Tips and selections of deco sofas

Alinéa sofa - Coll.  Fall Winter 2019 2019

Before rushing into the store to buy a new sofa, several criteria are to be studied such as design, size, suspension and coating. Indeed, this piece of furniture is part of the centerpieces of the show. It also reflects the atmosphere. Here, the essential thing to know for a wise choice:

Choosing a sofa according to the budget

sofa - Maisons du Monde

Opulent atmosphere in the living room … but affordable sofa – Maisons du Monde

You tried in vain to revamp your sofa for the third time … and it does not work anymore. You are weeping but brave. It will be necessary to separate you from it. But the choice of a new sofa should not be done lightly. This furniture alone can add character to the living room. Moreover, it is a significant investment. So, it is better to study each item carefully before ordering. Before going to a store or ordering a new sofa online, there are some things to consider:

What size ? How many places? In which subject ? The available budget?

The price is the first element to consider in buying a sofa because it defines the range. Generally, it takes 1,500 euros and more for high-end models. The most accessible sofas are the sofa-beds. Aside from the design, the coating also influences the price. A leather sofa is usually more expensive than a fabric sofa.

Specially selected for the wise budgets, here is our selection of Alinéa sofas drawn in the catalog Fall – Winter 2018 – 2019:


  • Ultra comfortable and spacious “Delphi” leather sofa – The Danish BoutiqueWe must also study the shape of the sofa: angle or right? Visualizing the future environment can help refine the choice. It is appropriate to take into account the rest of the decoration so that the sofa does not detonate. Otherwise, you have to consider finding a compromise so you do not have to redo the whole scene.

    Maxi armchair © Oliver Fritze - Holiday home

  • Maxi armchair or small sofa? It adapts to a smaller space without losing comfort. In your tone it totally blends into the decor- Holiday homeApart from the price and the size, the structure is another important point in the choice of a sofa. The plywood and beech models are the most resistant. For sleepers, wood remains the preferred material because of its strength.

    After the structure comes the suspension. It is better to choose a sofa with springs as a suspension instead of straps.

    Rattan caned sofa - Made in Design

  • Essential material at the moment: rattan cane dresses the trendiest sofas – Made in Design

    Choose a sofa according to the coating

    The coating also influences the price / quality ratio of a sofa. In leather, fabric or synthetic, the options are not lacking. Each coating has its advantages. The aesthetic factor takes precedence over the practical side. Current fashion is on the Scandinavian sofa. However, it can detonate in a modern living room. It is thus necessary to think of harmonizing it with the rest of furniture as with the colors of the living room. The best is to turn to a timeless and classic style. It fits in every interior without problem. Aside from the style, the choice of sofa should take into account the practical side.

    Rattan sofa - Zara Home

  • Rattan sofa – Zara Home
  • Leather: the leather sofa is the ideal model. It ages well and is easy to maintain. However, the price of a leather sofa is significantly higher compared to that of a synthetic model or fabric. In addition, leather is uncomfortable in summer. Note: the full grain leather is the must have when it comes to furniture. In addition to being soft to the touch, this material is ultra resistant, except facing the claws of cats or dogs.
  • The imitation leather: it is an excellent alternative to leather. This material has the same advantages as leather, but with increased resistance against aggression. In addition, it is easy to maintain. A simple wipe of cloth soaked with water and voila!

Cushions - Papermint

To delay the purchase of a sofa we play with the cushions and accessories around the sofa: here, Papermint cushions to match with the wallpaper of the same brand

  • The synthetic: the synthetic fabric sofa is the star on the market in recent years. It allows all the desires in terms of style. Microfiber has increased resistance to dust and stains. It is therefore ideal in a busy room or in homes with small children.
  • On the market are also PVC and rattan sofas. In vogue, the PVC sofa seduces with its soft character. The rattan model is also inviting in the interiors. It is original and emphasizes the exoticism of an ethnic salon. It can be embellished with cushions or not depending on the desired mood. The maintenance of the rattan sofa is not binding. Regular dusting is enough.

Tikamoon - Rosewood sofa

Rosewood and canvas sofa – Tikamoon


Choosing a sofa according to its use

The use of the sofa is one of the important criteria of choice. First and foremost, we must think in the long term and focus on practicality. To do this, this piece of furniture must be chosen according to the needs and the way of life. You have to ask yourself: What is the sofa going to serve? Will this piece of furniture be used for a nap? These questions will determine the functionality of the sofa, but also its shape.

Brown sofa 2018 edition © Oliver Fritze - Holiday home

A couch that calls for a nap or the general brawl of tribal cushions? Make your choice … © Holiday home

Those who are accustomed to receiving a lot of people can turn to corner sofas without armrests with 8 or even 10 seats. For lack of space, a sofa bed or sofa bed is better indicated. Storage is also important in tight rooms. On some models, the armrests can be used as storage. The meridian of some corner sofas can be transformed into a trunk to store the plaids and the sheets. The saving of storage space is thus ensured.


Convertible sofa design: an investment that we do not regret when we put a sufficient budget from the start – KSL Living convertible sofa

Choose a comfortable and comfortable sofa

To ensure the longevity of the sofa, it is advisable to refer to the NF standard, quality label certifying that the furniture has been tested in real life conditions. The references “Reference”, “Requirement” and “Prestige” confer a relative added value.

Comfort is the ultimate major criterion to study. As for the seat cushions, the foam “high resilience” is the material par excellence. The bull-tex, down and semi-down also have their followers.

Sofa - Maisons du Monde

Small comfort sofa in classic style for budget wise – Maisons du Monde

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