How to install the ideal office to work well


Whether you work from home as a freelancer or reserve a space for managing your day-to-day business, the office has become an essential space in our interiors. What does the room or office area contain today? The furniture always, that we can decline according to his desires, functional, or design, mounted oneself. The computer, fixed or portable, throne like a master in his kingdom! And then, there is this amount of paperwork that must be kept for administrative reasons (contracts, pay slips, invoices, guaranteed tickets …). These papers take up space and sometimes come to clutter this space which must nevertheless remain pleasant to make you want to settle there. What does it take to set up an ideal office? Here are some tips.

Everything in its place because everything has its place

It is obvious but the daily and the natural heaping put in harm the initial storage. This is normal, and it is not useful to self-fluff.


  • We take the time to reclassify each document in the right pocket or the right drawer.
  • We use and abuse office storage, they do not necessarily take up more space. When the desk is really small, putting shelves placed above can save us from clutter.
  • Some desktop elements must remain accessible, others must be stored. By rearranging the space, place the documents in reserve in boxes at the bottom of the closet or in the last locker.
  • Pots or kits for pens and stabilos, it’s pretty and it’s convenient!
  • The color codes help you to navigate: the bank’s papers can be in a yellow binder, pay stubs in a blue, and so on. We no longer look for hours in a bulk drawer; a binder opens and stores easily.



Once our office is tidy with places defined for each element, the best is to proceed with its storage once a week at the time of cleaning the house. It will take 5 minutes each time and you will not lose an infinite time to find your Social Security affiliation certificate!

Green and connected tip: if you have a moment during your spring cleaning, scan! In addition to the official documents that must be kept in the original paper format, most of them today are sent in PDF format. It’s better to store as much as you can on hard drive and in the cloud. Saving space and papers! On the other hand, the digital storage must be as fussy as the physical storage: one creates folders and subfolders of classification so as not to lose an infinite time to search all.

An office bathed in natural light


It’s proven, natural light puts ideas straight, helps with good mood and concentration. An office in a small dark room will not necessarily want to settle there. In addition, computer screens damage the eyes, and more in a dark room. If you can not place your desk near a window, consider wearing unscreened glasses that protect screens.

Pretty, inspiring supplies

© Nature & Discoveries

A tidy and bright office would still be a little sad without nice accessories to decorate it. If you need to work on a professional or personal project, go to a stationery store to stock up on supplies that appeal to you. Writing on beautiful notebooks with good quality pens immediately makes you want to get down to business.

Stimulating colors

© Théodore paintings

Yes, one must be serious at his desk but nothing prevents to brighten the room by touches of color. Just like light, pep colors act positively on our state of mind.


  • Yellow makes you dynamic and creative.
  • Blue and green help concentration but dark blue, meanwhile, invites melancholy. Very light greens have the same effect as yellow.
  • Beware of red that is not suitable for everyone: it can make nervous then if you are suffering from administrative phobia, it is better to avoid.
  • Pastels: they give a light touch of color without distracting or attracting the eye. Zero procrastination guaranteed.


Plants for the full of oxygen!

Just like a bursting library, an office space can quickly become a crowded area. Then we suffocate. Because books and paper have the magic power to attract dust … and because the clutter makes the room cramped. So once stored, repainted and customized, the office lacks only a few plants to fill up with oxygen.