Tips and selection of wall decorations for the living room

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The living room is the room where visitors are welcomed, especially distinguished guests. This is why it is important to arrange it carefully. The way it is decorated often indicates the tastes, but also the personality or state of mind of the occupant.

1. Decoration, the choice of color

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms of the house. In addition to a warmth, it must match the personality of the owner. If some prefer to follow the trends of the moment, it is always wise to favor certain colors to create a friendly room.


  • Blue: to transform a living room into a real haven of peace, this color is ideal. Not only is she known for her relaxing virtues, but also for her ability to promote concentration. Easy to associate with other shades and elegant, the blue reflects both the sweetness of life, luxury and spontaneity. Thanks to its reflective qualities, it highlights the decorative accessories and gives an impression of space.


Elegant and soft atmosphere where the gray blue marries with the deep purple of the velvet curtain- KSL Living Sofa

  • The color mint or green of water: to adopt this shade for the decoration of the walls of the living room makes it possible to establish an atmosphere of relaxation there. In addition to its relaxing and soft side, this color easily matches the other colors and allows a large number of associations, especially with bright colors such as red.

The green color chart of Little Greene

We love the new Green Greene color chart inspired by the English Heritage Houses. So inspiring!

  • The rose: declined in pastel shades and associated with beige or white, the rose is synonymous with perfect harmony and absolute sweetness. Soothing and comforting, this color is pleasing to the eyes and provides the Nordic style that is wreaking havoc at this time.

Atmosphere Broste Copenhagen

Soft and modern atmosphere – Broste Copenhagen

  • White: to give more light to a living room, the choice is obviously on the white. Bright, this color provides a soothing effect and adds sparkle to any room. To add depth to a living room, you have to play with contrasts. This will result in a beautiful impression of volume.

House Doctor living room

Accumulation of chalkboard on white background to highlight them – House Doctor

  • The yellow: from pastel to ocher color through bright yellow, this shade plays with the light to create an impression of space. It is recommended in small rooms overloaded with furniture and decorative objects. For an aesthetic and modern rendering, an association with cream, white, variations of brown or black is preferred.

Ikea AH 18-19

Ikea AH 18-19

  • The orange: to illuminate a living room while achieving a punchy decor and promoting a friendly atmosphere, shades of orange are just right! Nevertheless, it is advisable to reduce the flashy aspect by marrying them with neutral tones such as cream or white.

Paragraph - Coll. AH 18-19

Paragraph – Coll. AH 18-19

  • The mole: acclaimed for interior decoration, the taupe color does not reflect the light and offers a perfect finish to the walls. It is possible to just paint them in taupe or to apply wallpaper of a corresponding color.

Atmosphere AH 18-19 - Ferm Living

Atmosphere AH 18-19 – Ferm Living

  • Violet: trendy and delicate, violet tones contribute to a contemporary, distinguished and dynamic wall decoration. To adopt a romantic style, it is appropriate to give the shade of purple to blue.

Colors - Castorama

Colors – Castorama


2. Decoration accessories to give a style

To set up a living room decor that is in keeping with the times, the installation of copper mirrors is recommended. With their beautiful amber highlights, they are the most beautiful effect on the walls. Placed in groups of five, these hexagonal structures are strangely reminiscent of hives.

Mirrors - Caravan

Chic and bohemian ethnic atmosphere with these mirrors with raffia edges – Caravan

Since mirrors are not to everyone’s taste, it is also possible to opt for a decoration less flashy and more personal. Despite the prejudices, the photo frames have lost none of their charm and add an authentic touch to a living room. Photos of family or travel, graduation, wedding, all important moments are immortalized.

Those who feel an artist’s soul will favor large paintings or contemporary works more daring. To highlight a decoration considered too sober, it is advisable to choose a colorful and rather graphic painting.

Northern Lighting luminaire

Frame wall with several contemporary works and graphics as an art gallery – Northern Lighting Luminaire (Olav Sølvberg – Chris Tonnesen)

A more bohemian decor requires the installation of macrame suspensions or wall weaving.

Lounge atmosphere of yesterday - House Doctor

Bohemian living room decoration with macramé wall and wood paneling – House Doctor

To realize a beautiful floral decoration, one must think of diversifying the shape and the size of the vases as well as the color of the plants. Note that falling plants are preferred.

 Wall flowerpot - Athezza

Fresh decoration with the house plants terribly tendencies: here a simple ivy brings a soft presence on the wall with its falling port – Shelf: Athezza

Nevertheless, a more exotic decoration requires the installation of some natural materials such as wood, wicker or rattan.

Wall of wicker cups - Bloomingville

Accumulation of wicker baskets to graphic weaving – Bloomingville

To create a warm atmosphere, straw hats and wicker bags are de rigueur.

Juju Hats House Marie The Cool Republic

Ethnic chic juju hats from Maison Marie on The Cool Republic!

In a more reclaimed spirit, raw wood slats in a light shade accompanied by a beautiful light garland can sublimate a painted wall.

What role do furniture play in wall decoration?

Design, the wall shelves help to save space and facilitate storage while highlighting modern decor. Dressing a wall with shelves of the same color can achieve an interesting optical effect. If, on the contrary, one wishes to put a contrast forward, it is better to opt for a diametrically opposite tint.

Wall shelves Ikea

Wall shelves Ikea

To get an oriental touch or hippie, just install a beautiful tapestry or a large fabric printed block print. This element gives character to any room, but it should not be abused. For a living room, a single wall decorated in this spirit is enough. Generally, it is advisable to place the tapestry above the sofa. In order not to weigh down the decoration of the room, materials such as linen or cotton are preferable.

Ambiance salon - Bloomingville

Macramé and Scandinavian furniture accumulated on the wall for bohemian atmosphere – Bloomingville

The metallic ornaments embellish a modern and sober decoration. The industrial style, however, takes on vintage looks if the selected decorative objects have a rusty appearance.

MEMORY BROKIS wall lamp by Nedgis

Use design wall lights to wake up a wall … – MEMORY BROKIS on Nedgis website

Finally, posters, wall decoration panels or large format mosaics can create a modern, classic or more sought after atmosphere.

Atmosphere fall-winter 2018-2019Greengate Collection Gate Black

Staged in a glass frame a black and white photo perfectly dresses the wall of a living room – Greengate Collection Gate Black

If the wall is very damaged it is also possible to hide it by wall plates.

Lacquered carved MDF wall decorative panel - Artendéco

3D wall tile decorative panel – Artendéco