Tips and tricks for a baby room

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Preparing the baby room is a particularly rewarding activity for parents, but it is far from easy. We must think first of all about the well-being of baby before thinking about the decorative style. Some basic rules must be respected to develop a comfortable room, cozy and pleasant.


Storing the baby room: the basic rules

children's room - Ferm LivingA mini clothes rack, shelves, boxes and baskets: the basic tools for storing a child’s room – Ferm Living

Young parents tend to accumulate too much furniture to prepare for baby’s arrival. The majority of the furniture will not even be used! To avoid waste and unnecessary space in the nursery, it is best to restrict yourself to the bare minimum. The essential furniture and accessories for the nursery are: bed, storage furniture, lamps and changing table.

Here is our selection from the nursery Maisons du Monde winter 2018 – 2019:


  • Small storage space and a niche built into a shelf in the wall at child’s height: ideal for the first steps of a baby who will know where to find his toys – Bloomingville

    Treat the decoration of the room

    The nursery must breathe serenity and rest. It must be properly tidy and well decorated. The choice of paint is as important as the choice of bed in this room. It is necessary to privilege the soft and relaxing colors to favor the sleep of the infant, because a room is made to fall asleep and to rest. To save money and energy, the decoration can be neutral. Thus, she will later be able to accommodate a second child of the opposite sex. Neutrality and sobriety also avoid painting when the child is past the age of soft toys and small hearts on the walls!

    Baby room rug - Lorena CanalsDecorate baby’s room with rugs for comfort but washable rugs for hygiene and safety – Lorena CanalsNo need to invest in designer accessories to decorate the nursery. It is quite possible to customize it with DIY objects. A dead branch found in the garden can become a support for garlands. The night light can be made with papier mache, etc. However, the overload is to be avoided, whatever the theme or the chosen decoration style. We must bet on simplicity.

    Ensure the hygiene of the room

    The child’s room must have impeccable hygiene. So that the dust does not accumulate, it is better to avoid the carpet and to privilege the parquet of solid wood. Plush toys should be cleaned as often as possible. It is also necessary to get rid of toys and clothes that the child no longer uses so that the room remains spacious and pleasant to live.

    Children's Room - BloomingvilleA row room is a clean room – Bloomingville

    Other factors of comfort or discomfort of the nursery

    The temperature of the child’s room is another important point to watch. It should be between 18 ° C and 20 ° C during the night and 21 ° C during the day. To prevent the air from being too dry, it is possible to place a bowl of water in the room. If the means allow, the installation of an air humidifier is of course the ideal.

    From the first months, it is necessary to think of the safety of the child when he begins to crawl and to walk. Electrical outlets must be protected to avoid the risk of accidents. If the room is upstairs, install barriers in front of the stairs to prevent the child from getting off unattended.

    As much as possible, it is advisable not to place the baby room on the street side of the house. The sounds of cars and pedestrians may disturb him during his sleep. His room should be a cozy little cocoon where he can fall asleep comfortably, whether day or night.

    Light also plays an important role in the comfort of the baby room: the blinds are welcome to modulate it according to its needs. Sift it to the maximum, preserve its long hours of sleep, well signify the circadian day-night rhythms …

    Store - LuxaflexModulate the light with blinds in the nursery – Luxaflex