Tips and selection of wall lights for the living room

Neons deco Skylantern

Crazy charm, the sconces play a great role both practical and aesthetic in the living room. These luminaires must be carefully selected. Indeed, they must meet certain technical criteria while contributing to the general atmosphere of the room. Find all the best tips for lighting a living room brilliantly, when you do not want to settle for a single ceiling lamp!

1. The different types of design wall lights

The indoor wall light is an extra lighting fixture commonly used in addition to lighting. Compared to floor lamps and table lamps, it has the ability to transform the appearance of a wall in addition to illuminate the room.

Presenting a classic or unpublished design, marketed appliques adapt to any decor. Whether a living room has an industrial style, minimalist, Scandinavian, Art Deco or retro-inspired, this type of lighting is ideal.

Wall Lamps - Marset - The Cool Republic

Marset sconces, Spanish lighting brand created in the 40’s on sales on The Cool Republic

Wall mounted, the wall lights are not bulky and are perfect substitutes for conventional ceiling lights or other avant-garde suspensions. In addition to freeing space in small rooms, they give them character.

Constantly reinvented by renowned designers and more accessible decoration brands, the wall lights available on the market do not fail to match the preferences and budget of each. Fixed or articulated, minimalist or whimsical, with or without shade, the appliques proposed in the trade skillfully juggle between trends.

With integrated motion detector, LED or neon bulb, wall or spot version, the wall lights can illuminate different rooms. They also give them a warmer look.

Volières by Mathieu Callières

Iconic wall lamp Volière by Mathieu Callières

2. The choice of wall sconces according to their function within the show

To select the ideal fixture, you must first accurately determine its role in the room. Indeed, the luminous power and the design of a bedside wall will be very different from that of a corridor wall lamp. In addition, it would be unthinkable to interchange outdoor and indoor sconces.

The classic wall light? Running in French homes, this luminaire incorporates a lampshade with subdued rendering. Mounted on a metal support and fixed in most cases, it consists of a bulb with big or small base. Although it is possible to install the wall light anywhere in the house, it is an essential place in the living room. Generally used in addition to lighting, it enriches the style and mood of a room. Available as an adjustable or suspended version, it projects light without illuminating the ceiling.

The other recurrent form of the wall lamp is the wall spot. Characterized by a single light output, this device provides so-called directional lighting. It is thus more precise. To illuminate side tables, consoles or furniture of secondary importance, the use of wall sconces is recommended.

Orientable wall sconces can draw attention to specific points. They can put works of art in value or highlight the lighting on a worktop or desk.

The wall sconces are also interesting. Although their implementation requires fairly complex work, they offer an aesthetic rendering that exceeds all expectations!

Northern Butterfly Applique

Northern Butterfly Applique

To put forward a photograph or a canvas, it is better to opt for a wall lamp with LED lighting. However, it must be ensured that the light is not too white, otherwise the colors of the table could be altered. Specific wallboard sconces are available on the market. They are to be installed above the works. Neon lighting is also recommended as it diffuses a soft light over a large width. The wall sconces also illuminate the corridors and provide a warm atmosphere.

The bedside wall lamp with reading light? This device is distinguished by the presence of two bulbs. One provides decorative mood lighting while the other provides directional lighting. Spreading a dim light, this second mobile bulb promises pleasant readings or evenings. Equipped with a switch, this lighting system is easy to operate. Less cumbersome than a traditional bedside lamp, this wall lamp greatly optimizes the space.

Nuura Liila wall sconces

Nuura Liila wall sconces

3. The choice of wall sconces according to the atmosphere

The choice of a wall lamp depends largely on the materials used for its manufacture. For a contemporary decor, chrome steel and plastic are preferable. It is also important to favor a clean design. Indeed, the symmetry of the lines contributes to the impression of modernity.

Wall lamps in vintage design - Northern Lighting - Chris Tonnesen

Wall lamps in vintage design – Northern Lighting – Chris Tonnesen

To enhance a so-called classic decor and create a romantic atmosphere, sconces with bronze look or wrought iron are de rigueur. They often have worked shapes with finishes in the shape of flowers, rhombuses or even goosenecks. The embellished models of fabric lampshades, lace and tassels perfectly embellish a baroque decor.

Trendy and inexpensive, the use of a light garland, hanging on the wall or placed on a shelf, which plays the role of a wall lamp. These objects of decoration low consumption, perfect in a child’s room also, can not however replace a led reading light and must remain decorative lighting.

4. The criteria to observe when choosing a wall lamp

Marset wall lights

Marset wall lights

The incandescent bulb? It was used on appliques containing at least a screw base. It diffuses a light at the same time soft and warm which takes a tint a little yellowish. This detail is of paramount importance if the walls of the living room are painted white. Nowadays, commercially available wall sconces are rather equipped with compact fluorescent sources, halogen bulbs or LEDs.

Small-base bulbs are more economical and provide more durable lighting. Halogen technology achieves this result, but requires the installation of a transformer in many cases.

Biny by DWC Editions

How to choose your living room wall lamp? – Biny by DWC Editions

The LED bulb also demonstrates significant longevity and saves energy. However, it has the distinction of accentuating cold colors. To illuminate a wider area effectively, neon is preferred. Positioned above a painting or a mirror, it is simply perfect.

Hubsch wall lights

Chromed metal wall lamp on swivel arm Hubsch