Tips for a minimalist room

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How to arrange your room to sleep quickly and sleep peacefully? Because sleeping well does not only depend on our health, it also depends on our environment. The bedroom is a place that should invite calm, relaxation, rest and intimacy. It is important that this is a space where we feel soothed.

In minimalism, it is very important that the room is uncluttered as much as possible, whether it is uncluttered on the outside or inside the closets. To have a free and calm mind, we must have the visual field released.

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It is therefore important to keep the room in order and avoid piles of clothes, laundry baskets or suitcases wide open, as well as decorative objects in large numbers.

On the walls, it is better to opt for light and neutral colors such as white or light gray. The strong colors are too energizing and do not invite calm.

It is also very important to remove all electronic devices such as television, computer, tablet, whose blue light screens prevents us from falling asleep.

A minimalist room to soothe body and mind - BHV Absolutely HouseA minimalist room to soothe body and mind – BHV Absolutely House

If you keep your smartphone next to you for the night, do not forget to turn it off altogether or at least put it in airplane mode.

It is also advisable to avoid storing boxes or other things under the bed and bring in the room elements that make us think about our work.

As in the living room, the furniture of the room is reduced to a bare minimum and it is functional. The design of the furniture is simple, clean lines and straight. The decoration is minimalist, monochrome and light *.

To make these changes and put you definitely in minimalism, we invite you to make a 3D plan. Always useful to redevelop a room at best after decluttering. This avoids multiple tests that, even unconvincing, we tire and eventually win. It’s easy to make this kind of sketch in three dimensions, with the good surfaces of the room, and to test the place that each piece of furniture must now occupy. There are free interior design software such as HomeByMe. Without having to download, we consult online this service that offers different formulas according to your needs, you completely redesign the room or just the decor. All styles are represented in the catalog, you will necessarily find what you need for a minimalist room.