Tips for a minimalist bathroom


With children, and even without children, the bathroom can quickly look like a public pool: wet bath towels on the floor, pajamas and underwear in a ball in a corner, cottons fallen beside the trash, etc. Rest assured: thanks to minimalism, there is a way to organize the bathroom so that it is always irreproachable.

First: we unclutter

Before anything else, and as often, it is really necessary to make a big selection in all that it contains:

Towels and washcloths.

Keep two bath towels and two washcloths per person. That’s enough. This allows them to be washed more regularly without cluttering your cabinets. Separate yourself from the towels you have in excess by giving them to Emmaus or people in need.

Makeup and perfumes.

Keep the bare minimum, that is, what you use daily or almost. Uncompromisingly throw out what is out of date, with a strange smell or color. Give or resell the rest if it is new or in perfect condition.

Hygiene and care products.

Same as makeup, keep only what you use regularly. And get rid of the rest. Discard the old samples and learn to refuse them when a seller offers them. When a product is started, finish it first before starting the next product.

Electrical appliances

that you no longer use, check if they still work and sell them on an online sales site. For other appliances, such as a hair dryer or electric mower, separate from specific accessories you never use.


Bring back to your pharmacist the expired medications and those you will not need anymore.

© We store everything

Second: we reorganize

Now that the bathroom is uncluttered, take the time to thoroughly clean the interior of cabinets and drawers: vacuum in the corners, sponge with soapy water, rinse and wipe dry. It’s good, you can now store your belongings in your cabinets and drawers.

For a minimalist effect, flat surfaces and shelves should be as clear as possible. If this is not possible, use white or similar colored containers to store your belongings. Also clear the contours of the sink and tub.

After that, some furniture may have become useless. You can get rid of it. Do not throw them away but try to find someone who would be interested in getting them back. In the meantime, store them out of the bathroom to avoid filling them again. You know that disorder tends to intrude everywhere he finds space.


Third: we adopt green products

If you want to go further in minimalism and gain even more space, here are some tips to adopt for hygienic, sustainable, more ecological and economical solutions than their conventional counterparts. Replace:


  • Your classic deodorant with a small bottle of palmarosa essential oil. A drop under each armpit in the morning and you are ready for the day.
  • Cleansing cotton discs disposable by a glove or washable and reusable make-up removing wipes. These products work very well with water. No need for cleansing milk.
  • Body scrub creams with a reusable scrub glove. And for the face, you can use a konjac sponge.
  • Cotton swabs by one oriculi per person. It is a stick designed to clean the earwax in excess at the entrance of the ear. And for your pavilions, dry them with a corner of your towel, simply.
  • Pads and sanitary napkins disposable by a menstrual cup or a batch of washable dark colored sanitary napkins.
  • Handkerchiefs made of tissue by handkerchiefs.
  • Your shower gels and liquid shampoo by their solid version. There is even toothpaste in the form of glitter, powder or solid.


These alternatives are all more economical and more environmentally friendly. Plus, they take up less space in your cabinets than their traditional counterparts. Think about it the next time you go to the hygiene department of your supermarket.