Tips for installing the bed in a room

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The layout of the parental room has a significant impact on the intimacy and well-being of the couple. It is imperative to find the ideal location for each piece of furniture, starting with the marriage bed! Should we opt for a specific place? How to choose the orientation? All the answers are in this article.

Which orientation for the parental bed?

Before choosing a particular configuration for the parental suite, it is essential to know the rules as to its orientation. With a bed oriented to the east, the alarm is easy. Users are more energetic in the morning. Some directions are to be avoided:


  • South ;
  • At the South-East ;
  • At the South West ;
  • To North-east ;
  • West.


This configuration promotes sleep disorders and affects health.

It is best to choose a location not overlooking the closets and even less on the bathroom.

Sogal sliding doorsThe cupboard at the foot of the bed: a good idea provided that it is closed. – Sogal sliding wardrobe doors

Parental room: distances to be respected around the bed

To have a well-placed matrimonial bed, it is above all to respect the required distances around the installation. To circulate freely in a parental room, it is advisable to provide a free space of 60 to 75 cm:


  • On the coast;
  • Between the foot of the bed and the other furniture or the wall.

Bedroom - Bed Linen - Designers GuildIn a room the space of circulation around the bed is primordial: to envisage a space of 60 to 75 cm – Bed linen – Designers Guild


Install the bed according to the openings

There is nothing more pleasant than waking up with the sun’s rays gently caressing the skin. It is possible, provided to install the marriage bed in front of the window or just below. In warm weather, fresh air will also cool the room. If the budget is sufficient, it would be more practical to place the bed facing a bay window.

How to arrange a romantic master bedroom?

To transform the master bedroom into a cocooning space, the four-poster bed is in order! With or without sheers, it is placed between a bedside table of the same color and a bi-material chest of drawers. For more charm in the master suite, it is possible to install a standing bath, separated from the bed by a wooden partition. Finally, the choice will be on a bed with integrated drawers for storing nightwear and lingerie for example.

Drawer bed for squared row room - IKEADrawer bed (s) for squared row room – IKEA

A sliding bed on rails

The bed on rails has the gift of moving according to the desires. Placed inside the master bedroom, it slips to the terrace to offer a romantic night under the stars. The bed on rails is also positioned in the middle of a large room to optimize access and circulation around the furniture.

Marriage bed: how to optimize the space?

To optimize the space in a parental suite, the bed is positioned in staggered, that is to say at the corner of the room. The goal is to promote traffic, but also to gain storage. Taking less space in this arrangement, the furniture will not block the opening of the door. To bring style to the parents’ room, the bed is mounted on a platform, which helps to balance the volume of the room and enhance the night area. This solution also offers extra storage under the bed.

Another alternative: the alcove! It is also possible to isolate the space dedicated to relaxing the rest of the room with a screen or a curtain. The dressing room can fit in a parental room, even narrow. Just separate it from the sleeping area with a drape or, if possible, divide the space in half by a partition.

KnowBeds spectacular headboard Spectacular headboard to partition the space – SavoirBeds

Feng Shui is invited to the parental room

In order to improve the quality of sleep, the marriage bed will be ideally placed:


  • Out of the Chi circulation;
  • With the headboard pressed against the wall;
  • In a corner opposite the door.


A bed with a wooden headboard and protected by a canopy structure also provides a Feng Shui atmosphere. Bed linen made of natural fiber is recommended.

It is sometimes necessary to review the lighting. Indeed, the suspensions and chandeliers installed above the sleeping area are incompatible with a Feng Shui atmosphere. Soft, softer lighting is particularly appropriate. In this perspective, bedside lamps are preferred. Do not hesitate to sift the daylight with curtains or transparent fabrics.

Moreover, the location of the mirrors in the parental room is very important. Considered as energy reflectors, they are likely to disturb sleep. It is therefore strongly discouraged to place a mirror in front of the marriage bed. This would push the couple to infidelity. To make the master bedroom a place to relax, it should move away from bed any rounded furniture. It is the same for electronic devices. It is also recommended to leave a free space on each side of the bed to optimize circulation.

Canopy in a room - SogalThe canopy of a workshop in a cloisonne room without closing the space – Partition: Sogal

When baby sleeps in the parental room …

Creating an intimate corner in a parent bedroom can become a puzzle especially for young parents. To integrate it in a narrow space, it is necessary to take advantage of every square centimeter. The first solution is to install the crib, the changing table and other storage furniture on a wall. This arrangement will prevent the baby corner to clutter the parental room. The second trick is to bet on a double function baby bed. It should be installed at the corner of the room to allow enough room for traffic in the master bedroom.