adjustable to protect themselves from the rain. Silver or graphite color. Dim .: L. 400 x P. 300 x H. 215 cm. 2 years warranty. € 2,299. Avila, Hesperides.