Selection of paints and tips to rejuvenate kitchen furniture

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Giving a paint job to kitchen furniture is an economical solution to renovate this room. In view of the different brands and varieties of paint available, making the right choice is not always easy. The steps to follow before repainting are also essential for the paint to hang.

Choosing the right paint

To renovate the kitchen without major work while saving, it is important to choose the right paint. It is enough to repaint the furniture for a revamped kitchen. For a successful renovation project, the type of paint is an important criterion. We must privilege the practical aspect before aesthetics. The ease of maintenance is also not neglected. Indeed, it is better to move towards an easy to wash paint to easily get rid of stains and splashes of sauce.


  • Acrylic paint: in the trade, paintings dedicated to the kitchen are proposed. They come in different finishes to fulfill all desires. Only one paint is sufficient to paint the furniture, but also the walls and doors in the kitchen. Savings at the key!
  • Lacquered paint: this product is also ideal for refreshing kitchen furniture. To know that it is strongly advised to disassemble the doors and to paint them flat to optimize the adhesion.


The new commercial kitchen paints have been formulated to resist grease stains and moisture. All the brands propose today: Résinence, Julien, Oxi, V33, Dulux Valentine, Tollens, Syntilor, Ripolin, Blanchon, Zolpan, as well as the Leroy Merlin and Castorama brands to name but a few!

effect paint: www.anniesloan.comThis piece of furniture was painted with Annie Sloan paint: chalk-like paint (Chalk Paint in Old White) then patinated with a clear wax.

Applied in one or two layers, their drying time is significantly reduced. To save time, the ultra-resistant single layer paint with a protective film is the perfect solution.

There are also paints for furniture in waxed wood, varnished or already painted, but also for laminated and melamine furniture. They apply directly in two layers. No need to sand or strip. As for the effect paint, you can revamp the kitchen furniture with personalized patterns. Magnetic painting or chalkboard paint is ideal for practical and fun cupboards. It is possible to paint one of the cupboard doors to turn it into a blackboard. The menu and the shopping list can be entered!

VarioStyle from BoschGood news: it is possible to re-decorate his fridge according to the colors of his kitchen once revamped with a facade very easily removable. This is the Bosch VarioStyle refrigerator available in 19 shades.

Choosing the right colors

For the hue of the paint of the kitchen furniture, all the fantasies are allowed! However, it is advisable to choose it according to the desired mood. For the sake of convenience, it is better to set your sights on a color that holds in time. To be safe, it is recommended to stay in neutral tones that suit all interior styles. For those who prefer to stay sober, nothing like the beige and the taupe. Beige, linen and almond green are a good base. Light gray is also a hodgepodge. Moreover, it is part of trend colors in recent years. Black and powdery green are also beautiful. They are among the essential in interior decoration.

Annie Sloan paintingAnnie Sloan’s paintings mix easily to create custom shades like this: Back wall painted with “Aubusson Blue” Chalk Paint, patinated with gold leaf and covered with “Duck Egg Blue” Wall Paint. Chalk Paint “Aubusson Blue” painted cupboard.

To personalize the kitchen, why not use color swatches by making two-color stripes or painting doors in different shades? It is also possible to create a color scheme to liven up the kitchen. To do this, simply paint the low furniture in a different color to bring a touch of modernity. However, we must pay attention to associations. The chosen shade must also be in harmony with that of the walls, the floor, but also the kitchen utensils.

VarioStyle from BoschBlue fridge has become a red fridge with the Bosch VarioStyle refrigerator The facades of the electrical appliance are changing at the same time as the paint of the kitchen furniture.

Clean kitchen furniture

After the choice of the mark and the color, place to the cleaning to avoid the irregularities and to obtain a net rendering. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Disassemble the doors of the kitchen cupboards.
  2. Wash the doors in a basin of water with alkaline lye.
  3. Rinse with clear water and dry with a cloth.
  4. Protect items to be painted with a masking tape.
  5. Cover the floor, worktop and sink with tarpaulins.

Prepare kitchen furniture before repainting

After the cleaning phase, the furniture must be prepared for the paint to adhere properly. This operation will be done according to the type of furniture. The oak releases tannins and leaves brown marks if sanding too much. For polished furniture, wax must be removed before repainting. To differentiate the wax from the varnish, just let a drop of water on the furniture, then rub with a blade of very thin steel. If it’s wax, the blade will get dirty.

In case of cracks or addicts, they must be covered with wood glue or ready-to-use putty. For melamine furniture, sanding is not required. On the other hand, the application of an underlayer is necessary for the painting to hold.

Kitchen: Painting Annie SloanHappy mix of paint for trendy kitchen: wall painted with Wall Paint, color “Antoinette” and cupboard with chalk paint color “Aubusson Blue” mixed with Emperor’s Silk. – Annie Sloan Painting

Repainting his kitchen furniture

Before repainting the kitchen furniture, it is strongly recommended to test the color to see the rendering. If everything is in order, it’s time to start the bulk of the work:

  1. Mix the paint until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  2. Pour the paint halfway up into a paint tray.
  3. Start at the corners of the recesses or glass doors with a brush to rechampir, then go to the cupboards with a lacquer roller. Thoroughly measure the paint on the roll.
  4. Once the first coat is applied, wait 12 hours to apply the second coat.
  5. After 24 hours, screw the doors.

Note that it is often necessary to apply a second coat on dark kitchen furniture to cover the old one.

Tips for revamping your kitchen


  • For a complete makeover, why not trade old door handles with more modern ones and in keeping with the new style of the kitchen?
  • Do not forget the interior of the furniture. Vinyl or laminated paper will do the trick to cover it.
  • Fixtures and fixtures also affect the aesthetics of the kitchen: remember to change them if you repaint the furniture.

Reform: site to find custom Ikea kitchen frontsReform: one of the trendy sites to change the facades of its kitchen Ikea

  • The alternative to painting to revamp his kitchen is the change of facades. Companies and many sites have specialized in these custom facades for Ikea kitchen furniture that come in a multitude of aspects, materials and colors trends. We think of Bocklip (in French), Plykea, Reform, Andshufl, Semihandmade or Superfront.

Superfront - website to change its Ikea kitchen frontsAlternative to painting: sites to change Ikea kitchen fronts bloom on the web – Superfront

  • Last alternative: stickers for kitchen furniture. We will remember Like a color and Panyl.

stickers: Panyl DIY Furniture wrapsStickers, such as facades, custom-made, to quickly revamp his kitchen furniture – Panyl DIY Furniture wraps