Tips and selection for optimization of office storage

storage for the office - String

A functional and concentrating work space requires appropriate lighting and furniture as well as clever storage space. The decoration is also one of the essential elements of a trendy and orderly workstation. Here are some storage ideas for a practical, design and pleasant office.

Organize office storage

To facilitate the storage of the office, it is advisable to:


  • Sort the documents by category;
  • Separate archives from current folders.


Useful medium-term documents should be kept at hand. On the other hand, the documents to be archived are stored in cabinets for example. Opting for a personal archiving system is ideal for keeping one’s bearings. To optimize office storage, it is better to destroy the files as their legal retention period arrives, which will free the storage space. Finally, the files common to various services within a company or useful to the whole family are to be gathered in centralized storage furniture.

To motivate yourself with storage, it is recommended to choose an office that we like. So, to start off, here is the selection of office editors:


  • Prefer desktop storage with reclosable boxes in height to clear floor space – String
  • The wall grille


Made of metal, the wall grille is a storage space while bringing style to the workstation. With a few shelves hanging from the rack, the stapler and books will no longer clutter the desk. It is also possible to hang notes, a reminder or photos with clothespins … enough to develop a pleasant business environment throughout the year. Children will be sure to add drawings to their wall grid!

wall grille - Sostrene GreeneA wall grid to fix above the desk to hang everything and clear the workspace – Sostrene Greene

  • A wooden jumble


To get a functional and well-appointed office, the key is to organize it well. It’s easy to make a DIY jumble with a plywood board and a few mismatched storage boxes. This decorative object nicely decorates the wall while energizing the space dedicated to the office.

girl's office - Maisons du MondeCorkscrew and matching bookcase in the office and chair for a lovely girl’s desk storage – Maisons du Monde

  • The magazine rack to fix on the wall


The wall magazine rack is a good option to enjoy an optimized layout. Easy to install and organize, it has the advantage of keeping the papers at your fingertips. Sober and compact, this storage fits all tastes. Books and invoices will thus be more accessible.

Magazine rack -Frederik_Roije on The Cool RepublicMagazine rack -Frederik_Roije on The Cool Republic

  • An XXL coat hook to clear the workstation


The lack of space will not be a problem with one or more XXL hooks nailed to the wall! They are placed just above the desk, allowing the user to hang objects or baskets.


  • Hanging storage boxes


How to win extra storage with a small budget? By diverting the metal storage boxes intended for cooking! Just adapt them to the office corner by fixing them on a steel bar. Children will be able to store their pens, colored pencils and painting equipment.

Storage grid to be fixed to the wall - Madam StoltzGrid hanging on the wall where you hang magnetic containers or memos – Madam Stoltz on The Cool Republic

Shelves to optimize office storage

Timeless and affordable, the shelves are practical to better organize and organize the office. They multiply at will, especially if the room benefits from a high ceiling. This alternative makes it possible to avoid the workspace being invaded by the mail and the essential accessories of the office.

The shelves display the shades of the worktop to blend in with the decor. To create a colorful office, there is nothing better than boxes with different colors. In order to easily find the business, it is advisable to classify them in the storage boxes following a color code. Another solution for storing important files on the shelves: the bins!

bookshelf in an office - StringThe String shelves are in many situations an ideal storage solution like here a meeting room in an office – String

A large library for maximum storage

The library is a practical solution for enjoying an optimized office. Chosen in a wide format, it is leaning against the wall, just behind the desk, to free the traffic in the room. The user will benefit from many storage space. By hanging fixtures on the bookcase, the desk will become more comfortable and more user-friendly.

Muji Office StorageMuji offers storage boxes of all sizes for the office – MUJI

A well-appointed office with rolling furniture

Storage furniture with wheels is preferred in a dwelling where no room is allocated to the office. The small size model fits under the desk top after use. It has boxes or drawers for storing papers, notebooks or office supplies. The wheeled cabinet also saves time for the user who only has to drag it to find his stuff.

Metal baskets

Those who like to keep their belongings within sight will surely crack for metal baskets to have on the desk. Aesthetic and functional, they replace the storage boxes. Folders, letters, cables, electronic devices and office supplies find their place. For even more convenience, it is possible to add a shelf for hanging the metal baskets.

office storage boxes - Sostrene GreeneBaskets and cans for small office objects – Sostrene Greene

A low console to gain storage

The low console is a clever solution for a minimalist office easy to store. Thanks to its modern lines, it transforms the workspace into a clean and contemporary office. This clever storage solution makes it possible to exploit the empty space under the bay window for example. Its main advantage? The user has the possibility of storing a maximum of documents, notebooks and books.

Office Storage - String The console is one of the desktop storage ideas String

Another solution: a corner cabinet

To multiply the volume available in a small space, why not opt ​​for a piece of corner furniture? This solution should be adopted without hesitation in a child’s room. She is composed :


  • A tray mounted on drawers on the right;
  • From a library part to the left wall.


The idea is to create a corner desk with optimized storage to allow toddlers to stay focused.

Office with storage - PurposeOffice with storage – Purpose