Choosing the right lighting for a child’s room

In addition to a powerful general lighting (between 200 and 300 lux) from a ceiling preferably to enjoy all corners of the room, the essential lighting of children’s rooms are:

  1. The night light
  2. The bedside lamp
  3. The office lambe
  4. The light garland
  5. The mood lamp


The night light

Purely decorative before the child knows his first nightmares, the night light is basically useful. It also allows parents to get up at night to monitor the quality of the child’s sleep without disturbing it with too violent lighting or hurting themselves in the dark by hitting skirting boards or doors.
Being able to be manipulated by the child its design must be above any suspicion of security breach. It remains a long time to watch over the children’s nights: choose it or be offered a model of quality adapted to the tastes of parents especially.

The bedside lamp

All but incidental, she accompanies the long evenings read albums of small insomniacs (the troizans, the worst!) Who enjoy the time of cuddling (“still a sitoplé story …” “it’s the 4th darling chériiiii!”) or comics of the greatest who are padutoudutou tired and want to win the rally reading class.

Even if they will not necessarily do a doctorate of letters, the preservation of their capital is at stake: we do not skimp on the watts but we take light bulbs that do not heat because the little fingers are not far. Robust, the object will survive the falls of fluff and frequent pillows and battles all the same less systematic.

The good alternative to the model that is placed on the bedside is a wall lamp installed at the head of bed.

The desk lamp

This is also a crucial point in the lighting of the child’s room: height but obliquely to avoid backlighting, the desk lamp should not dazzle with the reverberation of school paper sheets. Clinging to the wall it frees a precious place and already cluttered on the desk.

The light garland

It is “what without” a girl’s room is not a girl’s room … Diverted otherwise by night many parents, why deny the effect “wow” an object that perfectly complements the decoration of the room. Playing on its hanging allows to make a bed frame pop, a visual demarcation to separate the sleeping corner of another space in the room, a luminous totem erected next to the door of the room …

The mood lamp

The second night light or small decorative lamp is completely useless because too little light. It is the typical birth gift of friends who love deco. But we love it because it allows to punctuate charming objects on the shelves of toys sometimes unsightly children.

Reminder of the safety rules: 

  • No lamp that is NF or CE certified in a child’s room! And we check all the electrical equipment regularly (bulbs, wires, switches …)
  • Beware broken glass or ceramic lamp feet: you will be warned, fragile models are stored away from small but.
  • We NEVER cover a shade! No tissue or paper: FIRE HAZARDS !