Planning tips for a comfortable room

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The room must breathe serenity and peace to promote sleep and rest. In this room, comfort is essential! To create a cozy atmosphere and cozy, some arrangements are necessary. The location of the furniture, the light or the style, every detail counts.

Basic rules for a comfortable room

Maisons du Monde - silver gray bedroomA Scandinavian style room for hygge moments. The gray and white duo is a classic today. The faux fur that accompanies it brings a deep feeling of comfort – Maisons du Monde

Whether or not we follow the precepts of Feng Shui to arrange his bedroom, the common sense recommendations of our elders are always good to listen to. Some basic rules must be respected during installation. The furniture that will come to equip this room will have to adapt to its size, starting with the bed which is the heart of it. Then come the tables and cabinets.

The bed usually leans on the largest wall of the room so that it is possible to add bedside tables at its sides. These are perfect for keeping books and other useful items close at hand.

In a small room, the bed will be leaned against the wall farthest from the door. It can be placed under a window without any problem. To optimize storage, a headboard with drawers is also preferred.

Bed linen Maestro de Carré BlancA chimney for headboard: nice, but beware of drafts if the drain pipes are clogged – Maestro de Carré Blanc Bed Linen

Outside the bed, some elements can be added to enhance the comfort of the room. It is particularly possible to create a reading corner by installing a comfortable chair and a small table in a corner of the room.

Small details matter when it comes to practicality. For example, placing an electrical outlet near the bedside table will make charging phones easier.

Tips for a comfortable room

White Square Bed LinenA room like a library: theatrical and elegant – White Square Bed Linen

The choice of furniture is essential to enjoy optimal comfort. With the exception of the student room where everything, office, kitchen and sleeping, must enter a single space, the challenge is rather to create a harmonious space, comfortable and cozy, whatever the space available . To achieve this, some rules of arrangement are to be respected: use of adequate furniture, multiplication of storage, choice of colors, etc.


  • The furniture

    In a small space, two-in-one furniture such as the bridge bed, the sofa bed or the wall bed are an interesting alternative. They save space without minimizing comfort.

  • The bridge bed has a large sideboard with shelves. It serves both sleeping and storage.
  • The retractable bed can be folded against the wall or closet. During the day, the bed disappears in a jiffy. Just deploy it at bedtime. It will be easier to move around the room without being disturbed by a piece of furniture. In addition, an office can replace the bed during the day for those who work from home. The maneuver to go up the bed is easy, not requiring any particular physical strength. The advantage of this furniture is that it offers the same comfort as a classic bed while saving space.
  • Depending on the layout of the rest of the furniture, it is possible to install a retractable bed horizontally or vertically.
  • The sofa bed for its part allows to have two pieces of furniture in one. By day, the convertible bed turns into a sofa on which to sit, and at night, it becomes a bed in which to sleep!

Bed with storage Alinéa This teak bed contains many storage very discreet: charming space saving – Alinéa

  • Optimize each available space


Storage is the key to a comfortable and orderly room. The dressing room is a must for storing various personal effects. It can be installed in a separate room or in the room. If it is in the room, it is best to choose it to measure so that it is one with the wall. Practical, it can accommodate clothing, underwear, costumes, shoes and many more.

Room - House DoctorPurify as much as possible the visible space of the room so that it is as relaxing as possible – House Doctor

The space under the bed can also be exploited and help with storage. A safe accessible by lifting the box spring or sliding the drawer on the side will do the job. This solution is particularly useful for storing objects that are rarely used.

Room - HK LivingTrendy room in shades of brown and black: the raw wood of the shutters, the parquet and the headboard give a spectacular vibration to the room that wins to stay in the dark shades of the color palette with the exception of a few details (pillows, lantern and metal chair desing). – HK Living

  • Think about every detail

    Details are to be treated to make a room cozy and comfortable.

  • The flooring of the room should be pleasant when you wake up but easy to maintain.
  • The walls must reflect the personality of the inhabitants of the room.
  • For example, the installation of curtains can create a cozy atmosphere while isolating the room from indiscretions and external aggressions (too strong light, temperature change …).
  • Soft, fluffy carpets in the room will be appreciated by bare feet when waking up. The installation of light sources in different parts of the room creates a soft and cozy atmosphere.
  • Depending on the needs, several lamps will be installed and arranged according to the use of the room.
  • The installation of an armchair in the bedroom is also a great idea to have a reading corner.


Install the right mattress in the bedroom

Bed linen - Camif EditionA room bathed in light – Linen linen sheet catherine and Francine Camif Edition

The room can not be comfortable without good bedding. The quality of sleep depends on it. Thus, it is necessary to bet on a good mattress, a soft and light quilt, sheets soft to the touch and soft pillows. Memory foam, latex and foam mattresses are among the most comfortable models on the market. They are made to fit the curves of the body and offer a maximum of well-being during sleep. To find the right mattress, we must take into account how to sleep (on the back, on the stomach or side) and the state of the sleeper (sweat a lot, allergy to dust mites …).

It can not be repeated enough: a mattress is tested. So take the time in shops to lie down and ask yourself the right questions:

Mattress: House of Bedding Mattress: House of Bedding Mattress: House of Bedding Mattress: House of Bedding Mattress: House of Bedding Mattress: House of Bedding

The small technological accessories will also be a real help to keep a peaceful and restful sleep:

Ambpoule - AwoXSmart bulb – AwoXAlarm clock – Nature and Discoveries