Tips and selection of decorative refrigerators for the kitchen

Vintage red fridge - Candy model Divo

The refrigerator is essential for storing food. If capacity and size are among the first criteria to consider when choosing it, aesthetics should not be minimized. To select according to the decoration of the room, it must agree with the rest of the equipment already set up.

Grant the refrigerator to the decorative style of the kitchen

For a harmonious kitchen, it is important to choose the refrigerator according to the style of the room.

In a contemporary kitchen, the American refrigerator and built-in models have their place. Displaying a sleek line while being multifunctional, the American refrigerator has something to seduce. For its part, the built-in refrigerator can blend in with the decor. Hidden behind a closet door, it is even undetectable for those who do not know its location. This model is acclaimed in open kitchens that lead directly to the living room.

Candy Divo refrigerator whiteCandy Divo Retro Chubby Retro Refrigerator – This large double-door refrigerator includes a freezer compartment at the top of the unit.

For those who do not want to conceal, but on the contrary, bring the refrigerator into the living room, the refrigerator can be deco and compete with the furniture design. The choice of such a model must be done according to the style of the house: contemporary, vintage, industrial … Thanks to the wide range of colors and shapes on the market, it is easy to find the model that goes with every interior decoration.

However, there are some rules to follow when choosing a refrigerator: use three colors to the maximum (if there are already three colors in the kitchen, the refrigerator must decline in one of them), pay attention to wedding colors (red and pink do not go together, just like green and red or orange and blue.So a pink refrigerator will have no place in a kitchen where red is dominant.

VarioStyle from BoschThe front of the Bosch VarioStyle refrigerator is changed in the blink of an eye. Good news for the eternal unsatisfied.

Know the criteria of choice

Air stirred or ventilated? With built-in freezer or not? Version a door or two? Embedded or not? Choosing a refrigerator should not be done on a whim to avoid ending up with a device that does not meet the real needs of the house and consumes too much energy. For the record, refrigerator and freezer are the only home appliances that work continuously. That’s why you prefer a device rated A on its energy label. Among Ademe’s recommendations for selecting a refrigerator are: 


  • Energy consumption


In Europe, refrigerators classified between D and G are prohibited. The performance of class A + is 25% better than that of category A. But be vigilant. The energy label changes in 2019. Another point of vigilance: take care to be attentive to the climate class of its “apparatus of cold”. This information is usually found on the technical booklet and in the device behind the crisper most of the time. It gives the range of temperatures for which the device is optimal. You will need to check that these are related to the climate in your area and where the unit is installed:

Climatic class Ambient temperature range SN from +10 ℃ to +32 ℃ N from +16 ℃ to + 32 ° C ST from +18 ℃ to +38 ℃ T from +18 ℃ to +43 ℃

Also note: a combined appliance combining refrigerator and freezer pays better for energy if it is equipped with two compressors. But beware of American refrigerators that consume twice as much as a normal fridge to make ice cubes.


  • The capacity


Buying a large refrigerator is useless if it is intended for use by only one person. Same if the model chosen is too small to contain the weekly races. In addition to the number of residents in the house, one must also take into account the way of life. Does the family dine often at home or rather outside? On average, it takes about 250 L of capacity for a family of four. Beyond that you can go up to 500 L. A single person is satisfied with 100 to 150 L.


  • The type of pose


In free or recessed installation, the choice depends on the configuration of the room. If there is no specific location for the refrigerator, free installation is preferable. Freestanding units are convenient and easy to install. Just have a power outlet nearby to connect them. The built-in refrigerator is one with the furniture. Its installation can not be improvised and it must have a reserved place.


  • The stars


The number of stars indicates the temperature performance of the appliance: 1 indicates that it can go down to -6 ° C and can keep frozen food for up to 2 days. The maximum is the number 4. The refrigerator can then go down to -18 ° C and freeze food for months.

KitchenAid Red RefrigeratorIconic, the KitchenAid refrigerator is still a huge success.

Discover the different models of refrigerator

After defining the style, capacity and performance as needed, we must define the model that best suits: fridge freezer, freezer, American, Top, a door or combined. Each has its specificities:


  • The model without freezer is particularly economical. It is suitable for a family that does not need to freeze food, but just needs the refrigeration function.
  • The one-door model has a freezer compartment and a cooler compartment. Be aware that the freezer compartment is not intended to keep frozen food for a long time.
  • The combination refrigerator has two compartments with two doors. Isolated, the cell for freezing can go down to -18 ° C and can keep frozen food for a very long time.
  • The American refrigerator is distinguished by its multiple features. It has two doors, including a freezing part and a refrigerator part. This type of device is suitable for large families. Some models have a compartment for making ice cubes and a water dispenser.


The Top refrigerator is the smallest model. It is suitable for small kitchens and can fit under the worktop. Depending on the model, this type of device can display great performance, up to 4 stars.


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