Tips and selection of flooring for the living room

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Natural stone, parquet, seagrass, tiling, carpet … the flooring for the living room are varied. In order to choose correctly, certain criteria must be taken into account, in particular their robustness, their maintenance, their rendering and their price. It is also advisable to dwell on their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Parquet for the living room

Parquet is among the coatings valued for their aesthetics as well as for their insulating quality. It creates a friendly and authentic atmosphere in the house. In addition, the floor can be dyed to match the desires of each.

However, the floor must be of good quality to withstand frequent passages in the living room. It is also important to know that parquet flooring requires regular maintenance in order to maintain its aesthetics and optimize its life. Its maintenance varies according to the finishes: varnish, wax or oil. The vitrified parquet is brilliant and is particularly easy to maintain. Cleaning with a damp cloth will remove stains. When the polish begins to lose its luster, the use of a special polish remodel is necessary. This operation is expected every six months or so. If the maintenance is respected, the parquet floor will require a new vitrification only every ten or twenty years.

An oiled parquet is protected from stains and dirt. It requires little maintenance. Cleaning it comes down to regular dusting with a damp mop. Like vitrified parquet, it is necessary to iron a layer of oil twice a year. However, it must be known that this finish is irreversible, because the oil penetrates deeply into the wood and can not be removed.

The waxed parquet is appreciated for its aesthetics, but it requires a lot of maintenance. It must therefore regularly offer a new layer of wax. It is also subject to stains and should be cleaned with a damp cloth. This coating currently exists in many colors. In addition, the wax is reversible and can be replaced by varnish or oil.

The parquet creates a warm and authentic atmosphere to a room, it is a flooring very appreciated for its insulating quality - PurposeThe parquet creates a warm and authentic atmosphere to a room, it is a flooring very appreciated for its insulating quality – Purpose

Tiling for the living room

Tiling has many advantages. Easy to clean and maintain, it comes in many colors and patterns. This coating is perfect in a house inhabited by several people, because it supports perfectly frequent passages. The only drawback of the tiles is probably the feeling of cold it brings into the room. However, it adapts to all interiors thanks to its multiple patterns and shades.

Tiling is very easy to clean and does not hold stains. Simply wet a mop to remove dirt. In addition, the life of the tiles is several years depending on the use.

The tiling comes in many patterns and many colors, it is an easy to maintain floor covering - Decoceram The tiling comes in many patterns and many colors, it is an easy to maintain floor covering – Decoceram

The carpet for the living room

The carpet brings softness and warmth to an interior. Moreover, its price is lower compared to other coatings. It is easy to install, but difficult to clean and maintain. In a family with small children, the carpet is not suitable. Indeed, care must be taken not to spill liquid or any other product that may stain the coating. Moreover, this type of floor wears quickly, much more than the others (parquet, tiles …). On the other hand, carpet tiles can be an interesting alternative for decorating the living room floor.

Natural stone for the living room

The use of natural stone to coat the floor of the living room is not very common even if it is a particularly robust and aesthetic material. Indeed, the natural stone brings a noble and elegant aspect to the living room in addition to declining in multiple aspects and colors. However, the installation of a natural stone flooring is quite restrictive. The price of natural stone is also quite high, but it is very robust.

Limestone, marl, granite, marble and slate are the most used rocks for flooring. Marble is recommended for the salon because of its aesthetics and robustness. However, this material is quite expensive, but its life is very long.

Ceramic tiles have great strength and easy cleaning - Tile Of SpainCeramic tiles have great strength and easy cleaning – Tile Of Spain

The seagrass

The rush of sea is obtained after the transformation of the eponymous aquatic plant. Waterproof, this material can not be dyed and is only available in shades of beige depending on the maturity of the plant and the weather conditions during harvest. Braided, the seagrass brings a touch of craftsmanship and an original atmosphere to the living room. Moreover, it does not fear moisture and supports frequent passages. On the other hand, the seagrass can not stand the sun which makes it tarnish quickly.

One of the qualities of seagrass is its resistance to stains. It is thus easy to maintain, requiring only cleaning with soapy water. To maintain its flexibility and its natural color, a mop of mop moistened from time to time is enough. The other important advantage of seagrass is its affordable cost, around € 7 per square meter.