Small space: a living room, bedroom, dining room in a room 3 in 1

A small apartment converted into a bedroom, living room and dining room - De Cinematographer, shutterstock

Opening the bedroom on the living room without major work is a major challenge. Building a 3-in-1 room is indeed complicated if you only have a small space. To succeed this more or less daring challenge, here are some tips as malignant as practical.

To each piece its color

Playing with colors is a good idea when designing a unique room in the living room – bedroom – dining room. Indeed, the use of different colors allows to divide the spaces. However, care must be taken that the transition is smooth. In addition, furniture and flooring must be homogeneous to ensure harmony throughout the room.

Use furniture and carpets

To build a 3-in-1 room, there is nothing more practical than using furniture. Modular furniture allows to arrange multiple spaces in one room. With a corner sofa, it is possible to create a convivial living room perfectly separated from other spaces. Indeed, this furniture can easily serve as a separator. Just choose it for a perfectly harmonized layout.

Opt for modular furniture to make space easier: the sofa turns into a bed and vice versa - © Ikéa

Opt for modular furniture to make space easier: the sofa turns into a bed and vice versa – © Ikéa

Carpets are also effective for visually prioritizing the room. In addition to their decorative function, these floor coverings effectively create different distinct spaces within the same room.

Planning a small space: opt for separators

Visual dividers to delimit spaces within a single room are available in a large panel. Between glass, bar or staircase, to each one his choice:


  • A canopy

Using a canopy is possible to distinguish spaces from a single room. In addition, this installation adds a touch of both modern and design to the room. The canopy also makes it possible to enlarge the rooms while letting the light pass through the entire space.

The canopy adds a modern and design touch to the room, separates and enlarges the space by letting the light through - © Livingroom Kavehome

The canopy adds a modern and design touch to the room, separates and expands the space by letting the light through – © Livingroom Kavehome

  • A wooden structure

Whatever its color and shape, a wooden structure delimits perfectly the living room of the dining room and the bedroom. It also brings a design touch to the whole room.


  • Curtains

There is nothing simpler than curtains to create a cozy living room-dining room-friendly space in one room. In no time, the curtains are drawn and the bed disappears to make room for the living room or the dining room. To keep the brightness of the room, it is advisable to use neutral and clear curtains. However, to isolate the room from other spaces, it is better to choose thick fabric.


  • A screen

The screen is perfect for a small space. This decorative accessory distinguishes different areas in the same room while adding a personal touch to the decor. The screen option is ideal for those who like to reorganize their interior regularly.


  • A glass wall

A glass wall acts as a separator. Minimalist, it defines the space and boosts the decor. In addition, it is possible to choose between transparent, translucent or colored glass wall.


  • Japanese signs

Japanese panels are practical for arranging different spaces in a small room. They also add cachet to the decor. In particular, the panels can be turned into sliding doors to optimize space while playing with brightness.


  • A small staircase

Whatever the number of steps and thanks to the difference in levels, a small staircase also allows to visually distinguish several spaces in one room.


  • A staggered partition

Nothing better than a staggered partition to delimit the room of other rooms. As a semi-partition, it can be colored and decorated according to the general decor.


  • Library

Practical and aesthetic, libraries are perfect for separating different spaces while giving style.

The library separates the space and also serves as storage - © Ikéa

The library partitions the space and also serves as storage – © Ikéa

  • A headboard

Headboards can also be used to arrange different areas in a single room. If necessary, the headboard acts as a partition.

Tips and tricks for optimizing small spaces

In addition to the different types of dividers, there are a thousand and one ways to maximize small spaces. Here are some expert tips to turn a small apartment into a loft:


  • Use multifunctional furniture

Since every square inch counts, multifunctional furniture is best suited to small spaces.

At the same time sofa, both bed: multifunctional furniture suitable for small spaces - © GoalConvertible multifunctional furniture is suitable for small spaces. and have become really comfortable – © Goal

  • Exploit every nook and cranny


In a studio or a small apartment, all corners must be exploited. It is enough to opt for furniture able to slip there.

  • Play on the depth


To bring more depth, the architects advise the superposition of different decorative objects. It is also necessary to play on materials and colors.

  • Do sorting


Before creating a small space, it is essential to perform a sorting to separate useless objects. Throughout the year, you must have the habit of sorting clothes, dishes, administrative papers …

  • Avoid bulky furniture


Most of the time, a room seems too small since the furniture is too big. It is therefore wise to opt for furniture adapted to the actual size of the room or housing to save space.

Exploit every corner of the room and play on the depth to save space - © Goal

Exploit every corner of the room and play on the depth to save space – © Goal