Decorating tips for a Feng Shui office

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The office can be arranged according to the principles of Feng Shui to promote the good flow of energy. This method allows to be in harmony with the environment to enjoy an optimal level of creativity. Some basic principles are to respect to arrange his office according to the Feng Shui philosophy.

Know Feng Shui

The term Feng Shui means wind and water. Feng Shui is a lifestyle, a philosophy that places great importance on the environment. The goal is to live in harmony with the environment. Chi is considered by the Chinese as the energy that governs the universe. It is central to the philosophy of Feng Shui. The development of the environment according to certain principles allows this energy to flow well to permeate the body and the mind. The goal is to achieve both mental and intellectual fullness. Applied in the modern world, this way of organizing personal space makes it possible to face an increasingly oppressive and stressful society.

The principle of Feng Shui, far from a simple Zen decoration, is perfect for the design of an office. Indeed, this small space is often seen as a stressful place where the individual must be very efficient at the expense of his well-being. With Feng Shui, performance and happiness are at the rendezvous!

Design the office according to the principle of Feng Shui

Make the office pleasant and Feng Shui is essential to be comfortable and performant. This promotes good relationships between colleagues and improves everyone’s productivity. The Feng Shui method uses different parameters: nature, color, brightness, position, orientation, shape …

Buzz Office, CamifWooden desk for Feng shui space: this is one of the favored materials in the work area – Bureau Buzz, Camif

The furniture

Feng Shui advocates sobriety and lightness. In the choice of furniture, we must focus on rounded forms, lightness, fluidity and transparency.


  • A contemporary style desk fits perfectly with Feng Shui philosophy.
  • Furniture containing many closed lockers should be banned because they confine the energy instead of letting it circulate.
  • This also applies to shelves and offices with recesses that tend to create shadows. To store documents, it is better to use a low shelf.
  • Stone, wood or glass are privileged. These natural materials provide positive energy and create a pleasant environment.
  • Synthetic materials, on the other hand, prevent the good circulation of energy and create tensions.

1825 PaintingChoosing the right colors Feng shui for better focus – Painting 1825


The colour

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, each color has its own energy, which can be cold or hot. Playing on nuances and harmonies thus helps to balance the environment in order to attenuate energies that are too hot or too cold.


  • To promote dynamism or exchanges between employees, we must focus on warm colors: orange, yellow, light blue, fuchsia, red …
  • To make a place a space of reflection, it is necessary to privilege the cold colors: white, gray, dark blue, beige …

Well seen the orange in the office: it stimulates and energizes exchanges!  - Northern OfficeWell seen orange and black in the office: it stimulates and energizes exchanges! – Northern Office – Photo: Chris Tonnesen


The orientation

Orientation is of great importance in the philosophy of Feng Shui. It conditions harmony, sense of security and performance.


  • The office should be arranged in such a way that the person working there feels safe and confident. For this, he must make back to the wall, facing the door and next to two furniture.
  • In terms of height, the one on the left will slightly dominate the one on the right.
  • The closed wall in the back accentuates the feeling of security. In Feng Shui, it is compared to the carapace of a turtle.
  • The door in front of the desk allows not to be surprised, but on the contrary to anticipate and open.



Below, the Mama Works coworking space in Lyon opted for a work space layout not always Feng shui but very ergonomic: know also find your balance and that of your teams according to what the space to arrange you!

Mama Works LyonOffices of the Mama Works coworking space in LyonMama Works LyonShared spaces of the Mama Works coworking space in LyonMama Works LyonCoworking office – Mama Works Lyon

Decorate the office with plants

Feng Shui advocates adding green plants to absorb electromagnetic pollution in the office environment. The vegetation also brings oxygen into the room and thus promotes the well-being of those present. In Chinese philosophy, green plants promote creativity and initiative, two necessary conditions for productivity.

The Skogluft trend of Jorn Viumdal

When an ancient art of living meets a new philosophy based on recent scientific studies.

A new sensation in the publishing industry, Jorn Viumdal’s Skogluft trend (published by Éditions Je Lu on November 7, 2018) should be talked about. To summarize:


It is a question of reintroducing the plants in his daily life and in particular in his place of work to find the fresh air of the forests and the well-being that it gives us. The author who worked for Google’s offices campaigns and works to bring natural elements into homes, nurseries and school groups or offices. It promises thanks to its plant walls less stress, better sleep, less fatigue, less toxic gases in the atmosphere of homes, less ENT irritation problems, less worries of headaches, more vitality, a reinforcement of the immune defenses, more calm and serenity, a better productivity and an improvement of the concentration at work … With the Skogluft it is green wall for all.


Skogluft-Effekten Jørn Viumdal from thoughtleaderglobal on Vimeo.


THE SKOGLUFT EFFECT [AIR OF FORESTS] by JØRN VIUMDALTHE SKOGLUFT EFFECT [AIR FORESTS] (in Norwegian): the new trend from Northern Europe by JØRN VIUMDALTo promote serenity and creativity, the feng shui office must be organized according to the Bagua energy map.

Any space is divided into 8 zones according to Feng Shui

The five elements will need to be harmoniously arranged so that their more or less beneficial effects can serve and not serve each of the eight zones.


  • North side: include the water with a small fountain or simply with a corresponding image on the computer wallpaper. This area represents the career.
  • South side: area representing the fire. To make the fire appear through a red lamp or a candle.
  • East side: area reserved for the family, it can be decorated with a family photo.
  • West side: area reserved for projects. These can be symbolized by objects in gold or silver.

Office furniture and accessories Sostrene GreneTrendy and cheap: the golden desk lamp to be installed in the project area to be stimulated – Sostrene Grene office furniture and accessories

  • Northeast side: zone of knowledge and knowledge. Connected to the earth, this zone can be represented by an earthen object (pottery, statuette …).
  • Northwestern side: can be decorated with black, white or gray metal objects and match with mentors and communication.

Office GOAL 2018Plants, natural materials, soft and soothing colors … You have to think of many details to protect the vital energy of a place – Office GOAL 2018

  • Southeast side: area reserved for wealth. It can be decorated with a green plant or a wooden object.
  • Southwest side: symbolizes the relational, perhaps decorated with objects of red, white or pink color.

Office Ferm livingLiving in your workspace with personal items by choosing the right materials for the Bagua area – Ferm Living desk and accessories