Advice and selection of child’s desks

The child’s desks are available in several models, colors and materials. When setting up a workplace and play for children, several criteria of choice are to be considered. The functionality as well as the location of the furniture are also among the details not to be overlooked.

Office for children: at what age?

There is no rule as to the ideal age to have a child’s desk . The little ones will learn to calmly deal with coloring or modeling clay. Installed on an adapted desk , the juniors will be happy to quietly do their homework.

Whether small or large, any child can have a desk to make room for their imagination - © String
Whether small or large, any child can have a desk to make room for his imagination – © String

Dimensions of a child’s desk: the golden rules

The ideal desk allows the child to learn with confidence, but also to flourish. The size of the children’s desk is therefore an essential point. To favor its comfort in everyday life, it is advisable to opt for a furniture of a dimension adapted to its size and its size . It is better to have a slightly larger office . Inclined or not, the board must be at the same level as his elbows in order to avoid back problems. For a schoolboy, a width of at least 60 cm and a depth of 50 cm are a guarantee of comfort. This tip is perfect for parents wishing to amortize the investment cost to college. It is also possible to opt for  height adjustable desks .

The desk must be adapted to the size of the child - © Milibo

The desk must be adapted to the size of the child – © Milibo

Office for children: which model to choose?

Manufacturers offer many office models to furnish a child’s room . To fulfill its functions, this piece of furniture must serve as:

  • work area when it’s time for homework;
  • a welcoming place to enjoy his favorite hobbies.

The adapted model varies according to:

  • The needs of the child;
  • Of his habits;
  • From his tastes.

The colorful and customizable offices are a hit with children . In contrast, the no-frills models fit the rooms with sobriety and simplicity. To avoid any clutter of the workspace, it is advisable to prefer the furniture with:

  • Storage locker ;
  • Drawers ;
  • Closets .

For the child, having a suitable office is also a way to learn how to better organize and organize his business systematically. Alternatives are possible to have  original drawers :

  • Stackable boxes on the trestles to store school supplies;
  • Storage boxes to put near the child’s desk .

These ideas are the best option for parents looking for an office that will accompany their child to high school. The only condition? A plateau large enough to follow the evolution of the child. For small spaces, we recommend a foldable office to save space! Parents wishing to create a vintage-style bedroom will turn to antique furniture or second-hand offices . In this way, they will save money when setting up their child’s workplace. In any case, for safety reasons, furniture with rounded edges is strongly recommended.

The desk must be large enough to support the child's evolution - © Sostrene Greene

The desk must be large enough to support the child’s evolution – © Sostrene Greene

Manufacturing materials

As a children’s desk , manufacturers use several materials such as:

  • Melamine
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Natural or laminated wood

Wood is recommended when children grow up and become more careful. Prized for its lifetime, the wooden desk is resistant to weight and shock.

  • PVC

Easy to clean, this material is particularly suitable for small children. Stand out by their lightness, the plastic desks are stain resistant.

The surface must be impermeable to prevent moisture penetration during painting sessions, for example.

Selection among the offices of the autumn 2018 Maisons du Monde :

  1. A desk with drawers is ideal for organizing storage
  2. An office placed perpendicular to the window is the ideal location in terms of brightness
  3. The worktop that is up to store items
  4. The space below the worktop makes it easy to store and access books and notebooks
  5. A comfortable chair allows you to work in good conditions
  6. There is a multiple choice of desks for all ages: here a retro school desk template
  7. Having a good lighting on the desk is advisable so that the child does not tire the eyes
  8. A white desk fits any decor

Opt for a comfortable seat

Until the age of 12, it is advisable to choose a particularly stable base . Indeed, toddlers tend to fidget. The hard backed chairs provide balance and stability. For middle school students, an adjustable wheelchair is more appropriate. The padded and comfortable models, even after a few hours of work, are also to favor. Facilitating mobility, multi-position office chairs help rectify posture. The professionals recommend a seat allowing the feet to rest on the ground when the child is seated. It is also possible to choose a chair with a footrest .

The ideal location for a child’s desk

The degree of luminosity is one of the essential points to be considered when designing a children’s desk . The ideal would be to place the furniture perpendicular to the window. If the child is using a computer, avoid installing it at the window. Indirect lighting is also preferred. A lamp with a flexible foot and a shade is enough to effectively illuminate the office . The luminaire must be installed:

  • Right for left-handed;
  • Left for right-handers.

To save space in a narrow space,  wall- mounted desktops with a flip top are a good alternative. On the other hand, if the room is spacious, a work area delimited by a colored wall or a library is possible. Finally, it is imperative to choose a location away from the games. This will make it easier for the child to resist and reinforce his or her ability to concentrate.

The work area is defined by the yellow painted windows - © Goal
The work area is defined by the yellow painted windows – © Goal

The price of a child’s desk

The cost of a child’s desk varies according to several criteria:

  • The matter;
  • The dimensions of the furniture;
  • Design.

The cardboard models have a minimum price of $50. The price of wooden furniture easily exceeds $500. In general, large decoration stores offer offices in a reconstituted room. Buyers have a clear idea of ​​the space needed and the interior with which they harmonize.

Little more: with the agenda of the autumn, why not offer them the kit of the year? This allows you to have your hand on their choices sometimes hazardous … And as these office accessories will be present every day in their room, as far as these objects are pretty!

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