Advice and selection of cheap office furniture

Office GOAL

The office is a strategic piece. To work, perform administrative tasks, negotiate with business partners or welcome customers, it must offer a professional and warm. The choice of furniture must be done carefully to create an atmosphere conducive to the smooth conduct of interviews.

Office furniture, offers for all

Søstrene Grene OfficeLaunched for the start of the 2018 school year, the Søstrene Grene office, under € 55, should be a success! –

The implementation of an office requires a certain budget. According to the professionals of the sector, it is necessary to envisage between 1500 and 2500 euros to arrange one correctly. Nowadays, many people turn to second-hand furniture.

Coming straight from the United States, DIY is the big trend of the moment. This innovative concept is simply the creation of cabinets, meeting tables and other components of a home workstation. To guide those who lack imagination, many sites provide good tips. DIY enthusiasts will certainly be happy to customize their office without calling on professional craftsmen. However, for ergonomic chairs, it’s best to bet on what’s on offer in the trade.

Customize and recycle from the old to furnish his office in an economical way. Ok but beware of ergonomics, otherwise beware of back pain!

It is also possible to buy used furniture. Many companies and individuals disposing of furniture in good condition, it would be a shame not to enjoy! Many interfaces allow you to buy this furniture at preferential rates on the Net. Offering used furniture at a record price, some sites can even achieve an average of one third of savings compared to the price of a new item, whether refurbished or high-end. To be sure to buy a durable piece of furniture, it is better to trust the big brands. Leboncoin and Selency or Emmaüs (to name a few) will also allow you to make crazy decorating finds!

Alexandra Golovanoff selling furniture on leboncoin, in partnership with The Socialite Family © The Socialite FamilyAlexandra Golovanoff sold her office furniture before the summer on leboncoin. Used office furniture has beautiful hours in front of them, especially if it is furniture style! © The Socialite Family

The layout of the office according to the needs of users

The layout of an office depends primarily on its use. Some use it to process mail or to handle various papers while others need it to do their homework. Still, the type of furniture to adopt in this room depends as much on the frequency of use as the organizational needs of each. If the occupants of the house rarely use the office, the aesthetic aspect generally takes precedence over comfort and practicality.

When an office has no professional or academic vocation, it is possible to install a sofa, or even a TV instead of a library for example. Located in an open space near a dining room or living room, it will play a role of secondary importance. From time to time, it will be used to sort mail, handle invoices, manage documents or search the web. Placed in an adequate angle, the office allows its users to have a global view of the room.

It should be noted that even if an office is not intended for intensive use, it should still be equipped with storage with drawers or shelves. Real tote, these furniture contain papers, tools and other accessories. Another important aspect for creating an office, always prefer a wheelchair to a chair. Practical and ergonomic, this furniture is equipped with armrests. With these supports for arms, comfort is assured.

Is the number of users important? An office is useful to everyone. It is not just for administrative tasks or homework. It is also a creative space. In order for each user to make the most of their personal area, the table top must be divided in two.

With a central box, it is possible to enjoy a space that will serve as a common storage. Everyone can go about their business without any inconvenience and communication will be simplified. Comfort and freedom of movement are also important. In this type of office, storage should be optimized. Side cabinets and shelves allow you to have everything at your fingertips.

For small spaces, an office shelf taking advantage of the length of the room must be put in place. This piece of furniture will provide a sufficient surface area. Users will work there more comfortably.

Professional offices require the implementation of tiered storage. Wall cubes for example will be an ideal storage space for everyday objects. Books, notebooks and other commonly used files will be arranged in the sub-plan.

Of paramount importance, the library has a place of choice in the office. It allows you to keep rarely used archives and binders. To maximize concentration, it is best to position it away from corridors and other high-traffic areas. This configuration will create an atmosphere conducive to work. When giving access to adjoining rooms, the office seems less stuffy for the user.

The selection of Hdeco offices for the 2018 school year


  • Westwing Office


In this slideshow offices of different prices are offered. To find smart prices the big decoration signs like Ikea, Sostrene Grene, GIFI, GOAL, etc. will be your first destinations. Do not forget to visit sales sites such as Westwing or Venteprivee, which offer the collections of previous years at highly discounted prices. But patience: deliveries can take a long time to arrive.

Office furniture, models and alternatives

More and more common in contemporary homes, office furniture comes in many forms to meet the expectations of the most demanding decor. Whether it is to simplify the work or to take on an accessory role in a living space, this furniture is suitable for all uses!

Before making the final choice on a particular type of furniture, consider the material in which it is made. Traditional, sober and timeless, the wooden desk easily sublimates all interiors and demonstrates a great longevity. The models available on the market exist in a multiplicity of species and finishes. The particular solid oak is known for its elegance and robustness.

In terms of design, tapered or oblique legs, a large tray, plenty of storage and minimalist or warm lines are all important details. The folding models optimize the space. Trendy materials such as metal or glass provide an industrial or contemporary style.

Choosing children’s office furniture

We invite you to read our article offering advice and a selection of children’s office furniture.