Decorating Tips for a Feng Shui Room

Room AM.PM - AH 18

When to find sleep and spend a restful night are the challenge, nothing like adopting Feng Shui. By applying this principle from Chinese culture to interior design, the room becomes a haven of peace.

Just like the bathroom and kitchen, the room does not have to be divided into nine areas to be Feng Shui. It is however important to decorate it according to its symbolism related to the couple. Here are the essential points to strengthen the symbolic Feng Shui of the parental room.

(To read for non-connoisseurs: What is Feng Shui?)

You will take into account its cardinal orientation, taking care to respect its yin character by means of lighting, the choice of furniture and colors to ensure a restful sleep. Be careful not to fall into an atmosphere too bland, which will not provide the energy necessary for a dynamic awakening and warm intimate relationships.

Reconcentrate the room on the couple

To ensure the strength of the couple, a headboard and a carpet will anchor the space.

Bed - Willow & Hall Headboard and mats are recommended for torque stability – Willow & Hall

Everything should be thought of in a symbolic of stability and balance so you will avoid frames or a shelf above the bed as form a sharp chi.

You will be able to place symbolic couple at the bedside tables on both sides of the bed. No photos of the children but all the symbols indicated for the BaGua Relations area (octagonal map spreading the 9 sectors of the habitat).

Also avoid the exercise bike, the desk or the library, the scales, the dirty laundry, this room is reserved for rest and intimate relationships.

Except in the Career area of ​​the room, a large cabinet closes an area symbolically so remember to use it as a support for your symbols, even paint it or decorate it with stickers or adhesive paper repositionable reasons appropriate for this piece.

Room - HabitatThe large wardrobe symbolically closes a space: it can be useful in the bedroom – Habitat

Last point in decoration! always hide the mirror inside a cabinet or behind a door to ensure a more soothing atmosphere and a monogamous relationship.

Placement and structure of the marriage bed

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that revolves around 5 elements: earth, water, wood, fire and metal. This principle aims to create a perfect symbiosis between these elements. For the parental room, it privileges above all the well-being by making the room favorable to the ressourcement. According to Feng Shui, the location of the bed influences the quality of sleep.


  • It is necessary that the headboard leans on a solid wall and especially not under a beam, because this one represents the separation.
  • The bed is ideally placed in the center so that the sides are clear.
  • This furniture should not be in line with the door or windows to facilitate the flow of vital energy.
  • To improve the quality of your sleep, the bed will be ideally placed out of the circulation of Chi or protected by a canopy structure.

Canopy bed - IkeaA canopy bed structure can divert the chi and thus ensure a good rest in the room – Ikea

  • Plants with round leaves will energize the atmosphere of this room while absorbing the waves diffused by the electrical devices.
  • If your bed is in a mezzanine or an attic, the Chi is probably pretty stagnant. You can solve this problematic situation by means of the proposed remedies to boost the Earth level.
  • A beam or the edge of a mezzanine symbolically separate your bed (and your couple) in two parts if it is placed in the length of the bed, or will cut you symbolically in two if it is in the direction of the width bed.
  • To avoid this chopping Chi, consider Balinese “bed-sky” curtains.

Bed Linen - LexingtonBe careful of ceiling beams that can have a symbolically harmful effect on the torque. Move the bed as needed. (Bed linen – Lexington)

  • Sleeping in the North or East is generally more restful than in the South and less draining than in the West, but it is recommended to test the direction that is most favorable to the inhabitants, even if it is sometimes necessary to show creativity in small spaces. In fact, the ideal orientation of the bed varies according to the date of birth. To do this, it would be necessary to rely on the formula of ming gua. For the harmony of the couple, this furniture should be oriented towards Yan Nian.
  • When choosing your location, it is important to think about the decoration of the wall opposite. The best is to opt for clean and discreet objects to avoid overloading the view when you wake up.


