Advice and selection for a living room always tidy

A perfectly arranged design living room - De ESB Professional, shutterstock

The living room is the room in the house where everyone ends up. Between the scattered newspapers and the toys of the children who drag everywhere, the bazaar settles there quickly. Between expert tips and storage furniture, here are all the practical tips to have a living room always tidy.

Living room furniture: storage furniture

The living room is without a doubt the most popular room in a house. Family party, improvised cocktail party or Christmas dinner, all occasions are good to hang out there. In addition to the decoration, the living room must always be tidy. To do this, some storage furniture is needed:


  • The storage box


Available in all supermarkets, this storage is perfect for those with young children. Just find the right model and match the living room.


  • Wall storage


Highly fashionable, wall-mounted storage units maximize space while adding a modern, designer flair. Attached horizontally or vertically to a living room wall, they often look like a bookcase.

These shelves and chair hung on the walls allow space saving in a small living room - IkeaThese shelves and chair hanging on the walls save space in a small living room – Ikea

  • The storage sideboard


Usually made of solid wood, the buffet is used to store dishes. It also exists in oak.

The wooden sideboard makes it possible to store the dishes while bringing a decorative touch to the living room - Maisons du Monde The library diverted from its original function becomes a dresser while bringing a decorative touch to the show – Maisons du Monde

  • The storage column


This type of storage serves as a safe for storing objects that you do not want to separate. Remote control, favorite books or pair of headphones, everything goes. The storage column can be installed and moved easily. It is perfect for small salons.


  • The storage bench


This furniture should not be confused with the storage box although these two models can form only one. Nevertheless, it is possible to turn a chest into a storage bench by adding cushions and changing the decor.


  • The coffee table


Purchased or made to measure, the coffee table is both a decorative object and storage space.


  • Custom and modular storage


Nothing better than custom-made storage furniture for a perfectly fitted and personalized salon. As for the modular models, they adapt easily to the shapes of the living room. Design and functional, this furniture saves space while providing authenticity to the living room.

This trendy and functional piece of furniture saves space and decorates the living room - StringThese shelves have custom design, trends and functional, optimize the space – String

Practical tips to tidy up your living room

The living room is a key piece of the house that requires a special layout. To make it a place of relaxation, friendly and practical, it is essential to store it in everyday life. Here are some pro tips for having a nickel lounge:


  • Sort


Start with a drawer or shelf instead of tackling the entire room. Then, every week, a whole day can be reserved to evacuate and set aside unnecessary objects. If they were not used at the end of the month, there is no doubt, they are good to throw.


  • Choose multifunctional furniture


Multifunctional or transformable furniture is ideal for small living rooms. Design and practices, they save space. A coffee table with storage in its base can, for example, serve as a library.

Curtains: ideal for hiding the many objects of everyday life - IkeaCurtains: perfect for hiding the many everyday objects. Special mention also for wall hooks. – Ikea

  • Privilege small storage


Small storage spaces make it easy to store the living room. It is possible to store everyday useful things such as keys, paperwork or remote control. The principle is to limit the bazaar by using baskets, boxes or lockers that will always be at hand.


  • Distribute the storage in the other rooms


A clever solution to properly decorate the living room is to multiply the storage space in other rooms of the house. Indeed, a living room is often messy for lack of storage space. With a small piece of furniture or a column in the entrance, personal effects used in everyday life will easily find their place.


  • Determine what should be stored


Before organizing the show, you must know what to store. DVDs, books, toys … every object must have its place. A bookshelf or magazine rack will do the trick for magazines and papers that scatter easily.

Sliding door furniture optimizes space and hides mess - SogalCabinet with sliding doors hides the mess and is forgotten while remaining accessible – Sogal

  • Do not neglect the circulation of space


Before choosing storage furniture, think about their layout. Indeed, it is always more pleasant to have an open and clear space in the living room. It will circulate more easily, without colliding with a piece of furniture. If the living room is rather cramped, the ideal is to keep a circulation space around the coffee table.

Some deco tips to develop your living room

To successfully develop the show, some basic rules are to remember:


  • Do not clutter trinkets: a living room too overloaded with trinkets always looks messy.
  • Do not overload furniture: you must keep an impression of space by favoring a fluid circulation.
  • Do not be content with direct lighting: for more softness, it is better to bet on indirect light sources.
  • Exploit all available space: it is essential to use every nook to energize the living room. The walls are reserved for larger furniture.