Advice and selection of beds with storage

Storage bed Alinéa

Installing a cabinet in the room is not always possible due to lack of space. If a bed can be slid, the solution is found: the bed with storage. With a capacity equal to or greater than a wardrobe, the trunk under the bed is an interesting alternative.

Make room with a bed with storage

Pink single bed with drawers - Ksl LivingGirl’s bed with drawers – Ksl Living

Sufficient storage space is essential to maintain order in the room. On the other hand, if the room is small enough, installing a large wardrobe is impossible. Instead of helping, this piece of furniture would only clutter the room. The bed with storage is the ideal solution to save room in the room. There are different types of beds with storage: the trunk bed, the loft bed, the bridge bed and the wardrobe bed.

To choose between these different models, it is necessary to define the needs, to consider the exploitable place and to think about storage habits.

Room - Little GreeneSimple tip: slip storage under the bed even if it is not equipped with drawers – Little Greene

Opt for the safe bed

This type of bed has a storage box under the mattress. It can hold as much as a large drawer. Its storage capacity varies depending on the size of the bed: single, double or king size bed. Access to storage can be done by manually lifting the mattress or starting an electrical system.

Functional, the chest offers a fairly large storage space depending on the dimensions of the bed. Moreover, it is discreet and can be seen only when it is raised. It facilitates the storage of bulky items such as duvets, pillows or jackets. In addition, the items stored there are perfectly protected from dust.

Bed with storage - AlinéaBed with semi-hidden drawers – Alinéa

The trunk bed consists of a mattress, a box spring and a storage chest. The latter is accessible by lifting the mattress using a hydraulic lifting system or gas lift. To choose the right bed, special attention must be paid to hinges and fasteners. The system must be robust and manoeuvrable to facilitate and support frequent openings.

Before buying a bed, you should know that this furniture is quite heavy. It is not easy to transport, a feature not to be minimized if moves are quite common. You should also know that the price of a bed is higher than that of a traditional bed.

Bed with storage solutions - GautierGautier beds represent different storage solutions – Gautier

Choose the bridge bed

The bridge bed consists of a bed and a wardrobe backed behind the headboard. It saves space. Thanks to this furniture, all the storage units are arranged on the extension of the headboard. It is thus practical in a room of average size. It is not suitable for very small parts, because being quite imposing as well in height as in width.

The bridge bed is suitable if the height space is sufficient. Otherwise, it is better to opt for a bed trunk to benefit from additional storage space. Some models have a foldaway bed that folds behind the closet during the day. The saving of space thus makes it possible to place an armchair or an office for those who work at home. The large deck-style cabinet behind the bed may include a small bookcase, drawers for storing valuables, and compartments for clothing.

The bridge bed exists in a variety of colors to match the decor of the room. Its price varies from 500 to 4 000 € according to the models. The bridge bed is a fairly large and heavy furniture. It is not suitable for people who move often.

Bed with storage - LapeyreStorage is at the head and foot of the bed – Lapeyre

Discover the mezzanine bed

The mezzanine bed is also the ally of small spaces. Indeed, it allows to exploit a room in its width, length and height. The principle of this furniture is simple, raise the bed to make room on the ground. It is thus possible to add a desk or a storage space in the room. There are several types of mezzanine bed: the classic model, the retractable model and the electric model.

The classic mezzanine bed consists of a bed at the top accessible via a small staircase. Underneath is a desk or cabinet or both. Fixed to the ceiling, the electric bed goes up and down thanks to an electric motor. The retractable bed moves up and down manually thanks to a counterweight system. This is a moving bed, whose main advantage is to leave room for the floor when it is raised to the ceiling. The bed is usually accompanied by a clever storage, either attached to the wall or below.

Student Studio - IkeaPlanning solution for young adults and students: the mezzanine bed allows more space than storage under the sleeping area: desk, sofa, relaxation area … – Ikea

To install a loft bed in the bedroom, you need enough space in height. Indeed, the person who uses the bed must be able to sit without hitting the ceiling. Depending on the model chosen, the price of a mezzanine bed varies between € 200 and € 1,000. The custom mezzanine bed is a perfect option to make the most of the space available.

In the children’s room, the loft bed can be combined with a small desk for homework, a small library for storing books and a closet for storing clothes.

Child's bed with storage - AlinéaAlmost made-to-measure, this evolutive child bed with storage. – Subparagraph