Choosing the right bed: the material


  • The parental room must be a place of relaxation and intimacy. According to the art of Feng Shui, furniture must be made from natural materials. Wood remains the best of all.
  • Metallic structures have no place because they lead to magnetic waves that can alter the quality of sleep.
  • The mattress should not be placed on the floor for a smooth flow of energy. It is necessary to favor a model in one piece and to envisage a regular replacement, especially if its user has been ill.
  • For shapes and design, soft and rounded curves are recommended.

Bed - AlinéaShapes and soft materials for quiet rest – Bed – Alinéa

  • For bedside tables, their height must be less than that of the bed and they must be identical on each side of the bed. Likewise, every inhabitant must have his bedside lamp.
  • As flooring, parquet and carpet are just right for you. For tiling, it is better to warm it up with some rugs.
  • Regarding the bed linen, cotton and linen are preferred. These naturally soft materials facilitate sleep and create a soothing atmosphere. Colorful patterns, but discreet, and voila!

Rattan headboard - TokamoonBet on natural materials for feng shui room. Rattan headboard – Tikamoon


Clean the sleeping area and perfume the room

To free the spirit, Feng Shui recommends freeing up the space and storing the bedroom regularly.


  • Closed dressing rooms with curtain or sliding doors are in order not to clutter the room visually.
  • It is also necessary that the underside of the bed is cleared to let the Chi circulate.
  • If the desk is in the room, it should be placed from behind, but not facing the wall.
  • To create a soothing atmosphere and facilitate sleep, why not perfume the pillow with a few drops of essential oil? Lighting a sandal candle is another option. It purifies the air and keeps the bad waves away.


Prefer soft hues


  • Contrary to received, a parental room Feng Shui does not necessarily rhyme with white walls.
  • All soft colors such as pastel, linen, taupe and pearl gray are just the thing.
  • Avoiding too aggressive shades like red or purple is essential. And why not gray, a trendy hue?
  • It is only necessary to ensure harmony of colors and not to use more than two shades in the same room.
  • For the headboard, it is possible to apply a darker shade such as plum or cherry red. Otherwise, wallpaper with a light pattern will suffice.Bed linen - BorgoThe colors of the bed linen that must be made of natural materials must be soft – (Bed linen -Borgo)


Use soft lighting and look after the decoration

In a Feng Shui master bedroom, lighting is a key element to consider. He participates greatly in the atmosphere of the room.


  • Exit the chandelier above the bed and the spotlights on the ceiling! Nothing beats indirect lighting to create an intimate atmosphere, conducive to falling asleep. The trick: turn the bedside lamp towards the wall to illuminate the room without dazzling. A dimmer may be useful to adjust the brightness as desired.
  • For decorative objects, it is necessary to adopt parity: two bedside tables, two bedside lamps, two pillows …
  • The mirror is to be banished in the room. According to Feng Shui, it pushes to infidelity. Moreover, it disturbs the rest.
  • To embellish the walls, nothing like paintings representing the couple or symbolizing happiness.
  • In a Feng Shui room, dried flowers and aquatic representations are also to be banned.
  • To save space, it is allowed to equip the headboard with niches to store books and some trinkets, provided you do not fall into disproportion.


Remove bulky appliances or objects

Feng Shui specialists recommend eliminating all sources of wave in the room such as television, computer and electric alarm clock to create a relaxed atmosphere. If they are unavoidable at night, make sure to turn them off and unplug them at least 10 minutes before bedtime to evacuate the waves.

Star light - Light4funNo electric appliance on the bedside table! – (Star light – Light4fun)

  • Note: a black tourmaline can help fight against electromagnetic waves.
  • So that the Chi circulates freely, exit the useless trinkets and the heaps of linen. The room should invite to relaxation.
  • For the energy to be renewed daily, it is necessary to ventilate the room every morning. A daily ventilation of 5 to 15 minutes is thus recommended.

Bed linen - The Cherry on the DecoMinimalist and refined room to rest well – (Bed linen – Cherry on the Deco)


The Feng Shui symbolism of the parental room is exported to the other rooms too:


  • The bathroom
  • The kitchen
  • The entrance