Deco tips to install an office in a small space

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Install a nice office in a small room or studio, it’s possible! Simply bet on smart amenities to save every inch. Where and how to set up an office in a small space and how to decorate it? All the answers are gathered in this article.

Where to install a small office?

A house does not always have a room specifically dedicated to the office. Several solutions are nevertheless available to develop this space without clutter:


  • Enjoy the landing


Most often, the landing remains empty. This is the perfect place to set up a corner office especially in a housing of a restricted area. The landing being a place of passage, it should be separated from the stairs with a screen. The office will be discreet, and the user will be less disturbed by the back and forth on the stairs.

office cane La RetoureSmall and so beautiful with its retro caning: this office that can also serve as a console does not hide it anymore! – The Redoubt

  • Build a functional office under the stairs


The empty space under the stairs can be exploited to accommodate a beautiful functional office. Admittedly, the ceiling is low, but it remains sufficient to work comfortably. For stairs with risers, it is essential to add luminaires. The desk top will run along the wall under the stairs. To hide the desk area, it is recommended to choose a piece of furniture that is simple and slightly smaller than the vaulted space. On the aesthetic side, the office will take the best of the coating materials and the color code of the silt. Some decorative objects here and there will catch the eye and hide the workspace. It is also possible to install a sliding door to keep it away from prying eyes.

To add charm to the decor, the desk top can be extended to become a staircase-style staircase.

Hiding work documents and the office behind a glass roof is one of the most interesting decorative alternatives - Verrière LapeyreHiding work documents and the office behind a glass roof is one of the most interesting decorative alternatives – Verrière Lapeyre

  • Enjoy the spaces in loft


In a modest home, using the attic is a solution to gain storage. These generally undeveloped spaces and loft are a clever alternative to develop a minimalist office. If the furniture must also be small, comfort of use is no less privileged. The chair will for example be removed from the wall to avoid bumping the head while getting up.


  • Install a retractable wall desk


When folding, the wall desk offers considerable space saving in a studio or in the room. After each use, the tray folds to free space and circulation in the room.

Camif deskTo conceal it we choose a discreet office in the colors of the room or cloakroom that closes but with contemporary lines anyway – Bureau Camif

  • Slide the desk under the bed


The lack of space will no longer be a problem with an office installed under a mezzanine. The mezzanine is a good option to develop the children’s room or a small studio. To add brightness to the workspace, the loft bed and desk should be painted white to visually de-clutter the space.

How to create an office open on the show

In a small apartment or studio, the office can occupy the same room as the living room. It is however recommended to respect a harmony of colors in order to make the atmosphere convivial and pleasant to live. With this in mind, interior designers recommend choosing a single color as a guideline. It will come in different shades to create a visual balance. The office area will fit perfectly in the living room.

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An office corner in the kitchen

An office area in the kitchen … A rather ingenious idea to optimize space in a small home! It is however imperative to separate the work area from the surface reserved for the preparation of meals. The desk will be placed on a worktop arranged away from the sink and oven. Add a side lamp. A “moodboard” (or a simple cork board with the pinned family’s schedule) will distinguish it visually from the rest of the kitchen. Note: this situation is strongly recommended for children who have difficulty concentrating for their evening homework and the mere presence of adults, busy with daily tasks, reassure. Conversely, people who need calm to concentrate will flee the kitchen at the time of meal preparation!

Sostrene Grene's 2018 comebackA small desk can be installed anywhere, even in a corner of the kitchen or on a landing! – Sostrene Grene

The dressing room with sliding door in a small space

To save every square inch in the house, it is possible to turn the closet into an office. The major decoration brands offer a wide range of offices available in small models. The sliding tray of the keyboard will fit easily after work. This professional or studious space is ideally hidden behind a curtain, a blind or a sliding door.

String shelvesOptimize any space for your workspace – String Shelves

An office shared between multiple users

Stowage becomes a headache, especially in a cramped room. It’s the same for the children’s desk. If space is insufficient, it is possible to create a collective office. The choice will be made in this case on a sufficiently large tray to receive at least two people. Dad or mom will work while watching the homework of children sitting next to each other.

KSL Living Children's DeskAn office for two children to share: more help or more nonsense? KSL Living


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A window with a booster desk

Placed at the edge of a window, the office clutter little and takes advantage of natural light. This neglected angle thus becomes a pleasant place to do homework, read or work. In the same concept, the office is also installed near a bay window to gain brightness.

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A structure hung on the wall or a modular desk

Another tip for arranging an office in a small home: fix a board to the wall with brackets. The desk corner can then be installed under shelves of the same depth to store folders or notebooks. For the sake of convenience, the desktop tray must be hung at a certain height to accommodate a storage box underneath. Variants with wheels are preferred.

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A modular and multifunctional furniture is practical if the corner dedicated to the office is particularly narrow. The choice will be:


  • A bed tray leaving the possibility of working on the bed or sofa;
  • A foldable secretary serving as a table for a kitchenette.
  • A wall closet bed under which hides a desk:


Multifunctional furniture solution, Penelope 2 by day and night, wall beds / home office the office desk always stays level #wallbed #homeoffice #homeofficedesign #spacesavingfurniture

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painting Chalk for chalkboard with chalkWith the slate painting for school board Gribouille the decoration is enriched by this workspace instead of suffering. Any wall can be dedicated to this function.