Tips in selecting the perfect bed linen for the master bedroom


Warm and elegant, the master bedroom speaks volumes about the lifestyle of its occupants. As one of the key pieces of the house, it must be aesthetic and conducive to relaxation. To avoid mistakes of taste and to optimize the comfort, after the mattress and the frame, the choice of the linen of bed must be done intelligently.

1. The aesthetic appearance of bed linen

Synonymous with intimacy, but also appeasement, the master bedroom requires a minimum of care. Since this room must breathe calm and serenity, it is naturally in this sense that the choice of bed linen must be done. Aligning with standards or creating one’s own universe is all about taste. By combining pleasant materials with attractive colors or more relaxing, it is easy to create the desired atmosphere in the parental room.

CLASSIC COLLECTION PREMIUM QUALITY Bed Linens - H & MCLASSIC COLLECTION PREMIUM QUALITY bed linen in jacquard cotton with a density of 156 threads per cm²: white – toffee – black, the elegant colors and trends of the moment – H & M Home

Those who advocate refinement will opt instead for light graphics and small pompoms as a finishing. A classic decoration would like to choose only one tone for the duvet cover, the sheet and the pillowcases. It is now customary to play with hues. Indeed, the trend is currently mix and match colors for a more original and warm.

Unseparated, multicolored or printed, the beddings are available in heterogeneous tones and patterns. They allow the most demanding parents to customize their space according to their desires. A blue storm cloth is the most beautiful effect associated with a duck blue duvet cover. For the final touch, just bet on a clever combination of these two colors for pillowcases and cushions.

Agave Collection Bed Linen from Society LimontaSociety Limonta declines a bed linen upscale systematically proposed shades of colors and mix and match of graphics and materials very diverse but always complementary: a romantic result for a sensual decoration inviting to rest. (Agave Coll.)

Those who prefer discretion will opt for a pastel bed linen with or without acid details. Lovers of pure style will crack rather for a shades of blue. To create a Scandinavian-style decor, a pastel blue or yellow chick bed linen set is perfect.

Fans of nature deco will be happy to know that plant motifs are in fashion. On the other hand, to avoid the “already seen and reviewed”, geometric prints are recommended. They embellish a bohemian or oriental look to perfection.

For a simple but personalized style, bayadères or tie & dye are de rigueur. The fighters will be easily seduced by the originality of the duvet covers displaying the Memphis style. Indeed, a bed linen playing with colors, contrasts, shadows and shapes can only boost the decor of a room. If the rendering is considered too farfelu, the good old floral motifs in large format will do the trick!

Printed cotton satin bed linen tie & die Designers GuildPrinted cotton satin bed linen tie & die Designers Guild

In January, it is tempting to opt for a basic white bed linen. This timeless color soothes the mood, and symbolizes purity and renewal. To obtain a more elegant bedroom decoration, it would be better to bet on camel tones. The important thing is to choose a shade that promotes sleep.

Beautiful bedding does not depend solely on the type of adornment adopted. It is customary to accessorise everything using printed cushions. It is then sufficient to harmonize the bed linen with a plaid or a boutis. This makes it possible to refine the whole, to optimize the comfort of the bedding and to create a volume effect.

2. Bed linen, choice of materials

Maestro bed linen by Carré BlancThe bed linen of the Maestro set by Carré Blanc is made of cotton satin of 120 threads per cm²

In addition to colors, it is important to take into account the materials used to make bed linen. Fabrics such as satin, silk and linen are particularly appreciated for their softness. Those looking for a warmer look will rely on textiles such as flannel, cotton or percale, in organic or fair trade.


  • Soft to the touch, hypoallergenic and breathable, cotton is synonymous with flexibility and comfort. Thanks to its absorbing side, it promises pleasant nights sleep. In addition, it does not lose its color over laundry.
  • The cotton percale designates a canvas, the weaving is tighter and finished with finesse. It is appreciated for its softness and smooth appearance. It has good durability and a real sense of well-being.
  • The cotton satin is silky, but unlike the synthetic version, it does not slip. Generally fashioned in Egyptian cotton, nobler, it consists of long fibers that combine finesse and strength. Combined, this material is even softer and displays a remarkable longevity.Bohemian mattresses - Madam StoltzAccumulation of bohemian mattresses for princess with peas … bio: be careful not to fall into overbidding indeed. A bed full of pillows (American style) leaves no room for the sleeper … – Madam Stoltz
  • The cotton flannel, brushed and shaved, is soft and demonstrates thermal qualities. Some versions have been specially treated to prevent pilling and shrinkage during washing.
  • For those who prefer softness and flexibility, washed linen is a safe bet. Grown in Europe and mainly in France, flax is a guarantee of quality. Natural, with hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties, linen brings freshness and breathability in summer, and insulation in winter. His strong point? It softens over the laundry. It is also used for many seasons without changing appearance.

Linen bed linen - AMPMLinen bed linen – AMPM


For those wishing to create a cocooning master bedroom, the mohair bedding is perfect. As for environmentalists and sympathizers, they will undoubtedly be seduced by bamboo viscose.

Cheaper than pure cotton, the blend of polyester and cotton fibers is easier to maintain, non-shrinkable and highly resistant to washes. In addition, it offers the advantage of not creasing easily and drying quickly. It also preserves its pigments over time and washes.

Cotton Geometric Satin Bedding Pattern Little Geometric _ LexingtonPreppy bed linen in cotton satin pattern small geometric arabesques _ Lexington