The return of wood in the kitchen: ideas and arrangements


The natural materials used in the design of a kitchen bring a pleasure “earthy” and accompany the return to bio, slow food and good food. It is pleasant, and ecological, to live in a house with healthy materials, respectful of the environment. More and more, the ecological issue is gaining consciousness; the return of wood in the kitchen is no stranger.

No more “food”, return to meal time

The 2000s turned our kitchens into disembodied and off-budget laboratories, when we cooked less and only warmed ready meals. What a beautiful accumulation of machines, mixers, robots or microwaves! Street food, fusion food, fast food … It was to go crazy.

The current turning point is towards the primary function of the room, which is to prepare one’s meals. We create, we live there, we take our time. Because the return to bio asks to take his time. That of the seasons. That of the bread that raises. That of sharing a meal.

Dark or light, the wood brings warmth to the home by matching with all the colors. Whether used in addition to another shade or total-look, wood, raw material, joins the organic part of the spirit nature that blows on the house. It is suitable for both large and small kitchens.

To inspire:

Color by touch in the wood … To sectorize spaces, fire, cold, water, storage or to lighten the omnipresence of the material:

Aviva Cuisine


Deep, dark natural hues … but that does not stop the light. This is the advantage of wood in the kitchen:

Aviva Cuisine


Rustic or sophisticated, daring black with wood always brings a very contemporary industrial touch:

Aviva Cuisine


Rustic wood and ultra modern painted furniture balance the space without weighing down the room:

Aviva Cuisine


Light wood and green reinforce the natural side of the kitchen. The clean lines of the furniture creates a zen atmosphere:

Aviva Cuisine