Tips and tricks for a double room for children

two children in one room - Zara Home Kids AW18

When a second child arrives, the room requires specific amenities to offer everyone their own cozy nest. Partition, painting, bunk bed, trundle bed, wallpaper … Ideas and tips are not lacking to better organize the room and for each child to enjoy his own space.

Closing the room

Double room for child - GautierA library to cut a child’s room into two distinct spaces for each child – Gautier

To create two universes for each child, there are different solutions. Partition, claustra, canopy, Japanese panel, painting … Ideas are not lacking.


  • Partition: Partitions are among the most popular solutions. Lightweight and easy to move, the house partition is particularly indicated. It is advisable to add an opening or a window to circulate the light. No need to engage in heavy work! The two beds are placed side by side, and the partition separates the two living spaces. For color, nothing like white. It has the property of integrating naturally into a children’s room. Otherwise, a wooden partition with a blackboard can be a good idea to lighten the decoration. Another clever idea to create a removable partition: a partition in plants. It makes the room more intimate while bringing a note of freshness conducive to healing.
  • Claustra: the colored cloister is perfect to compartmentalize the space without engaging big works. This type of partition comes in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes. It adapts to all types of interior.
  • Canopy: Parents can also create two separate rooms using a canopy. Contrary to popular belief, the workshop canopy for example is easy to install using a system of pistons floor and ceiling. Moreover, this type of separation makes the room brighter. sliding rail systems are also very interesting. Other tips: install different beddings to accentuate the personal universe of each child or paint a wall of a different color for each space.
  • Curtain: the curtain can also act as a partition. A simple curtain can thus serve as a separation. To personalize each space and create a cozy setting for rest, all you need are a few wall-mounted shelves or floor mats.
  • Japanese panels: they are practical to partition the room without overloading the room. Beautifully printed soft tiles create a suspended partition while offering a beautiful decorative effect.


Color to define the spaces

Each its color to delimit its personal space in a double room - Furniture GautierEach its color to delimit its personal space in a double room: here the heads of beds and cushions of office chairs are of different colors but the choice of the same furniture makes it possible to keep a unit more aesthetic in the room – Furniture Gautier

To separate a room in two, a simple stroke of paint and voila! Each child can choose the color they like and apply it on the wall behind their bed to delimit their space. Easy to put in place, the painting also brings a decorative and playful touch to the night area. It is then enough to transpose these colors on certain elements of the furniture to delimit each space. To reinforce this customization, some parents add the name of each child above the bed.

In the place of painting, others opt for wallpaper. This economical and easy-to-install coating can even dress the headboard. Each child chooses the color and patterns they like. In order to accentuate the difference between the two spaces, the bed linen should not be neglected. It is advisable to favor the colors of the same tone as the wallpaper. Why not light garlands to refine the decoration while defining the space? For those who want to keep a uniform hue for the walls, just play with details and furniture to delineate each space.

Choose the bedding

AMPM bunk bedWhat bedding to choose to sleep two children in the same room comfortably and equitably and losing the least space on the floor – Bunk bed (with extra bed drawer to invite a friend) AMPM

Another very simple way to create two separate spaces for two children is to build a custom bunk bed. This type of bedding offers a real saving of floor space. Thus, the remaining space can serve as a play area or office area for each child. Stairs can be turned into drawers for storing toys.

Bunk bed - GautierBunk bed – Gautier

Otherwise, why not a bed hut? Contrary to popular belief, designing this bed model is simple. Simply transform the wooden structure into a cabin. The trundle bed can also do the trick. This ingenious solution optimizes space. Just fold the bed to save space. Some brands go further by offering mobile beds to create a sleeping area and an office area during the day. A custom mezzanine creates a living space for each child. Below the beds, it is possible to arrange a desk and add wall shelves.

Separation in a bedroom with a clothes rack - IKEASeparation in a dormitory room with a clothes rack – IKEA

Create small nooks for each child

Office for two children - GautierOffice for two children – Gautier

Beyond the bed, it is important to emphasize everyone’s space. To do this, we must review the layout of offices. For large, separate offices are needed so that everyone can stay in his bubble without being disturbed. In addition, each child must have their own storage and work space. The library is no exception to this rule. To develop a cozy reading area, you need a small library, an armchair and a few storage spaces. Better to arrange it near the window to exploit the natural lighting.

To save money, nothing like vintage furniture to restore spotted in flea markets. It is advisable to avoid the completely white cupboards in the children’s room. To create a more cheerful atmosphere, it is better to turn to joyous colors such as blue or soft green mixed with bright colors for the cushions. Every child has to have his own toys and stuffed toys.

Review furniture layout

To arrange a room occupied by a child and a baby, it is essential to review the layout of the furniture. It is possible to keep the cradle for the newborn and add an evolutionary bed for the bigger one. To optimize the floor space, it is best to push the beds towards the walls and create a play corner in the center of the room. The wardrobe and the changing table will ideally find their place in front of the evolutive bed.

A mobile bed for a double room - GautierA mobile bed for a double room – Gautier