Tips for having a nice kitchen always clean

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A bad organization is very often at the origin of the disorder in the kitchen. It should not be said that it takes hours to clean up so that the kitchen is finally clean. With some tips, it is possible to keep this piece always flawless without spending time wiping and polishing.

Keep a kitchen clean

There is nothing more unpleasant than entering the kitchen and finding the plates that pile up in the lever, the dirty worktop or the cupboards filled with crumbs. On the other hand, it is particularly pleasant to have breakfast on a clean table and enter a bright and clean kitchen.

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In the kitchen, all you need is a little and a few minor distractions to make the room feel really bad. Since everyone does not necessarily want the time to sponge every two minutes, better to adopt some tips to keep the kitchen clean.

Often, the dirt in the kitchen is caused by the mess that is itself the consequence of the lack of storage space. Cups that hang on the worktop, bottles that pile up in a small cupboard or fruits placed on the table, these are all reasons that encourage the accumulation of stains, dust and dirt. To limit this, it is better to provide enough storage space in the kitchen. Indeed, the key to a clean kitchen is a tidy kitchen! For this, here are some things to consider:


  • Make sure storage spaces are easily accessible. Indeed, the lazy tidy will always be present if the closet concerned is too high.
  • Provide storage at your fingertips for frequently used utensils. For example, placing pots of different sizes near the worktop allows easy storage spatulas and whips.
  • Place cup holders near the sink to facilitate drying and storage of the cups that have just been washed. Letting them dry will save time rather than wiping them off one by one with a towel.

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Provide the right cleaning products

A good carpenter must have the right tools to make furniture. It is the same for the one who wants to clean his kitchen. To get less tired while being more efficient, it is necessary to use the right products and the right materials. The most important thing is to keep them handy so you can easily find them when you need them.

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It is necessary to provide an easily accessible closet to store all cleaning products. Sponge, cloth and brush are the indispensable tools in the kitchen. Better to have them in multiple copies. It must also be known that chemicals are not always the most effective. When cleaning daily, it is better to opt for natural products.

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  • To clean the worktop and sink: After cleaning the worktop and sink with soapy water, surfaces will be brighter if rubbed with half a lemon.
  • To prevent bad odors in the sink: a little coffee grounds and hot water in the pipe can prevent bad smells from forming.
  • To remove stains: vinegar, salt and lemon are particularly effective. The solution of 1l of vinegar and 1l of water poured into a spray is perfect for cleaning the windows, oven door, appliances …
  • Use homemade wipes for cleaning the worktop and appliances: Cotton fabrics wetted with a mixture of water and vinegar help remove stains easily. These wipes are effective for wiping overflowing sauces or splashing oil.


Sponges and rags used for cleaning should always be kept clean. It is essential to disinfect them regularly. Simply place sponges and brushes in a tub full of water and a little alcohol once a week for an entire night. The sponges must be changed once a month even if, apparently, they are still in good condition.

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Adopt a good organization

Nobody wants to spend several hours a day cleaning the kitchen. The solution to keep this room always clean without spending your day polishing is to have a good organization. The right attitude to adopt is:


  • Wash immediately all that has just been used: spoon, bowl, cup, plate … Do not let them stack in the sink. Why not enjoy the moment when the carrots are cooking to wash the dishes?
  • For the worktop, do not wait for dirt to accumulate to start cleaning. On the other hand, the longer the oil and sauce stains remain, the more difficult they are to remove.
  • Dedicate one hour per week to do the big cleaning: fridge, cupboard, appliances … Discard stale foods and rotten fruits to avoid bad smells.

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Discard everything that no longer serves: empty bottle, cardboard, broken plate … Indeed, the accumulation of useless objects is one of the causes of the disorder in the house.