Tips and tricks for a small bathroom

Small, modern, well-appointed bathroom © De Ventura - Shutterstock

Often small, the bathroom can be difficult to decorate and decorate. Thanks to various tricks, a small surface does not prevent either the functionality or the comfort of this room. Choice of storage, lighting or colors, here are some tips for a successful development of a small bathroom.

Choosing between a shower and a bathtub

When setting up a small bathroom, every square inch is important. To save space, the shower is generally recommended. However, for those who are followers of long hot baths, the installation of a bath is in some cases possible.


  • Walk-in shower or shower stall


Less imposing than a bathtub, the shower easily fits into a small bathroom. To clear floor space, a cab with hinged doors indoors or outdoors, or with pivoting doors that fold against the wall is recommended. To enjoy a sense of grandeur and a water feature trend, the walk-in shower is preferred, especially if it is not separated from the rest of the room by a wall. On one level, this type of installation is ideal for the installation of a small bathroom. With the absence of a demarcation between the shower and the floor, the walk-in shower makes it possible to visually enlarge the space.


  • The bathtub


For those who can not do without a bathtub, even in a small bathroom, opt for XS models with particularly small dimensions is recommended. Some bathtubs fit easily into corners to maximize space. Note that choosing a small bath does not necessarily mean overlooking comfort and style. Hoof bath with metal feet, equipped with modern facilities like massaging jets, all desires are allowed.

To choose the furniture and various storage

When designing a small bathroom, the choice of furniture is an important parameter. To avoid cluttering the room, air furniture preferably hanging are preferred.

The high brightness of the bathroom, the light colors and the boxes on the side make the room uncluttered and tidy - Lapeyre The high brightness of the bathroom, the unity of light colors, the open floor and the boxes on the side give a clean and tidy effect – Lapeyre

  • Sanitary


Regarding sanitary facilities, some models of washbasins are distinguished by their compactness and their small size. However, for a small modern bathroom, a suspended vanity is ideal. Small size models with built-in storage allow you to kill two birds with one stone by freeing up floor space while enjoying storage space. The corner washbasin cabinets are also practical for maximizing space.


  • Storage


The installation of storage in a small bathroom is a real obstacle course.


  • To avoid that the room is too crowded, storage height is preferred.
  • A bathroom column, neither too wide nor too deep, is perfect for storing various toiletries and bath linens, without taking up too much space on the floor.
  • If space is really limited, clever storage such as telescopic or wall bars are recommended.
  • It is also possible to install multi-pocket storage behind a door or wall.
  • In addition, storage with little depth and open are the most practical.

The compartments in the drawers make it possible to order the drawers and to leave the worktop always tidy and clean - DelphaThe compartments make it possible to order the drawers and to leave the worktop always tidy and clean – Delpha


The choice of colors of a small bathroom

The choice of colors in the room is also important when designing a small bathroom. To avoid feeling oppressed in this limited space, simple decorating tips can be used to create the room.


  • To create the illusion and give the impression that the bathroom is larger, choosing colors reflecting the light is advisable. For this, bright and bright shades are preferred, especially for wall coverings.
  • To avoid cramping, for example, it is possible to paint the walls in a pastel hue and opt for tiling, carpeting or parquet with soft hues.
  • To create a depth effect, painting the wall farthest from the entrance with a different and brighter color is a great alternative.


Play on lighting

When designing a small bathroom, lighting is a real ally. To enhance the space, indirect lighting of the room is recommended by installing wall sconces or ceiling spotlights. These types of luminaires encourage you to look upwards, making you forget the lack of space on the floor. To intensify the depth of the volumes and give perspective to the room, it is also advisable to illuminate the mirrors with LED ribbons, for example.

The vanity unit has only two feet and the cabinet is hung on the wall, which gives an impression of emptiness - LapeyreThe vanity unit has only two feet and the cabinet is hung on the wall: an impression of lightness emerges – Lapeyre

Small bathroom: bet on a rational layout

To create a small bathroom, it is recommended to use the space judiciously. Thus, the location of each sanitary and furniture equipment must be well thought out.


  • For example, to give an impression of depth to the room, it is advisable to install the bathtub on the back wall under a window or under a skylight.
  • For a small bathroom in length, it is best to place the shower at the bottom over the entire width of the room.
  • For the installation of a small bathroom under the slope, a bath is more recommended rather than a shower. It will then be placed in the lower part of the pond. This lost space can also be optimized by placing a series of cupboards or other storage space.
  • Whatever the shape of the small bathroom, wash basins or sinks should always be installed in an easily accessible space.

The linen is folded, all objects are in their place and the vanity unit has no foot, all this helps to order the bathroom - IkeaThe matching linen, all objects are in their place and the vanity unit has no foot, all this helps to order the bathroom – Ikea


Other tips to consider

To optimize the space of a small bathroom, other tips are to be taken into account when planning.


  • Each square meter is valuable, so choose a sliding door is recommended to avoid clutter. Indeed, this type of door allows to take advantage of all the available surface.
  • Regarding the choice of mirror, large models are recommended to reflect the light and enlarge the room. To overcome the problems of ventilation, an anti-fog mirror is to be placed above the sink or the basin.