Advice and selection of headboards at all prices

KnowBeds spectacular headboard

The headboard can be simply decorative or have a practical function. It comes in various materials and in different colors, making the choice difficult. The purchase must be well thought out to invest in a headboard that fits perfectly with the decor of the room.

Choose from the different models of headboard

Decorative element in the bedroom, the headboard allows to customize the bed and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Besides the aesthetic side, the headboard has other functions: to protect against the cold of the wall and to prevent any shocks.

Due to the many styles, colors and shapes available on the market, the ideal headboard is not always easy to find. To avoid selecting the wrong model, it is better to follow some basic rules: respect the decorative style of the room and know how to marry the colors.

Bedroom with Rebel Walls wallpaper - Au Fil des CouleursSpectacular room with a baroque wallpaper like headboard – Rebel Walls – Au Fil des Couleurs

  • The decorative style


In a room decorated in a contemporary style, one must favor clean lines and colors such as white, beige or gray. The headboard can be metal, leather or even wood. Contemporary style combining design and functionality, the headboard can have compartments for clever and practical storage. Combined with technology, the contemporary style headboard can also incorporate light sources to create a cocooning atmosphere. However, the forms must remain sober to match the decorative style of the room.

Bed with storage - LapeyrePractical: storage is at the head and foot of the bed – Lapeyre

The headboard can also be declined in an industrial style, drawn in black metal or rust or in wood. To fit perfectly with the industrial style, it is better to favor solid and massive materials.

The headboards in wood or quilted fabric have the advantage of matching with almost all types of decoration. However, care must be taken to match colors and materials.


  • The colour


The harmony of colors is not to be neglected if one wishes to succeed the decoration of his room. The headboard must agree with the rest of the room. If the dominant color is purple, the headboard can be declined in shades of plum and aubergine. If the main shade in the room is white, a wide range of colors can be used. This element can be chosen in warm colors to bring more peps or in cold colors to stay in a sober and refined atmosphere.

Room painted in pink - Little GreeneThe headboard, which has become more than an accessory of comfort and decoration, can today be the center of attention in the room with the right choice of colors – Little Greene

Pay attention to the dimensions

To find the right headboard, you must also take into account the dimensions of the bed. Before running the shops, it is advisable to take the measurements of the bed but also of the room. The standard sizes are 90 x 120 cm, 90 x 200 cm, 140 x 190 cm, 140 x 190 cm, 160 x 200 cm and 180 x 200 cm. The headboard can have the same width as the bed or be wider, but never smaller.

In the particular case of a king size bed, the headboard must be wider than the bed and even exceed the two bedside tables.

Regarding the height of the headboard, standard measurements are between 35 and 75 cm. The height of 35 cm is quite suitable for a double bed while for a king size bed, it takes a minimum of 75 cm. However, the choice depends largely on the tastes of each.

Green room and black headboard - Maisons du MondeTo be creative is to paint your headboard on the wall. It is to use simple moldings to frame this space behind the heads of the sleepers. It’s daring … and having fun. Without necessarily spending a lot. And why not add more walleye? – Photo: Maisons du Monde.

The only rule not to break is that the length of the bed should always be greater than the height of the headboard. Though…

In order not to be mistaken, one must also think about the pose. Indeed, the headboard can be placed directly on the floor or at the base of the bed. If placed on the floor, it should be between 100 and 130 cm depending on the height of the bed, mattress included.

Bed tek (Tikamoon) and double headboard: the wooden one, the furniture itself and the added one, build in front of the wall brick wall. A simple staging and theatrical space at a time.

Think about the interview

You should pay attention to the maintenance of the headboard when choosing. This accessory can be more or less easy to clean depending on the materials. Indeed, it should be known that the coating of the headboard can not be removed and washed with the machine. It is therefore necessary to be armed with patience to clean up a possible stain.


  • In the case of a fabric model, cleaning can be done with a glove and soapy water. When washing, care must be taken not to leave a halo. It is thus advisable to choose a dark color so that the spots are less visible.
  • The leather must be regularly maintained with specific products to prevent the formation of cracks that are irremediable.
  • For its part, lacquered wood is more resistant to stains while cleaning very easily. A damp sponge is usually enough to remove the marks on the lacquered wood headboard.
  • The metal is also easy to maintain, especially if it is protected against rust. Otherwise, it can quickly deteriorate.


Make your DIY headboard

Sostrene Grene BedBuild yourself a hygge headboard with a blanket, MDF board and foam. – Bed linen and small decoration Sostrene Grene.

The Sostrene Grenne boutiques offer you to “Make an elegant headboard” with three times nothing: a MDF board, a blanket and foam. Do not forget to bring a wall stapler.