Advice and selection of stainless steel kitchens

A beautiful stainless steel kitchen - From karamysh, shutterstock

The beauty of stainless steel allows it to integrate easily into a kitchen household. Thus, cooking pianos or professional storage furniture are designed in this material by major brands. In addition to the shelves to be fixed and the tables, the stainless steel furniture is already mounted. They are flexible and stable.

Play the aesthetic card with a stainless steel kitchen

A stainless steel kitchen is a modern space that has many advantages. Indeed this material enhances the look of this piece. In addition to its clean lines, the stainless steel kitchen has a sophisticated and contemporary design. The choice of the color, for its part, is made according to the style. Know that in a stainless steel kitchen, modernity rhymes with functionality and simplicity. With this in mind, limiting yourself to two colors will avoid overloading the room.

Black, gray and white are chic dark shades. The brighter shades allow to play the contrast card, because stainless steel goes perfectly with petrol blue, orange or red. Fluo tones (pink, green or yellow) are particularly recommended for those looking for a touch of fantasy.

Stainless steel enhances the look of the kitchen and adds a touch of design - © Lapeyre Stainless steel enhances the look of the kitchen and ensures a design side – © Lapeyre

A stainless steel kitchen for demanding cooks

Stainless steel or stainless steel is particularly suitable for demanding cooks looking for a practical and professional material. In the sector of kitchen decoration, stainless steel is a must-have that can be used in full or with small touches. In addition to its reliability, stainless steel is also aesthetic. This easy-care material makes the kitchen look modern and industrial.

Combined with other coating materials such as wood, glass or matt surfaces, stainless steel plays on contrasts and adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen. In addition, a stainless steel kitchen is ideal for a sleek style with professional design. While being hygienic, the silver look blends easily with any kitchen style.

Stainless steel offers a multitude of possibilities of development in a kitchen. Although many products arouse the craze of customers, the classic finish (satin-brushed) is the most used. This coating lasts for many years thanks to new finishes available (micro-scratch, patina, worn or lived).

Stainless steel offers an aesthetic look, adds a chic, modern and industrial side to the kitchen - © LapeyreStainless steel in a kitchen: an aesthetic look, a chic, modern and industrial side – © Lapeyre

Tips for integrating stainless steel in a kitchen

Celebrated by the starred chefs, the stainless steel kitchen comes out of restaurants to settle at home. The main advantage of is its great resistance. Indeed, stainless steel is resistant to both corrosion and high temperatures, often present in the kitchen. For minimum clogging, it is advisable to opt for the so-called “vibrated” finish. A stainless steel treated “anti-trace”, for its part, will avoid fingerprints.


  • Stainless steel for credence


Stainless steel invites itself into kitchens by dressing credence and is easy to clean near the hotplates. In addition, by reflecting the light, this material makes the space appear larger.


  • Stainless steel for the worktop


Used for the worktop with a gloss or matte finish, the stainless steel offers a particularly aesthetic rendering. Located on a central island, it adds a chic and modern side while changing the usual white melamine. In addition, stainless steel goes well with white and wood. By giving the impression of a raw material, it also brings an industrial side to the kitchen.


  • Stainless steel for appliances and facades


To create harmony in the kitchen, it is advisable to choose stainless steel for appliances in addition to the credence and worktop. On the other hand, choose a toaster, a kettle, a coffee maker, a refrigerator or a stainless steel oven for a successful little touches. On the other hand, a total stainless look is ideal for getting a modern kitchen. Also know that this material dresses without worrying the facades.


  • Stainless steel cookware for finishing


In addition to the decor and accessories (shelves, suspended lamps, etc.), stainless steel cookware is a detail that highlights the spirit of the room! In addition, this material is easy to clean and does not stick to dirt. There are many kitchen tools, such as whisks, tongs, vegetable grinders and bowls on the market.

A stainless steel sink has the advantage of being very resistant - © Lapeyre A stainless steel sink has the advantage of being very resistant – © Lapeyre

Solutions for easily maintaining a stainless steel kitchen

To avoid rapid wear, stainless steel requires special cleaning. It is advisable to use a mixture of hot water and white powder or silver stone once a week. For a successful regular cleaning, a cloth and soapy water or baking soda will do the trick. In addition, vinegar, solutions based on hydrochloric acid, metal sponges or brushes as well as abrasive solutions should not be used.

Maintenance tips that are easy to put into practice avoid the various problems that can occur when cleaning a stainless steel kitchen. Products that are easy to find but particularly effective for cleaning stainless steel materials are available:


  • Household alcohol;
  • Dishwashing liquid;
  • A sponge soaked in soapy water;
  • A mixture of vinegar and oil or lemon and oil (for polishing);
  • A microfiber cloth moistened with warm water.


To remove scratches, a stainless steel surface can be polished electrically or manually by specialists. This treatment does not detract from the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel.