Tips for installing a Zen lounge

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For the salon to become a temple of harmony and balance, some rules of arrangement are to be respected. This living space can become a place of relaxation and rest. Sweetness and simplicity are usually enough to turn it into a jiffy. Also called “raw”, this trend combines the spirit of nature with a philosophy of life “slow life” … Here are the details to create a Zen decoration!

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Natural materials, soft lines, plump cushions, ubiquitous light and sleek piece: Zen soothes – Zara Home

Establish a zen space in your living room

What’s better than going home and finding a cozy cocoon? Home is indeed a refuge where everyone needs to feel at peace and safety. In order for the home to provide that feeling of happiness and well-being, its interior layout must suggest order and harmony. Hard to have a rested mind in a messy environment! Indeed, the external atmosphere has a great influence on the inner feeling. The creation of a Zen space in the living room provides a place to take refuge to read, meditate or rest.

The green color chart of Little Greene

Less is more with Zen style – Painting: Little Greene

To install a haven of peace at home, we must respect a number of parameters from the Zen spirit: the style must be refined, the brightness must provide a feeling of softness, the decorative objects are carefully selected to avoid any futility, the furniture must provide maximum comfort, the colors must be a feeling of sweetness and harmony … These rules respected, it is appropriate for everyone to decorate his living room according to his personality and his way of life.

Create a clean space

Zen is rooted in simplicity. No need to be burdened with frivolous things to feel good. It is thus necessary to get rid of all that is bulky and superfluous to keep only the essential. Cumbersome trinkets and buffets have no place in a zen space. The use of decorative objects is permitted, but sparingly. Indeed, Zen decoration is based on sobriety and space. The use of warm and natural materials such as cotton, raffia or sisal makes the space welcoming. Materials such as wood, rattan or wicker also find their place in a Zen decoration.

We must also bet on low furniture, soft cushions placed on the floor or even beanbags. The low furniture has the advantage of decorating the room without invading it. Indeed, the high furniture provides a feeling of heaviness and bulk. In addition, sofas and armchairs must be comfortable for rest and well-being.

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Decluttering the space makes it more welcoming and relaxing: the gaze is not struck by any accumulation of abandoned objects – Bloomingville

Pay attention to the light

The Zen decoration places a lot of importance on the light and colors used. The ideal is to have openings to bring in the maximum of natural light, but if this is not possible, the use of artificial lighting is allowed. In this style, lamps providing soft and pleasant colors are preferred. There are also zen effect lamps on the market.

To optimize the distribution of light indoors, it is necessary to use clear shades for furniture, walls and ceilings. On the other hand, it is necessary to alternate the colors to avoid the monotonous and austere effect. It is possible to mix the white with the brown, the taupe, the ecru or the light yellow. The four walls of a room can be painted in a shades of light shades to break the monotony.

A pristine white sofa can be enhanced with cushions in a different color such as brown and yellow. The carpet can also enhance the warm and cozy atmosphere of the interior. For this, it is necessary to bet on a soft and enveloping matter. Regarding the reasons, they are not banned, but must remain discreet.

Tine K Home at The Cool Republic

Let the light penetrate, favor the light colors, but do not fall into the blandness of a too monastic atmosphere: play on the thread of the purity asks not to forget style and comfort – Tine K Home at The Cool Republic

Play with accessories

Although the basis of Zen decoration is sobriety, the use of accessories is quite permissible. They even avoid that the interior is austere and sad. On the other hand, the decorative objects must be chosen with care so as not to break the serene and harmonious atmosphere. Green plants are perfect for reminding nature in the living room. Bamboos, bonsai or orchids are the most used plants in Zen decoration, but the possibilities are endless. Everyone is free to choose the variety that brings him the most calm and serenity. On the other hand, the chosen vegetation should not be too big, at the risk of invading the space. No need to have an entire forest, two or three touches of greenery are enough.

Zen lounge - AMPM Le Redoute

Play with accessories to dress up a Zen living room without cluttering it: natural fiber carpets, green plants, very typical lighting … Nature and texture characterize Zen today. The English say “organic”. – AMPM The Redoute

The ideal is to create a small green space with plants, natural stones and a small fountain in bamboo or stone. This little corner of paradise can sit next to a fireplace or in a corner of the room.

Minimalism in the Zen decor - Broste Copenhagen

Transparent glass vase, candles, flowers … simplicity and minimalism as a watchword – Broste Copenhagen

Moreover, in Zen decoration, it is better not to abuse trinkets. It is thus advisable to be satisfied with one or two objects of decoration. Some scented candles or some rounded pebbles can take place on the coffee table … Attention: the atmosphere can quickly fall into excess so we use sparingly wooden boards such as driftwood, bamboo or fake stones fountains natural. Long live Zen minimalism!

Bloomingville coll.  autumn winter 2018 - 2019

Few items for Zen decor! – Bloomingville coll. autumn winter 2018 – 2019