Tips and selection of colorful rooms

Bed linen Blanc des Vosges

To refresh the decor of a room, nothing beats a good stroke of paint. However, the choice of color can not be improvised. The marriage of certain shades can give a rough effect. It is necessary to dare, but also know doser, because the room must above all be dedicated to rest.

Choose the right color for the room

The color of the walls in the room influences the quality of sleep and mood. For this space dedicated to relaxation bathes in a cocooning atmosphere, you have to pay attention to the mix of colors. The safest is to stay in light colors to create a light atmosphere. The pastel and the shades of blue and pink are well indicated. They bring freshness to this sleeping area. Other possibilities:

The room according to Zara Home for autumn - winter 2018 - 2019: natural!The room according to Zara Home for autumn – winter 2018 – 2019: natural!

  • The natural colors also adapt to the room, especially the shades of white or beige, to mix with touches of green.
  • For a cozy and elegant room, nothing like beautiful shades of burgundy, taupe or purple. These rather dark hues can be applied on a wall panel to avoid falling into a total girly look.
  • Want bright colors? No problem ! However, avoid covering the entire room at risk of getting bored over time. For red for example, better go in small keys. This shade tends to shrink the space.

evolutionary bed - IKEAThe colors of the floor, the wall and the skirting meet one another: playing on these chords in a child’s and adult’s bedroom unleashes its creativity! – IKEA


What about black and gray in the room? These contemporary shades are a must have in recent seasons. Just bet on a satin finish. Fans of the industrial style can opt for a metallic paint.

Papermint X Mercadier Bedroom PaintingTo dare the strong colors in the room by granting the wallpaper to a painting of the same editor for example – Painting Papermint X Mercadier

In any case, it is important to take your time to discover the shades of color corresponding to the desired mood. The room must be a cocoon where you feel good. The good trick is to start by choosing the color for a single piece of wall and opt for a lighter tone for the rest.

Focus on pastel shades

For the room, pastel tones are preferred. In addition to being trendy, soothe the brain and facilitate sleep. Unlike bright colors, shades of pastel have the distinction of agreeing to each other. These soft and fresh shades are also very popular with fans of the Scandinavian style. They willingly adopt in the children’s room.

Aside from the desired mood, it is important to choose the room color according to the surface. To give volume, it is better to favor neutral and sober tones such as pearl gray, linen and ivory. They create a soft cocoon, conducive to healing. On the contrary, to make a large room warmer, nothing like deep colors like chocolate or intense blue.

Linen bed linen Borgo di TovaglieTo bet on the pastel but to wake it up with touches of more sustained colors – Linen bed linen Borgo di Tovaglie

Use the right color combinations

Apart from repainting the walls of the room, it is possible to revamp the room by focusing on furniture, decorative objects and bedding. Why not crack for more sustained colors for decorative elements if the walls of the room are painted in natural tones? To play the card of safety while creating a soft and harmonious atmosphere, it is better to keep the same colors for the elements of the room, from the pillows to the shelves of decoration, while passing by the lamps of bedside.

Bed linen Blanc des VosgesAnd why not a pink room for the parental suite? – Bed linen Blanc des Vosges

Those who chose red to create a glamorous atmosphere in their room must be careful. This shade is to be used sparingly to avoid a garish rendering. The best is to paint a single piece of wall in red and opt for softer shades for the rest. For those who have preferred soft and cold shades like pastel blue in the master bedroom, it is advisable to bring some touches of color to give pep’s to the decoration.

children's room - Ferm LivingThe right color combinations in a child’s room – Ferm Living

Using four or more colors in one room gives a rough effect. The shades are ideal to marry different colors and obtain an original result. On the other hand, it can quickly become boring. To brighten it up, painting decorative objects in a bright shade is a good idea. The color wheel can also help to get the color match and find complementary tones. It is enough to marry different cheerful hues to see the atmosphere obtained. The easiest way is to add a primary color to pale or darker shades for a subtle effect.

room CyrillusThe wallpaper wakes up a white room by infusing her personality – Cyrillus

Paint the furniture

For the furniture of a red room, it is advisable to soften the atmosphere with a central lighting and bed linen more clear. The decoration must also be light and refined. Conversely in a pastel room it is sometimes necessary to strengthen the color via a parquet and night tables of darker shade.

Decorative theme Jungle Maisons du MondeDare strong and strong hues like this peacock blue. Use deco accessories very strong if you dare like this screen – Decorative theme Jungle AH 2018 – 2019 Maisons du Monde

What about furniture in the child’s room? To make a fancy note in a sober room, you have to paint some chairs or the desk in a bright color.

Brighten the child’s room

Regarding the child’s room, all desires are allowed: powdery pink, deep blue, soft gray, green vegetable, etc. In addition, it is possible to mix several colors on a single wall or to add graphic effects to brighten the room. However, keep in mind that the room is primarily a rest area. So, avoid the colors too garish.

Children's room - Ferm LivingThe child’s room should not be loud but still have the right to have personality – Ferm Living

To avoid a false note, nothing like walls in neutral tones accentuated by cushions and decorative elements in vibrant hues. For parents who prefer the practical aspect, pale colors are the order of the day. They adapt to the development of the child. Why not a drawing wall? In store are paintings “effect table” in several shades to unearth the color in harmony with the atmosphere of the room.

Jungle furniture by JungleA wall painted with chalkboard paint to draw with chalk. Black highlights pastel shades like no other colors – Jungle furniture by Jungle

In any case, the paint for the child’s room must not contain chemical solvents nor release VOC or volatile organic compounds.

Intense Black Paint of 1825®White with touches of black: hues now allowed in the world of the child too