All storage possibilities for a child’s room

The nursery is both a playground and a relaxation area. In order for the child to bloom, it must be tidy while maintaining its fun aspect. Between the toys lying around and the clothes scattered everywhere, here are some tips to put order in this room.

Some tips on storage

For the child to bloom in a playful and neat space, it is advisable to equip his room with:

  • A bed with storage

Drawers under the bed or shelves headboards (or bookcases) can accommodate toys, clothes that hang around or badly arranged sheets. It is necessary to color each compartment to make the storage fun and simple (blue for clothing, yellow for toys, etc.), as well as to impose some regulations like folding cloths, do not scatter toys randomly, etc. . Another alternative is to install a mezzanine bed or combined bed that is housed in height and frees up the floor space. Some models have cupboards, drawers or niches that can accommodate different accessories.

Drawers under the bed accommodate toys, sheets and clothes - © Maisons du Monde
Drawers under the bed accommodate toys, sheets and clothes – © Maisons du Monde

  • Functional storage cabinets

Furniture that incorporates storage is an excellent solution for storing a child’s room . Allowing for space, they are both practical and decorative, like shelves (in the alcoves of the room), custom cupboards, a raised bed under which there is a bookcase or drawers , or even wheeled bins for toys. The walls and ceiling can also be exploited. To do this, simply hang suspended columns or pockets of storage to store small toys, scissors, adhesive tape, glitter, crayons colors , etc.
Space saving and original: this wall hanging is a solution storage and decoration - © Sostrene Greene

Space saving and original: this wall panel is a storage and decoration solution – © Sostrene Greene

  • A dressing in height

Available at a modest price, the dressing room height can replace the more expensive storagefurniture and can optimize the space in the room . The lower part is ideal to accommodate the child’s business and the upper part can serve as storage space for parents. Generally in natural pine (the cheapest), the dressing can go up to the ceiling to provide maximum storage space and integrate with the decor of the room (hidden behind a curtain or matching the colors of the room ). Versatile, it has various compartments.

  • Kits of arrangement

Attached to the back of the door thanks to a system of racks, they are easy to mount and adjustable. These are generally baskets of different sizes to store lint or pots of modeling clay, or hooks to hang the game bags.

  • Storage for toys

First companions of children , toys accompany them throughout their childhood. They should be stored in crates and chests (with small wheels, a lid, a handle, etc.) that are strong and can be washed. Available in rustic wood, they allow to preserve the memories of games of the child .
These shelves are perfect for storing toys and accessing them easily - © String These modular shelves are perfect for storing toys and accessing them easily – © String
The custom-made furniture (small tables, small bookcases, low storage boxes …) facilitates the child’s autonomy, which will be easier to organize in a world of his size.
Children's playroom - Ks Living

Children’s playroom in the right size – Ks Living

Sectorizing the room space streamlines its use

The home and office space on one side will receive papers, school textbook and pencils …
Double desk for children - Ks Living

Double desk for children – Ks Living

Creating a reading corner makes it possible to centralize the dozens of albums of stories which scatter very quickly in the room.

Must-See: The library of evening stories - Must-See: The library of evening stories –

Storage in a mixed bedroom girls and boys

It is not necessary to differently arrange the room of a boy and a girl. Even if a girl will certainly bloom in a room decorated with care and equipped with:

  • Magic cubes in fabrics that come in various colors (between € 2 and € 15);
  • a special storage bed with drawers in light or colored wood for a harmonious rendering;
  • a wooden trunk to install at the end of the bed and decorated with some cabochons to put away the dinette and stuffed animals.


– LiliPouce

For game accessories for boys, small cars, disguises, weapons, various collections, it is best to equip it with wooden or PVC storage boxes (with a handle and wheels if possible). They can be in the effigy of cartoon characters and are accessible from $5. Although expensive (costing more than $40), shelves citadel, dungeon or Indian tipi model are also recommended. The lockers also provide this function but will retract less the “noise” of these accumulations …

Decoys waiting for small cars for nursery - lilipinson x

Decoys waiting for small cars for nursery – lilipinson x

When space is shared, be sure to differentiate each child’s universe to avoid conflict. The night space of each will have to reinforce the notion of intimacy so that there is no sensation of intrusion. A storage cabinet acting as a separation will be welcome in this configuration.

Wall hooks, desk and wardrobe help to keep your room always tidy - © Maisons du Monde

Wall hooks, desk area, baskets and wardrobe help to keep your room always tidy – © Maisons du Monde

From a certain age, the child acquires a semblance of maturity. As a result, his room must be decorated according to his priorities. For a teenager, the play must include:

  • a desk corner where you can also store your school equipment;
  • storage furniture (wardrobe or wardrobe) for storing clothes, socks, or underwear, not to mention the drawers, the basket and the mirror;
  • a fun area to listen to music, play video games or chat with friends.

How to help the child tidy up his room?

Above all, it is essential to instill in the child good habits. To do this, simply teach him to sort his toys (fluff, board games, game consoles, dolls, etc.) periodically. Those he does not play anymore can also be offered to other children . Then you have to make him understand that the room is not just a playground and that he has to put things in order regularly. It is advisable to show the example(storing the living room) and put labels if not drawings, or even photos on the lockers to help. Some tips can transform the chore of storage in game to enthuse the child.

Here are some ideas:

  • Suggest challenges by noting them on scraps of paper

Challenges like putting your room in order in less than five minutes make the task more enjoyable. To motivate the child, it would be wise to reward him after a few challenges (cinema, pocket money, walk, etc.).

  • Establish a timetable that the child will have to respect

This trick is used by the child to respect discipline. To do this, it is sufficient to provide a sheet on which each task to be performed will be noted. This reminder will include:

  • hourly indications;
  • checkboxes when the work is done;
  • patterns (photo or drawing) to guide him step by step.

Once the work is done, it is important to congratulate him.
Lighten the decoration, empty regularly in their presence or not ... children need a clean space to concentrate and calm down. - Ferm Living

Lighten the decoration, regularly sort the drawers in their presence … or sometimes without them. Children need a clean space to concentrate and calm down. Hence the importance of knowing how to store their many treasures. – Ferm Living