Tips for installing a dressing area in a small room

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It requires ingenuity and a great sense of organization to install a dressing room in a small room. Indeed, beyond its cozy appearance, this type of room poses problems in terms of space management. It takes just a little to feel cramped. How to build a dressing room?

Why build a dressing room?

For lack of space, the occupants of a small room tend to improvise corners to store their belongings. Thus, the storage is reduced to boxes or trunks, installed under the bed or stacked somewhere in the room. However, with these temporary solutions becoming too often definitive, the room ends up looking like a large closet or an entrance hall.

In other words, arranging storage spaces such as walk-in closets is essential, even in a small room. The whole thing is to find original ideas and smart accessories to realize them.

For example, a compact dressing room with a curtain is an interesting solution for XS rooms. This all-in-one furniture is equipped with a wardrobe, drawers and shelves for storing clothes. This is a real walk-in dressing space, functional and to organize his business.

Design a dressing room with the String © shelves Design a dressing room with the String © shelves

Choose the model according to the space available

Kits and minidressings are recommended for very small rooms and student studios. It is usually a columnar device, reasonably sized and with various storage spaces to organize or “hide” his personal effects. Moreover, this type of furniture is quite discreet and suitable for all styles.

There are also dressings in kit equipped with wheels giving the possibility to move them more easily. In this way, the occupant of the room can transform the decor at will. Cleaning will also be made easier thanks to this smart accessory.

Some models allow the addition of nomadic modules to adapt the dressing to the needs of the user. They are transformed into a real custom furniture. Baskets, boxes and small LED lights can also find shelter in this small storage space.

Designing your own wardrobe is still the best solution © IkeaDesigning your own wardrobe is still the best solution © Ikea

How to best manage the space in the room?

In a small room, it is essential to keep in mind the optimization of space management and storage functionality. In other words, not to clutter the room, all the surfaces that can be released must be.

It is therefore not advisable to fill the room with many decorative objects and large storage. Once airy, the place will seem less cramped and will immediately become more comfortable. It is also important to improve the soothing nature of a room.

Betting on height is one of the best-known and most effective techniques for optimizing space management. Concretely, it is better to choose storage all in height and occupying little space on the ground. Wall shelves, for example, are among the biggest allies of people with a small room.

Faced with this kind of situation, decorators often advise to opt for a built-in closet with sliding doors. The storage is usually equipped with drawers, wardrobes and cabinets or shelves. If the furniture is custom made, the user will have the opportunity to determine the most convenient configuration for him.

Sliding cupboard doors: a real solution saving space for the dressing room © Sogal Sliding cupboard doors: a real solution saving space for the dressing room © Sogal

Choose the location of your dressing room

The future location of the dressing room is a determining element in a room, especially in a small room.

It can for example be installed in a recess in the wall. Once recessed, this storage will be almost invisible and will save space in this cozy cocoon. This solution gives the opportunity to have a place large enough to store his clothes without making large adjustments. In addition, the recesses are particularly practical for the installation of a dressing room with rod, shelves and drawers.

Freeing a wall from the bedroom is also an interesting option to create a practical and space-saving dressing. The wall opposite the bed is for example perfect for this kind of development. However, there must be some space between the bed and the storage to be able to circulate. In this case, the occupant has the opportunity to play the full height and length of the wall.

Sliding doors are also recommended to save maximum space. Moreover, versions equipped with mirrors make it possible to visually enlarge a small room and make it more cozy.

To install a dressing room in a recess or a blind room - SogalTo install a dressing room in a recess or a blind room – Sogal

Study all the resources available

Before creating a dressing room in a small room, the occupant must analyze all the space it actually has. Often, it is fairly easy to install this storage in neglected areas such as the corners of the room and spaces under a staircase or under a slope.

Some furniture like the bed can also be used as a base to create a dressing room. It is enough to opt for a raised model like the bunk beds, but without the bunk below. The space under the bed will be perfect as storage space. It only remains to create its own composition of drawers, wardrobes and shelves to benefit from a custom dressing.

Original and practical, this solution is not recommended in a child’s room, especially for toddlers. Teens, on the other hand, love to sleep high up. Moreover, they are amateurs of originality. Therefore, a closet under the bed will make their happiness.

Ideal for adults, the bunk bed of the little ones will be more dedicated to games than dressing - AlinéaIdeal for adults, the bunk bed of the little ones will be more dedicated to games than dressing: their wardrobe is not yet too wide the priority goes to awakening – Alinéa