5 tips for creating a small kitchen


To set up a small kitchen, just a little common sense and two-three tricks. And then there is a not insignificant advantage: everything is at hand! Here are 5 tips to see and experience your mini-kitchen otherwise.


Optimize storage


  • The smaller the space, the better the storage must be, otherwise we will quickly get to the shambles!
  • To start, we avoid to agree that the work plan is the place of home appliances. Otherwise we have no space to cook!
  • The best is to embed in height or under the worktop the objects of the microwave type or coffee machine. A simple wall mount can be enough to clear a lot of space. And always store in the drawers the devices that are used occasionally.
  • Installing thin cross bars on the wall, to hang or magnetize the utensils, frees up space in the drawers.
  • A cup holder or simple hooks for suspending screwed in line under the high elements of the kitchen always take less space than their alignment in the shelf.
  • We sort objects and food according to their nature, and the need, regular or not, that we make for a kitchen in a minimalist spirit.
  • Household products, which also occupy space, will be better in the toilet, a storage space too little exploited.

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Buy adapted utensils


  • Are you gaga of cooking utensils? Do you like them design and quality? So we link the useful to the pleasant! It is equipped with pans with removable handle that can fit.
  • Square and rectangular boxes and jars are preferred to avoid unnecessary spaces.
  • Or we buy dishes for the oven that can be presented at the table.
  • Fewer utensils in the kitchen air and make it functional.


Eliminate doors and partitions


  • A door that gives access to a small room is losing space and reinforces its narrowness.
  • The door can be removed to open the space on the living room or entrance. The corner that was hardly occupied when the door was open because it prevented access, now hosts wall shelves for new storage.
  • If you still prefer a separation between rooms, a curtain or a sliding door will create the same effect of partitioning taking less space.