How to choose your kitchen stove or piano

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A few years ago, the cook was reserved for catering professionals. Today, it seduces demanding amateurs wishing to cook like pros! For a first purchase, here is how to choose a cooking piano according to cooking habits and market offers.

Choose your stove

Buying a stove is an investment in its own right. Given the different models and brands available, the risks of being wrong are frequent. For a wise purchase, it is necessary to determine with what type of cooking piano to equip.


  • The gas stove: very common, it is reserved for connoisseurs and initiates. It is enamelled or tempered glass. In addition to the gas oven, this type of cooking piano has three or four burners from 50 to 90 cm wide.
  • The mixed cooker: it is perfect if the house has a gas supply. Thus, it will not be necessary to replace the bottle every three months. In addition to two or three gas hobs, it has one or two electric hobs and an electric oven.
  • The electric cooker: This alternative is interesting in the absence of a gas supply. In commerce, there are three types of electric ranges: with 3 or 4 cast iron plates, with 4 glass ceramic hobs, and one of the induction hobs.



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Choose the type of fireplace

The number and type of households are also among the factors to consider in choosing a stove.


  • A single, double or triple crown gas burner allows traditional cooking. Its power can reach 3500 W, and even 5000 W for the wok.
  • The cast iron hotplate is ideal for having golden and fluffy dishes. The power can be set according to the cooking mode via a switch.
  • The radiant fireplace is usually found on stoves with a ceramic glass top. The infrared radiation emitted by the metal resistors passes through the tray to heat the pot. It is suitable for all types of cooking: cooking and supported.
  • On some stoves, the halogen heaters replace the radiant models. They stand out for their fast heating times and their reliable thermal inertia. This type of fireplace is suitable for seizure or bright cooking such as grilling. It is also suitable for preparations that require a rapid rise in temperature such as pasta.

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All about the induction fireplace

The operation of the induction furnace is based on the principle of the magnetic field. It produces heat in contact with a compatible metal container. The majority of materials are compatible with this type of fireplace with the exception of aluminum, copper and glass. The induction cooker stands out for its almost instantaneous rise in temperature and its precision of adjustment. Up to 4000 W depending on model and brand, this type of fireplace is suitable for all types of preparations.

Choose your oven

The cooking piano has at least two ovens for personal use. To play the chef and enjoy different cooking, a model with 3 or 4 different volumes is indicated. The number of ovens and the volume depend on the cooking habits. Those who are accustomed to entertaining will tend to a cook with 4 ovens, namely a simmering oven, a roasting pan, a natural convection oven and a grill. The volume may vary depending on the size of the piano. An appliance with a 60 l oven is suitable for personal use. To cook in large quantities, a piano with a furnace of 114 l will do the job.

Whirlpool Oven - Collection W11 Range Handles apparentWhat are the good criteria for choosing your oven? – Whirlpool oven

Think about cleaning the oven

The cleaning method is an important point to take into account to choose the stove.


  • Self-cleaning oven by pyrolysis: practical and effective, it can reach 470 or 500 ° C to eliminate the projections and the residues of greases. A simple wipe and you’re done!
  • Catalytic self-degreasing oven: on this type of furnace, walls covered with a microporous enamel absorb and destroy grease as soon as the temperature reaches 200 to 220 ° C.
  • Enamel oven: cleaning of this type of oven is done manually using specific products and a lot of elbow grease.


Stoves equipped with a multifunction oven are increasingly popular because they allow different cooking modes: rotating heat, natural convection, oven, grill, bakehouse, pastry … With this material, it is possible to launch several preparations simultaneously . It is also equipped with a defrosting function and proves to be effective for raising bread or pizza dough with the oven function. In any case, the rotisserie function proves essential for cooking a roast. In terms of security, a kitchen piano with a cold door oven is better indicated.

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To consider

Buying a cooking piano must be a well-considered decision, if only for the price that varies from one brand to another. In addition, this type of device consumes a lot of electricity. To prevent the electricity bill from swelling, it is advisable to read the energy label carefully. In European countries, the electrical energy consumption of each household appliance is ranked on a scale from A to G, with A being the most economical. The electricity supplier may possibly change the intensity of the installation to support this type of device. In addition to price and energy consumption, weight and dimensions are factors to consider when buying a new stove.

In terms of accessories, the kitchen pianos available on the market have been designed to adapt to new habits. Some equipped devices are equipped with a support for the wok and a multizone function for large containers. Others have a warmer space or a warming drawer to lift pizza or bread dough. Why not go for a grill with griddle for grilling?


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