Tips and selection of the most beautiful kitchen windows


A workshop canopy blends easily into the decor of all rooms. Installed in a kitchen, it provides a semi-opening and brings brightness. Trendy, the kitchen windows transform pleasantly all the interiors. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect model.

Choose the shape of the kitchen canopy

Before buying a kitchen canopy, it is important to select it according to the shape of the room and the expected result. In addition to a base, this installation has indeed several bays and cross ties to fix at the top, middle or bottom. It is also necessary to choose the type of opening of the space to be developed. Window, swinging or sliding door, the canopy fits all needs. In the case where a custom-made model is used, it is advisable to respect the dimensions of the doors.

Discover the different types of kitchen canopy

Many types of indoor canopy are available on the market. Depending on the needs, it is possible to opt for:


  • The simple canopy


Very common, it is reminiscent of artists’ studio canopies. Composed of one or more vertical glazed partitions, it is installed on various supports such as walls (non-load bearing), concrete, plaster or a kitchen counter.

The simple canopy, installed on the wall, brings a touch of brightness to the room - IxinaThe simple canopy, installed on the wall, brings a touch of brightness to the room – Ixina

  • The canopy with transom


Composed of spans, this canopy is cut by a horizontal line called cross. It can be installed in a kitchen as well as any other room in the house, so it can easily be installed on any type of support.

Canopy with transom installs easily and on any support - LapeyreCanopy with transom installs easily and on any support – Lapeyre

  • The canopy with basement


This type of kitchen canopy has one or more bays and a base, a solid panel located at the base of the latter. This installation is the closest to an artist’s studio canopy.


The canopy with basement is spacious and looks like an artist's studio - SogalThe canopy with basement is spacious and looks like an artist’s studio – Sogal

  • The custom canopy


The custom-made canopy is the ideal solution to find a model that adapts perfectly to the space. To be made according to your desires and available in several materials, it brings a touch of fantasy and originality to the house.

This canopy fits perfectly to the space and personalises the room - SogalThis canopy fits perfectly to the space and personalises the room – Sogal

Opt for the right canopy model

Before installing a workshop canopy in a kitchen, it is necessary to choose the ideal model. On the market, canopies in kit or made-to-measure are available. The kit models have standard dimensions and can be installed without the intervention of a professional. If they are more practical, they are not customizable. Those who want custom-made canopies should go to craftsmen or go to a DIY shop with a custom carpentry service. They will be able to create the installation they want. The professionals will then take care of the installation of the canopy. If this option is more expensive, it nonetheless ensures that customers have the rendering that meets their expectations.

Select the right glazing

When installing an indoor canopy, you must focus on safety. Instead of using glass glazing, it is advisable to use more resistant laminated glass. Plexiglass is also a good choice. Robust, it does not fade in the sun thanks to a UV treatment. To add a touch of originality to the kitchen canopy, the choice of cathedral stained glass or translucent glass patterned is preferred.

Prefer a laminated glass or plexiglass glazing, because more resistant - Lapeyre Prefer a laminated glass or plexiglass glazing, because more resistant – Lapeyre

To choose the material of the canopy

There are different types of materials to make a workshop canopy. Whether it is a model kit or tailor-made, the choice will be made between steel, aluminum or wood. Each brings a particular style to the glass roof. In addition, the price of the latter varies according to the selected material.

For an interior displaying a typical industrial style, steel is preferred. Very robust, this material is ideal for the installation of finer amounts. To save money, nothing beats aluminum. Although it is lighter than steel, it is no less resistant. With this material, the indoor canopy will be installed by interlocking and not by welding. Thermolacquered aluminum provides the same finish as steel. Thus, with the latter, it is possible to establish an industrial style in the house. For a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen canopy, nothing beats wood. This material is the most affordable of the three and is very practical. Easier to work and assemble than steel, it allows do-it-yourselfers to build their own canopy. By choosing wood, the touch of originality is at the rendezvous. The ideal with a raw material would be to keep it as is or to paint it as you wish.

The choice between a steel, aluminum or wood canopy depends on the style sought - LapeyreThe choice between a steel, aluminum or wood canopy depends on the style sought – Lapeyre

Establish a budget

Before dreaming of its indoor canopy, it is important to set up a budget. The latter depends on the surface, the model and the material that will be chosen. Remember that steel is the most expensive and the most affordable wood. In addition to these points, opting for a canopy or kit will determine the majority of the budget. As an indication, a custom-made model of 1.5 m high and 2 m wide can cost around 1,500 euros. A standard kitchen canopy of similar dimensions will be worth about half that price depending on whether it is made of steel or aluminum. For those wishing to install a custom-made canopy, it is advisable to go through price comparisons. The rates for this type of service vary according to the dimensions and finishes that will be made to the canopy.

Be careful when laying

Installing an indoor canopy is a trend that is gaining more and more homes. If the latter brought lofts and homes to industrial chic a few years ago, things have changed a lot since then. Today, the workshop canopy fits naturally both in modern style homes and in the most rustic homes. In addition, those who wish to install one at home must be careful. The installation of a canopy must be done by a professional. The latter is able to work without endangering the structure of the installation or that of the house. If the wooden models are easy to assemble, it is better to call on a qualified craftsman. However, people with the right skills can do their own glass installation themselves.